Friday, 15 March 2013

The Road to Sigma

Change. Yous can feel it blowing in the wind. Awkward, insufferable silences elongated by the shattering of social etiquette into a quadrillion different pieces. A geeknerddorkathonic shite might still be that and more at heart, but there is more to that than this. When you start looking and learning game at the start of it all, you'd be wise to think of it as sort of two different components. One, is your default personality, your intrinsic soul. The other part is the dibber dabber instigator who rattles and chides a cunt into stepping up to the plate, big fucken style. When you have that beer shield up to code red, the voice tells you to "relax, be Sean Conno, everything will be alright ken".When your body language is abysmal, your ego is off by itself, telling yous to straighten up and fly right or fuck off right back to Superbad Central. When that girl is asking you to buy her a drink, the little man is going in your head "stop!", which results in you replying with something like "doos ah look like an atm to you?" shit eating grin and all. This is what is meant by fake it till you make it. Soon you internalize it to such an extent, ultimately you don't know where I end and you begin. It is all the same in the end. Capitalize capricious cunts!

That is not to say I'm this social paladin. I'm still naturally incompetent, introverted, but in the land of the blind and bland, the one eyed man is king of kind.
If yous have ever been a nerd/big bang type, you'll come across lassies, certain kinds, what I like to call Queen Bees, and unfortunately, these cunts don't really look like de Penny we all know and love, even if they serve the same function. Usually they are just troll faced bitches who do the whole nerd thing because they're too ugly to get any attention, eye fucking from normalish lads. But, what better way to compensate than act like a tramp, flirting with the kind of lads which are going to tell her how wonderful and how amazing and how fucking lovely she be. These are not the TT introverted lassies with big eyes and are bigger Dr Who fans btw and legitimately like the company. These are simply sluts born in an uggo suit and trapped, having no mouth yet having to scream. I could post pictures of the tail you'd find at a nerdy drinkathon, but that would be naff. Oh, wait, I think I will since this lassie is the feminist atheistkult type who had a go at Forney/Roosh some time back. This one comes from heartiste's twitter:
This is the ninth underworld of the boner.

So take the cunt on the right. What if he was to get his arse into the gym and shave his head? What if he was to toss a few weights around? The question, the answer, hook bat and line equates to comparative fucken alpha.

Lately, a few of the people in the aul social circle have been acting more passively aggressively towards me. This post certainly resonated with me. I talk to a so called mate about deadlifting in the gym and I get a snide, not jokingly Arnold S meathead comment. A guy who likes toos tell every cunt under the sun that he is a virgin, asking everyone for help, fuck it, I send him a link to some Roissy posts to shut him the hell up and the scumbag starts telling people I'm a PUA slimeball. Fuckin male shit tests, if there ever were such a creation. That's how fucking faggy men have gotten. Lispy, beady eyed motherfuckers who mutter underneath their breath. I try and brush this off, ignore it but it fails to work. For the days you could duel with a lad...ahh. It builds to a fucking head, prick the balloon and BANG burst over, in a real, nasty, bitter temper. Ultimately, I pissed off the Queen Bee. Out for a cigarette to do with this stupid fucking engagement thing and she trots out all well oiled up en aw. The narcissist needs her ego replenished.

"You never smile Francis. Why don't you smile like?" she says.


"I have nothing to smile about."


"I said, I have nothing to smile about."

"Too good for me then?"


"You get a C- for effort"

"The fuck does that mean? Seriously, you like, have a problem with me? You think you're so fuckin smart and you're spreading this slezebag, misogynistic crap, to like, all your friends? What sort of fucking friend does this to others?"

"It means, ah fuck it. You know what it means? You're an ugly fucken cunt, both inside and out. You talk shite, all the fucking time. You manipulate all these guys, who are essentially good and all, just to fill that fucken hole inside of ye. Ye fucking slut. Face like Mary Harney."

She marched back inside, white faced, looking to drag me out to the wrath of the nerds. Folks, I didn't stick around, fuck that shite. The depressing thing was that, just in a flash, a group of people I used to hang around with just evaporated, just like that. Ambivalent feelings to all of this.You are the average of your closest five friends. It's lonely, but these people, the bad diet, the nice house and complementary car, the divorce, the plasma telly, the My Little Pony watching, the mathematical dickwaving, the wow account, the relishing of the death of God, the whole fucking thing. Fuck me, maybes I'm a cunt, but this shit drives a cunt up the wall. How can the lad und lassie be so petty?

There's a few things I'm going to add, as a caveat. First, I have the basic concepts of game internalized. I'm not going to become any better by reading manosphere blogs on the subject, and once you read the basic stuff neither are you. At one stage, the law of diminishing marginal returns sets in and yer fucked wholeheartedly. So, I'm going to stop. Practice, practice practice. Jump into it at the deep end ken. I'm also tired of reading a lot of the doom and gloom porn of the manosphere, kind of what like yousouwould advocates in this fucking great post of his. Take it easy. Chill the fuck out ken. I've a couple of projects lined up, and am going to launch into them in the next while. 

Second, as you try and get on this road to sigmadom, people are going to hate you and the passive aggressive claptrap is not going to lie dormant forever. Fat lassies, gamma males of the McRapey variety. Yous better be prepared for it, because it is going to be slow, slippery and downright ugly. Fight your way up, break on through, and you'll be blessed in the eyes of God and de divinity, balking in the aura of the great morning sun. Trust me, it will be more than worth it.


  1. Good work mate. Leaving behind a peer group who are threatened by your new found confidence and direction is always hard, but ultimately the best thing to do. Some people are terrified at something or someone pricking their comfortable little bubble of ego-shielding self delusion.

    You'll go a long way on this journey, and come out the other side practically unrecognisable from the person who started - some people will fall by the wayside, and some people will travel part of the way with you.

    There will be highs and lows, but keep the faith, stick to the principles of decent, masculine behaviour and you'll not go too far wrong.

    1. It's just a ride en aw.

      But yeah, in the end, striving to be the best person yous can be will get you through the worst of it.

  2. Been there brother but I'm much happier having guys like you to converse with than I ever was with "so-called" friends.

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