Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cowboys in the Cathedral

So it looks like the Irish banks have managed to clean up their balance sheets, just like I predicted back way back when, we're going to have more repossessions:

There are currently:

*94,488 residential mortgages and 27,018 buy-to-let mortgages in arrears of more than 90 days;

*23,523 residential mortgages, with a collective value of €4.8bn, more than 720 days in arrears;

*51,352 residential mortgages in arrears of more than 360 days.

Financial regulator Matthew Elderfield said he expects repossessions to “rise significantly”, which is at odds with what the Government has been saying.
Seriously, you fucking cunts make me sick. Ask yourself, why are they going about this sad, sorry state of affairs now after all this time? The answer, balance sheets, plus mortgage arrears have declined in the last quarter or so, so dem cunts can put their pedal to the metal and drive off intos the sunset. In other words, banks can cut their losses and are safe to do so, while booting people onto the road. But of course, the whole thing is a lie. Media hawks, RTE, incompetent journalists spinning the story beautifully. Is it any wonder that the media ignored people like Sugarman and Kelly?

The leaders of this country, Enda Kenny and his fat fuckin wife, Luke Ming Flannigan and this penalty points fiasco, and the nerdy, pasty faced poppin fresh Labor guy Eamon Gilmore leading the charge. Literally the man with the most punchable face in Ireland. They are nothing but reflections of each other though a blurred mirror. They are Cathedral boys, pure and simple. People like to throw remarks at each other, back and forth and onwards and upwards it all goes, old civil war ties (in the likes of the older generations) are brought up. But to quote Shakespeare, all of it is "told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." We are under the grasp of the EUSSR and their ain't a damn thing we can do about it.

What are Cathedral boys, you might ask?

They are the ones who end up in ruggers colleges. They are the ones isolated from real Irish peoples. They are the ones raised on nefarious values and dubious ideals. They are the ones with the sheer gall, the arrogance, to think they know what is good for yous. They know fucking shit about shit. They can afford to dine out on gender theory 101 and neoclassical nonsense and other cowardly, weak toilet.

They're all UCD boys, mostly. They do Law or something useless like Politics. They get involved in the student's union and have a right aul larf doing so. They campaign, oh yes, they campaign out their arses. Like I said before, don't expect the next generation of Cathedral boys to be able to do anything with their hands or with their feet. Nah. The next generation of Cathedral boys sit around and organize LGBT awareness days. They tell guys to dress up like women, to walk in "her shoes". They argue with alacrity, (oh yes!), with passion, for gay marriage,  because it super duper is important. We've declined. An elite needs to be strong, powerful. Go to St Andrews Lane meanwhile, and smile ye daft cunt!

These are the kind of fucking cunts who are jumping in the air over ten year Irish bonds being issued. But then again, maybe yous should let them. Things are not going to get better anytime soon. We've lost it. We are letting tyranny infect us, weaken us. People kicked out on the roads. The good little rightwing hated child of God must work towards destroying the cathedral. Or just enjoying the decline with a drink in one hand and a slut in the other.


  1. It's hard to fell sympathy for a lot of Irish people, this is one of the most left-wing/entitlement-cultured countries on the planet. EveryFuckingthing in this country is an "entitlement": free medicine, free buss pass, free education. Yes, elect some scumbag who will give you all of that and then when the country is broke becuase of paying for all of this shit, they whinge their fucking arses off.
    The older generations are responsible for the fucking gombeen politics that exist today. They voted for their bread and circuses and the fuckers have the nerve to lecture people like me for not voting.

    1. Heh. Because of the church and McQuaid and all that shite, we've got a double dose of left wing content. But I think the thing that trouble me the most is recent developments in politics.

      Only in Ireland could you have a corrupt party like Fianna Fail, and then four years later when shit is getting worse, they are suddenly the most popular party in the country.

      Only in Ireland could you have evil shite like the state locking lassies in those fucken laundries, and have people hate that, yet then vote in a children's referendum that makes families even more in trouble than ever.

      Yer fucken right man.