Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Trips To The Cinema, Cultural Marxism and Why The Thing Is The Best Horror Movie Ever

What is it about modern cinema, art, culture that ignites such a vociferous flame amidst a certain kind of person, a particular kind of lad? Been toos the cinema a lot recently since, well, I'd rather be by myself in a plush cinema with a giant fuckyou screen shrouded in darkness, than be talking to many a cunt about how Ireland sucks in de ruggers or whatever the hell kids are up to these days. So yeah, the last two movies I saw, were the Daniel Day Lewis Lincoln movie, and Quentin white man swpl porn Django Unchained. Movies have always been important in terms of expressing the spirit of the day, coming up with an ethos, reflecting the tastes of the average joe soap lad and lassie. This is what makes it all the more disappointing, all the more raw.

Resevoir Dogs and True Romance are brilliant movies. They are funny, creative, laden with great dialogue and memorable scenes. That be fine. Something like Tarantino's new one, is scary, more than a little bit disturbing. Not scary in the OOO ghosts, bed wetting under a gibbous moon shite, but in a fucken "let's warp reality and how people see shit" kind of way. See, what we have here is a gross misconception of the historical narrative. Does slavery suck ass? Course it does ken. Yet, we need to discuss, ruminate over some important issues. A few facts. There were about 500000 black slaves in America. Only 10 percent of those in the south had slaves. They had higher life expectancies than your average person, including the average Irish person. They were allowed to raise families, and there were laws in place protecting slaves. Again, I'm not saying this was good, but history is history and is brutal and sad, and if we compare it to say the Arabs, what do we get? Many times more slaves. Brutally treated. Castrated, sometimes raped on arrival. If liberalism actually worked on the premise that all people were equal, then we are all just numbers, and then The Arabs are the more malevolent cunts and should shut the fuck up about it all. But nay cunt talks about such a thing. And but so, when Tarantino has scenes of blacks fighting each other gladiator style, it fills the misinformed cunt with ideas. That white men were nothing but the bastard spawn of Lucifer who hated black people. That we hate you and they loathe you. That when you're a black guy who has no experience of white guys, you are going to draw on movies to make ridiculous and quite dangerous claims about reality. These kind of movies distort reality to such an extent, that one has to ask, or at least spurt out, are you fucking shitting me? Next, moving onto Lincoln. I usually loathe Spielberg and his syrupy gooey, overly sentimental bullshit, but Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Blood is one of cinema's finest performances, plus, nothing warms the lassies heart, swooning sister, gina tingles than getting her saying, oooh and ahhhh en awwwwww to de great man on screen. Then Franco step in. Regular suit en tie motherfucker.

awwwwww yeeaaaahhhh
Everybody in history has the angels and the demons bristling and fighting for control.  Lincoln was not the holier than thou figure that he is portrayed as.  There were interests, big money, in the union. Shit hasn't changed all this time later. About 18 percent of men between the ages of 13 and 43 from The Confederacy states died. History smiled upon the winners, and that beardy tyrant wins out and everyone piles out of the cinema, packt like sardines in a crushed tin box, going home to their fucking heroin drip electronics and microwavable dinners and all is well in the world and we hate each other, just that little bit more. 

Which brings me to another topic. They've started remaking movies like nobody's business. One of the most disgusting examples I've seen is of the movie The Thing. Alongside Alien, it is the finest horror movie ever made, for the sole reason that it is just about the only movie that destroys the way of men, the concept of the gang. There are no women in the movie. There is an atmosphere yous can cut en gut with a butcher knife. It's the fucking middle of nowhere and every cunt is on the fucking edge of a massive precipice and whoa nelly, this fucken shape shifting fiend comes along and your best mate is one of them? Jaesus. So what do the cunts do? They introduce a woman character into it and sexualize everything so you KNOW that the group coming apart at the seams majiggery is just shagged, because we know, being a lassie, she is going to survive and there will be a good, jolly ending with the laddo getting his hole. Moreso, she fits the empowered, annoying, unrealistic portrayal of women. Not the Ripley kind. Ripley in the first two movies? She was a decent, flawed, feminine woman who had a strong character and had to do her best in a horrible situation. MacReady? Same kind of thing. Both make horrible mistakes in the face of real fear. But both are very human, very relatable. You want to measure the precipitous decline of culture? Look at horror movies. It isn't strength and character. It's fucking being an empowered woo-man or some shit like that. Seriously, fuck you Ridley Scott, for that piece of anal arse movie Prometheus. And fuck yous Hollywood, for making every white guy Beelzebub's butt boy.

I dunno. Are there movies which haven't been fucking thrown through the chute as of late? 

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