Monday, 25 March 2013

The Future of Game: Part Two

Fun with mathematical dick flinging ken! In the last post of the series, way back in yesteryear, wes went through meticulously some of the effects of de game pirulating the mainstream media. The equation derived was as follows: Game being slammed in the media+belief perseverance fallacy+shitty willy nilly fucking willpower=the lessons of game are not going to sink into that thick skull of yours properly. 

Now, we make the model non linear ken. This is where shit gets interesting. Now, the following I propose is all speculation, bluff, and in any other epoch would prove quite facetious, but we live in interesting times, a time where liberalism, social and cultural and the economic means of production are at war with post scarcity economics. First one to the end of the line is a dead, smelly civilization en aw. Only this time we don't have men manning the starboard. Rather, timorous hordes of milquetoast beta males, with the cunt with the big book of ineffable, intolerable thoughts telling a lad that he be a ciquadogiraffepossedheteronormative spazcunt who hates people who are less privileged than himself. Keep that in mind at all times.

First, as I mentioned in this post, entertainment is going to be an enormous player in terms of shaping the populous and its beliefs. Under entertainment, well, I'm using it in a broad sense. Videogames, fast food, porn, in otherwords, superficial, not of value, you don't have to suffer/put under anything mentally strenuous in order to appreciate it. One of the reasons I fear entertainment so much is not just because it is superficial and makes a cunt feel unfulfilled, but because it will no doubt become more and more addictive as time goes on. The burger will get burgerier. The porn will be in higher definition. The videogame will be more immersive than last year's title. The longer you go ken, the harder it will be to give up. So, with this, and the fact that people (especially since the Boomer generation, if you look at their accounts and lack of savings) have been getting progressively worse and delaying short term gratification, the longer the manosphere takes to pirulate the mainstream media, the more plugged in men and women will be, as we descend into this sort of bastardized Brave New Worldish, but not quite existence. Fuck it. People will be so immersed, then game could be staring them in the face and nothing felt, nothing seen. Wine and beer, fags and weed have been around for a very long time. Good enough for me and good enough for you as well ken! Ditch it. Ditch the entertainment.

Second, you are going to have an alpha male sexual oligopoly in the future. With the paleo diet, hgh and testosterone supplements, treatments for hair loss which are getting cheaper and better, a man can stay younger looking than ever before. Add to the fact that there are going to be more lassies not getting married and similar additions, and we're going to get more single 30+ women who are attractive. The big component of this? Income. Money. The job market is getting tighter and tighter. You're twenty years old? That lassie will go for Krauser or Danger and Play long before you ken, especially if you're still stuck with no moolah and living in your parent's basement. Game only does so much ken. Meanwhile, men with less experience in the game are going to be forced to fight it out for the rest of the lassies. The fucken dregs of society. Falling testosterone levels and demoralization of men, will lead to more pussy on a pedestal behaviour. Not to mention all dem rotund cunts tend to have rotund babies. Result? More obese women.  The fight will not be worth it for many a laddo, and voila! Screechy pyknic lassies and the game console Call of Duty 13 is launched up without further notice. Nothing against the man, but a society of Tim Sharkys will not last very long.

Third, this will create age conflict and class conflict. Cultural marxism lol? Try out alpha male verses beta male you cunts! The older generation will be antagonized for making a floundering fuckup of everything and the younger generation, are going to be, very, very, very pissed off with this. Single parents fuck things up? No. It will be worse than that. The young man will see the old parent who worked at his cushy job and got to retire early, while his degree in English Puppetry (fun fact that would make Aaron Clarey laugh, Ireland's biggest university is offering a masters in action movies, I shit you not) won't get him serving at the front of Mac E D's. This bitterness will tear communities apart even more. Like I said before, when Fight Club is the most important movie of your generation, something is seriously wrong. A lot of people are going to be out of work, and thus, we are left with Moldbug's problem, what I'd like to call it anyhoo. Gratuitous violence? Depends on the quality of the entertainment. 

Fourth, for the 10 percent of men who get a little bit of success at the game. As the quality of women drops, the ability to provide for a child drops, and as the man sees women being screwed over in divorce court, he's going to play the field a lot more. This ensures a precipitous drop in economic production. In simple terms, you only need enough to survive and keep your lassie on a string. No more, no less. No children is the biggest cost saver one can think of ken.

There are more, and I'll go over them in the next post, but I'll finish up with this. Don't worry, wee Franco ain't prevaricating. First, the recent Cyprus episode proved that the EUSSR (off topic, Helicopter Bernanke as well) will do EVERYTHING in their power to keep the house of cards propped up. How long can they do this? Who knows? But if they keep the charade going, what you'll see is a gradual decline, a slow, snaillike, shrouded in evanescence decline, until the bottom hits out in a big way. If there is a big bad economic collapse beforehand, you'll see a revert back to traditional roles, violence between different races, basically what is happening in Greece right now, and something populist to step in. Something a wee cunt doesn't want. And like all the men before you, you will be called up.

We need the internet. The internet is the only way we can piece this subject together. Subject to say, I've more to say on all this, but a couple of fringe bloggers and video makers like fringeelements and whatnot are well, not much. We're on the right side though.

We're just on the wrong side of history.


  1. Nice post and I like your writing style. I think it's a bit more engaging then mine. I'll have to work on that.

    A revert to tribalism in this century is possible, I agree.

    When I studied at the University of Barcelona, I had one of those crazy old art professors who seemed to know everything about everything. He was 71 and dating one of his hot students. One time, when he was at a dinner for the King of Spain and Juan Carlos got there late, he just got up and left. Said he didn't wait for anyone. Guy was nuts, and alpha as hell.

    The point is, he predicted a return to tribalism. Obviously no one know what will really happen, but it's definitely possible.

    1. None of us do admittedly. Although I might well be eating my words. RedPillReddit got a snippet on BBC radio a couple of hours just today. Admittedly, it was heavily edited and whatnot, but even so. Shitload of black swans out there. Impossible to predict for technology as well.

  2. Francis, I might be on the wrong side of history, but I'm encouraged as hell by guys like you who are much younger and see what the truth is. Great post, and you are quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. Tweeted.

    1. Always appreciate the comments and the tweets man. Sound out!

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