Sunday, 14 April 2013

30 Days To Franco (April to May Edition)

Not really a post, more a sort of sketch board for meself, a soon to be common thing in Smithy. This has basically been inspired by the lad of the moment that is Robert Koch. Basically, every month, I'm going to set out a challenge for myself. The point? To learn, to grow and to build good habits and be an awesome motherfucker in a million and one different ways. Habits are the key ken. Giving up pornography is hell at first, but when you break the habit, break the cycle, it's actually remarkably easy to keep up. You're just in the habit of doing something else now. So, combining this with the Winning!!! post and voila. Awesome Franco. I'll report back in a month.

Things I want to do over the 30 days:

-Go completely without fast food, soft drinks, snacks, sweets, chocolate. Chewing gum is an exception, as it's great for concentration. Seriously ken, go to a lecture and chew a pack of gum while you're there. Everything else is off limits. Brown rice, potatoes and cheese are fine in limited amounts, say once or twice a week. The rest is going to be straight paleo though. No processed garbage in my body ken. Shit like tobacco, weed, alcohol has been around for thousands of years. Trust throwing that shit down the old gulliver more than a McDonalds meal en aw.

-Gym every second day, no exceptions. The days I'm not in the gym, I want to do 100 situps, 100 pushups. I am buying a pullup bar in the next week or so when I get the cash. So once I get my hands on the pullup bar, 100 situps, 100 pushups and 50 pullups. If I cannot make the gym, I MUST substitute it with either the 100/100/50 plan, or I go two days gymming in a row. Never ever let a day drop ken.

-Pick 4 books on Russian history and read them. Any era of Russian history you want, just pick them. They just have to be on Russian history.

-Spend 20 minutes a day learning code from The Code Academy.

-Grow out my beard without shaving to see the reaction (probably the worst fucken challenge ever created).

So yeah, here we go lads. I'll hit yous back up on May 14th with the results. Better posting to resume shortly.


  1. Bill Powell told me i should frequent this site. expect to see me more often.

    stay up.

    1. Probably the only time you took my advice LOL.

    2. Always enjoyed your blog man, good to see yous commenting here.

  2. Why Russian History?

    Also, bald plus facial hair is a big win. ;)

    1. I've been obsessed with theories of history (stuff like Decline of the West by Spengler) and I think there is a bit to learned here. The French Revolution and The October Revolution being the most important events, almost of the past couple of hundred years in terms of thought. Perhaps even further back. Hobbes, Rousseau. Seeing where the rot takes hold. Part of a bigger project at de mo.

      Lol, should be good sound. Still shaving my head at the mo and it suits me fine ken! Just don't want it be getting toos crazy en aw.

    2. Brother the shaven head seem to be becoming a badge of identity in our little corner of the web. Anthropomorphic similarities that are way too common to be coincidental are common with everyone I've met and are in contact with. Shoot me an e-mail, I'll send you my number. New projects are imminent.

    3. Done. This new projects thing is intriguing...But yeah, the shaved head, the lifting, the dressing in black. The Manosphere look lol.