Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Francis Begbie Ramblings 3

Bored of university. Peer reviews. University line. Jealous cunts. Don't step on them toes, careful now. Bias, looking to confirm a belief you already hold, than look for the truth. The more I think abouts it, the more appealing heading to dem oilfields is. Liquid gold! Texas cheese! Probably wouldn't fit in there however. Until them numnut crusader types get in on a piece of the action.

Weird thing I've noticed in the changing room in the gym. The older guys will walk around buck naked, literally not giving two and a half shites, whereas people my age will do the whole wrap the towel around their torso thing, while trying to change at the same time. Reason I bring this up is that a poor lad went flying over the changing seat and he got a smack in the privates while his arse flew up in in the air like a tinker's son. Lesson being, don't be a clumsy twat.

The Terror by The Flaming Lips is awesome. It's really sad, dark, understated, and meandering and what not, and features next to no Drozd, banging shit up on the drumkit like Keith Moon in a fucken orgy sthylle. I liked Yoshimi/Soft B, don't get me wrong, but this stuff is on a whole other level. Lovely stuff.

I think I'm getting better at this face reading stuff. Unfortunately, the face of the lassie is hard toos read, but Edenism is onto something here: If she's cute and she has big, sad looking eyes, she is a fuckin keeper ken.

Seems something has blown up with Aurini's personal life. I can't really comment, I don't know the details, and but so, nay cunt can go leaping down a man's gullet trying to procure some statements and answers. I've been in his position before, sans kids, but the more I interact with women, the more I love them and less I respect them. In other words, I'm starting to think in a situation like this, it is more the man's fault than women, and I'm not shaming men by saying that, hopefully. In otherwords, we are dealing with, in 90 percent of cases, children, but with bigger craniums and nice asses. Unless you spank the monkey yo Nabokov books. To quote the ledge Chris Moss: Hair? I don't like hair!

Leftism is frightening innit? This Hugo S strapon business? If you want to get fucked by a strapon and you and her enjoy it, then good for you, I really don't care. The problem is with all of this, what pisses me off, is that by saying "only masculine men get fucked by strapons" you are changing the meaning of the fucking word, so masculinity is another word infected by an STD from a dirty rotten slutbag, and voila, sloppy language, and the inability to communicate efficiently. This infects the word femininity as well. They want all dem men and women acting the sames dontcha know. You are also shaming, by inference, the 99.9 percent of men who don't want a plastic spastic near their arses. Cuntos.

I need a new project lads. I've given up porn, got my diet sorted out, gaining nicely in the gym. I was thinking of trying to sit down and learn computer code, or get my awesome level of maths up to such an extent, I'm giving Andrew Wiles the shitters. Any suggestions?

The best way to see if a woman is a keeper: Show her a manosphere blog. If she accepts and agrees with what is up there, you are golden. Ahh. Nothing new be under the sun.

Fuckyou Feminisn 55555: Your cousin is heading down Cat Lady Avenue in an overpowered sports car.

Christians are sound out people. Atheistkult can seriously go fuck themselves. Having a talk with a beady eyed little twerp about the matter. Cunt says to me "So you support war then?" A douche, or a turd?

Another reason to leave Ireland: The economy is export driven, and driven with exports with the U.S. In other words, the old story of GNP/GDP. When the shit hits the fan in the U.S.A, we'll be just a rock in the middle of the ocean, full of Cherynobley faced lassies and effeminate laddos.

Accepting that your parents are flawed people is one of the most liberating things you can do.

Weird thing that is happening to me recently: Teenage girls have approached me, not vice versa, and even did a bit of the flirt with me. Weird shit, but also happy happy joy joy jail shit. Even though, no man should feel bad for being attracted to a fully developed 16 year old lassie. Especially, Mangan has talked about this as well, women are hitting puberty earlier than before. So man them horns.

Goddamn, I fucking hated Lincoln. A money grabbing tyrant who thought blacks would die out after the civil war because they were too dumb? Money interests? Oh, no! Daniel Day Lewis and aw make him all caring for the slaves and shit, and guess what? He might...bee...gay! Hooray for Hollywood!

