Saturday, 30 March 2013

Taking Down The Cathedral and Lindy West is Fat and Smelly

Friday night during freeside ken, coat is warm, watching a plethora of flusterous fiends falter and flip out to the latest banging tune. Was flinging back beers at a free gaf, chips en dips on de table kind of thing, pure fucken gambrious at this stage of the game, but some of the other lads are fucking locked, and but so, this is so much the case thatwe're at the stage now where the lads have got the wii out and getting jiggy with it. Awww mad bie! Fucken skiing all de way down dat slope ken. Suddenly, an uproar. Hair on the back of your neck stands up. The beautiful, twitchy cacophony of two lassies getting intos an argument with each other. Yap yap, fucken yap. Who are yous, to like, go after my boyfriend like? Yap yap yap. There's nothing physical yet, (is it weird that I'm seeing catfights like this more and more) but we've got a few of the lads, lets call them uhh...manboobs trying to get their Nat King Cole by thinking, ok, maybe just maybe if I help this perfidious slut out, she'll start crying about her sad little life and I'll be like there there wee lassie, you're not bad person, you're quite lovely or at least I think so and you're not a slutbag and she's like YOU'RE SO NICE BUT I JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU I'M IN LOVE WITH BILLY HE RIDES A MOTORCYCLE thats ok beure I'll hold out for the pity fuck yes yes yes there's always youporn happy happy happy happy huh. 

We have a serious problem ken.

As I was sitting there, smiling, goofy looking motherfucker, helping myself to some more cheese en onion tayto, a couple of things dawned on me, or maybe it was the ale. For some of the more sagacious laddos out there, I'll conceit yous will be going "no shit sherlock" but anyway, I digress. First, for every proselyted young man who stumbles across the manosphere, there are at least twenty sitting down in Critical Theory 101, having Judith Butler postmodern porn jammed into their plastic fantastic craniums. This is troubling, disturbing, and the reason I notice this is because there be some real youngens at this party. Wet behind the ears lads giving lassie the whole ice cream routine. We're up against it. But here's the big flaming elephant in the room roysh. With the amount of lads who go about encouraging this silly kind of shite, it is reinforced, air tight en aw, in the mind of the lassie. The sociology department, the english department is creating a generation of beta males. Well duh ken. Now game is great and sweet and fucken holy en aww blah blah blah, but under the cloak of liberalism, even Stevie the Sigma is not going to make much leeway.

Sperm is cheap. Eggs are expensive as Roissy said. The daisy chain of dead stars staring man in the face as part of the night sky, endless capacious universe, you are not even a butt boil ken. You are a dead sell, and reality is the house. And the house always wins.

So, you have The Cathedral, as always it comes back to The Cathedral. The Cathedral is cowardly, home to decadence and intellectual dishonesty, money whoring, filling kids heads with filth like being able to "think for yourself". But, just like the Henry Ford saying "any color you want so as long as it's black" The Cathedral says "any belief you want so as long as it is liberal" and anyone who steps outside it is worse off than a fat guy in an army base. Your turn Private Pile. Hmm.

Let's divide up people. White knights? Lol, no one cares about them. They're fucken bennies, the whole lot of them. What are they but a solipsistic lever for the average lassie? Pull it down, all the way down, and down through the chute comes excessive praise, complements, and various other examples of hole lickery. No one cares about men. Deal with it shitkep. MRA's don't understand this, and it is one of the reasons that they're fucking wastes of space and time. Yeah, lets all be equal ken. Just like Aurini said, equality cannot be found in nature, so what fills the void? Answer: The State. Average lads? Yeah, we'll get back to that. STEM lads as well some other time. But here's the thing. If you want to take down The Cathedral, you have to convert women. Women have to understand what the bloody shit are going one. Why? There are two reasons for this. First, lets take a look at a fat cunt like Lindy "I wash myself with a sponge on a stick" West. She's a stupid fat cunt who should choke on an Oreo right? I agree with you tenfold brother.

