Saturday, 13 April 2013

Franco's Armchair: A Review of Brains and Brawn by Robert Koch

Brains & Brawn_fin
So you're a regular around here ken. Fair fucks to ye. You're reading all the shit, all these alpha fucks en beta bucks lozozozoz and whatnot. You're aware of your Roissys, your Rollos, your Rooshs. Ok. But, there are a number of underrated, underneath the surface bloggers that you should be reading, guys that are well worth your time. One such lad is Robert Koch's 30 Days to X blog. The blog is great, simple. There's no bullshit when it comes to this guy, not even a modicum of whiny shite, just pure focus. Challenge, focus and ideas. He's also released a short book, more of a pamphlet entitled Brains and Brawn.

So is it worth getting your hands on ken?

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it's not a big, long, comprehensive work, but it's pretty good all the same. Brains and Brawn is essentially a TLDR version of how to get your shit together, manosphere style. You don't have time to wade through blog post after blog post on the paleo diet? Cool ken, but read Brains first. You want a couple of great book recommendations (that are also Franco endorsed?) Read Brains. It's a quick, breezy read that will certainly surprise you. Hell, it finally got me off my hole to buy a copy of The Book of The Five Rings.

There isn't much really to say on it. It's not very long, but there is some excellent, practical information contained within. It's not very expensive either, only a dollar in price. But yeah, grab it. This guy's not a moany little turd ken, he's trying to find solutions, figure shit out. His blog is one of the most promising on the manosphere, and Brains and Brawn is a promising, likeable e book that warrants a purchase.

P.S, I promised Robert I'd review this a lot earlier, but the past few weeks have been fucken hell ken. My bad ken. Either way, hopefully the next while won't be so all over the place. 


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