Speaking of hollywood, remember when Tarantino was good? The "Sicilian" scene from True Romance is truly one of cinema's finest moments.

A great way to get additional calories while bulking de bulk? Cream. 500 mils of it, and we're talking near 2000 calories. The only thing is that wee Franco is the lactose Jesus. My friend tried this and couldn't stop farting for the whole day.

Irish people: Vote in a party who does their bit to destroy the finances of the country, and then three and a bit years later, they are the most popular party in the country. Seriously, fuck democracy.

I was thinking about what computer games are quite libertarianey: We've got Deus Ex, Metal Gear Solid series, Fallout New Vegas (potentially) to name but a few.

Perhaps it be because I'm a TT, but I have an excellent tolerance for social retardation from other people. Cunty, passive aggressive behaviour though, is another kettly fish altogether.

Francis the fiend is busy as a beaver, but he'll be back on the bandwagon soon enough. As Tiny Tim said, god bless us, every one.


  1. I've seen the Flaming Lips in concert a few times & they put on an excellent show. Really, one of the best shows I've ever seen. The only downer is when Wayne (who is a fascinating fellow, btw) starts spouting leftist politics on stage. Dude, just sing & wave those big hands around & walk around in your ball & leave the politics to the politicians. Seriously.

    I rely on eyeball size when trying to read faces. I recently have started to be able to distinguish the deep sockets, but so many people are overweight here that it is hard to tell. Also, they get really nervous when you stare at their skull.

    I would love to get typed at Koanic's forum, but my husband is less than happy about the idea of me sending a picture to some guy on the internet, lol (even though he is a fan of the site). I'm pretty sure I'm TT because I have big green eyes & the occipital bun. Oh yeah, & my personality :)

    1. It's amazing how the alternate anthropology is taking off in the webz. I've known all my life that something was different about me but it has been only in the last decade that science is finally finding out why. I'm seriously considering posting some pics of me on my site, I actually had a co-worker tell me once, "Goddam, no wonder you're so smart, you've got the largest forehead I've ever seen." And actually, I've been able to do detailed psychological profiles on people since I was young just by watching them for a few minutes. Freaks the shit out of my girlfriend when I do it and it's true. Matt and Koanic (not to mention Tex who started all of this) are doing good work in blasting the lies that we are all the same when it comes to hominids, that is a concept that I hope changes soon.

    2. Yeah, go for putting up the pics. I've had similar experiences as well. A girlfriend I used to have went on about how sad looking my eyes were a lot of the time. Just strange, odd stuff that makes you wonder what the hell is going on with humans in general. I could see some weird group thing emerging i.e don't discriminate against neanderthals lol.

      With that profiling stuff, yous would do well in the FBI en aw.

    3. Waynes an interesting guy. I was watching the Flaming Lips doumentary Fearless Freaks, and he was talking about how he was held at gunpoint while working in a fast food place, and how he had this major life epiphany that made him want to get into music. Drozd was also a heroin addict for a time as well. There's a bit of dark history with both of them. Great documentary as well.

      It's harder to read the back skulls of lassies cause long hair usually covers it, but a bit of intuition certainly helps out. But as of yet, yeah, same, I'm not sending a photo in. Koanic is probably trustworthy, but I don't want my picture floating around the internet just yet.

  2. You want to be careful with that fat on a bulk mate - you'll only have to cut it all off again!

    It's possible to bulk slowly with clever nutrition (LeanGains style) and put almost pure lean muscle on whilst still making continual strength gains - save yourself the pain of having to get the body fat back down again.

    Just my two cents anyway, feel free to tell me to bugger off - I don't want to come across like one of those twats in the gym who feel it is their duty to instruct you on your form on every exercise ;-)

    1. Ah no problem. I'm a complete novice when it comes to this stuff, so any advice is much appreciated. In fact, I've come to the conclusion that I really should take this slow. I've gained about five pounds in the past two months which is not bad, and that was without the cream. That was 3000-4000 calories meat/cheese/veg combo. No one needs to rush this, and my gains have been good anyway. I think you might be right overall.

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