So, let's say Lindy West gets up, on a fresh, Monday morning,  NOMNOMNOM cheetos,  and waddles with her big walrus feet to the computer. Some exercise today, the doctor recommends, the scooter is for Tuesdays only. She checks the email. She sees a legion of Manosphere laddos talking shite about her. The rotund hamster manning the controls rationalizes that these are evil, women hating misogynists and she continues on her merry way and decides, fuck it, she'll treat herself with the scooter. She is an empowered woman after all. But, the lassie is of course more herd and crowd like. What happens if de sisterhood turns against her? What if sees a list of vitrolic comments, all from women, all calling her shite out and the boyfriend? The cunt is a jazz musician! Mmmhmm. But then, the hamster screams out and does a one eighty and we're left with a situation where West screams vengence is mine, and fucks right back to Valhalla to slumber and feed. This is why bloggers like judgybitch and tempesttcup are important. You have a woman calling out the shit of the sisterhood, and they start questioning themselves, suddenly they find themselves socially ostracized. Men, yeah, sure, they can rationalize away as being small penis never get laid haters. Women, not so much.

How do we convert women? Now this is a tough one. After all, if a critical theory English course can make Lord Byron, one of history's great players and users of women, out to be something he clearly isn't, then what hope does certain kinds of advertisements, art in general have? One must also bear in mind that due to de lower variance in IQ, the most intelligent men are going to kick the arses of the most intelligent women as well. So what can be done? The only thing that comes to mind of this cunt is that you alpha the shite out of your girlfriend. You give her squirting orgasms, pulling hair, strength, the whole lot. You spank her. You show her certain manosphere blogs. You get her to lift weights, dress in a feminine manner, eat paleo. You show her how to be a lassie. You treat fat, bitchy women like shit. You treat feminine, friendly women by being sort of nice guy, but with applying game, and acting like a nice person from a position of strength. Roosh talked about this kind of game in Poland.

But I'm not holding out for this. Men are becoming more effeminate. In Ireland they've started giving kids medication for getting in fights with other kids. Hooray en aw. Fat fucks fat. The rolls of rotundy goodness will be more than enough for the bitter gamma male and there wilnae be enough, second servings will be demanded. MRA's will sell out their own cause for the faintest whiff of cock pounded snatch. But this is important. Enough lassies on the side of masculine, powerful men, and Simone De Wrinkle will be nothing more than an unpleasant footnote in history. Not that a cunt like myself is confident mind you. There are some people who are going to be sacrificed at the alter of reality and there is nothing you can do about it but motor on in your own noble way. Vertiginous, espousing crap, taking a walk down isles of cinder. Let the dead bury the dead ken.


  1. Yeah, I believe Aurini covered some of this in "how women can use feminine rhetoric". Too bad the normal tendency of blue-pill women giving advice to each other is for sabotage.

    You know how I feel about all this - build yerself up, wake up all who can be wakened, and batten the hatches. They got what's coming to them, and I ain't gonna pull them out of the rubble of the Cathedral. That damn building sure costs a lot of money to keep standing, and it's sure be a shame if something happened to its financial pillars.

    I'm not a Christian, but I do know about Exodus, and you know how after each plague Pharoah hardened his heart despite the shit raining down on Egypt? Yeah, folks are like this these days, just milling around when there's frogs and boils and whatnot all over the place, best leave them be.

    1. Has he? Aww shite. Still, to be fair, he has 200 or so videos up. Simpsons did it! That kind of thing.

      I think you are exactly right as well. Right now it is a race against time to get ourselves in order. Even though, we both know that Rome certainly wasn't built in a day.

      I'm coming to that opinion as well. I've had, apart from one person and fair fucks to her, tried to give advice and it has fallen on deaf ears completely. Ah well sure, what can yous do en aw?

  2. Aw, thanks!

    The problem is that women don't really want to hear any cold hard truths even if those truths would make their lives infinitely happier. I try to poison the minds of my female friends, but they just stare at me like I'm a nut job. And maybe I am, lol. Anyway, I'll keep trying; if you say it often enough it might sink in!

    1. What is also going to happen is that if the manosphere gets bigger and bigger, they're going to be talking with women more than the men, us being sexist bastards and all. So there's that aspect as well. I've given up on the poisoning shite meself, doesnae seem to be working to be perfectly frank.

  3. Steroids and anabolic hormones will save Western men and their testosterone levels, who will then save Western women, and then save Western culture.

    Yeah that's the hidden weapon. Certain technology got us into this mess and technology will get us out.

    1. I agree that steroids are definitely going to become more and more popular. What worries me though is that you still have the problem of hypergamy and beta providers. You'll either have a bastardized situation where you've got loads of jacked guys and fat lassies who can get laid anyway, not having the money/discipine to take steroids, or possibly a lassies beauty lasting a lot longer. Add to this that jobs are getting harder to find, and you'll have an alpha male sexual oligopoly. This would be great if you're one of those guys, but society will be heading for some serious problems otherwise.