Thursday, 4 April 2013

One Up the Bum, No Harm Done

I know a lad and he happens to like putting his mickey into man butt. Apparently he likes it in the same way I like lassies and I like putting my well hung mickey into lassie butt. Shocking isn't it? Well, for yous and I, it's boring as shit to talk about, and a normal part of people being people, but all them lefties with their fucking causes and issues! They were discriminated against, they were tied up and they were made fun of and tortured during The Spanish Inquisition or any (Christian) related events!  All this guffaw roysh, all this fucken shite roysh, drives a fiend up the wall en aw. All these dumb liberal fucktards who go on about "all the gays I knowwww" (when they dinnae no shit) and "ten percent (in reality it's closer to 3 percent) of us! Ten percent of us are gay and all that jazz. Hopefully this post won't descend into the usual coprolalia shit, but everyone has been talking about gay marriage like it is the BIG MEGA MEGA WHITE THING issue of our time, and how we must bow down before animal and primal drives, oxytocin with a pinch of endorpins, it be love, it be love and that is all that matters and fuck the reality principle cause it be all about feelings ken.
So back to this lad. He's a homosexual, not a faggot. The former, just to clarify is a normal guy who is sexually attracted to men. Fair enough. Unless you're getting yourself involved in children/coercion or something like incest, I don't give two shits what the fuck you do, no matter how kinky or weird. Your business ken, not mine. So anyway, this guy is a homosexual roysh, established like a billion times already. Jack Donovan is a homosexual. Wittgenstein was a homosexual. Proust was a homosexual. I get talking to this lad about what the gay community in Dublin is actually like over a few pints en aw.

Turns out, I got an extremely interesting answer which goes completely bonkers arseways against the narrative of The Cathedral. Not that I was expecting those fuckos to be the epitome of verisimilitude. But oh so entertaining at the very least.

First, faggots hate hate hate with a spreading of the purest unadulterated abhorrence, homosexuals. For all the why can't you homophobic people be more oppppeeennnn wank, the quickest way to socially ostracize yourself amongst the gay community is to not be a faggot. To not be a superficial, narcissistic, selfish Gok Wan effeminate piece of shite, is the end of a lot of gay friendships. Which is hilarious because the narrative implies that faggots are fucken holier than thou types when in reality, they are even bigger plonkers than you or me, and look what kind of blog you're reading. He hates the shite mind you. To have girls acting overly friendly to him, to have SWPL types with femmed up hair and lisps that would make Big Gay Al blush, would drive a cunt mad. He wants to make mates based on their character and soul. Not because they see him as a victim of oppression, or a character out of a shitty Colm Toibin novel.

But, and this drives the utter nonsense of gay marriage home, he starts talking about relationships. Now, dear lad or lassie, with alacrity I type this, fucken pills, oooo, eh, billy boy likes butt en aw, the million moolah question, pure fucken horror show is like this and that and this en ut?

What happens when you combine man's polygamous and voracious sexual appetite with the predilection to like playing fucken dressup and wanking over Queer Eye for the straight guy or Vin Diesel?

Well, according to this lad, you get an awful lot of fucking. An awful lot. Like this is fucken Caligula shite we're talking about here. Eyo. The lad who fucks lassies has no idea apparently. What we also get as a result. is extremely unstable relationships. Like real drama queen shite. Women shit through and through. A lot of superficial friendships, but nothing that can be embedded in stone. Like fucken, a cunt has to ask this, how the bloody arse can people survive this, let alone a kid? Like fucken, people taking shite about the other cunt cause this cunt had a go at that cunt because his pants was a crap color. Now, yous got to ask yourself ken, what be the result of this pandemonium? Well, you get less people wanting to marry because the relationships are more goddamn unstable than fucken Tony and Carmella Soprano and so...And you never see this shit on TV do you?
he he..

floss is boss.

Three percent of people ken. Such a fucken small number. Then, you take into account that the motherfuckers (or fatherfuckers ho ho ho) are nowhere near as interested in conjugal relations and you get left with a tiny tiny number literally the most stupid, pointless, logically fallacious, non issue on the whole goddamn planet. There is of course, in a post like this, a requirement for the reference to Orwell or some cunt like that, or someone spooky at the very least, a dead, depressing wanker will do, because by allowing gays to marry, you fucken change the meaning of the word, and this proceeds to change he pattern of thinking in ones mind. Sloppy language is very very dangerous and one of the biggest problems a cunt has. My definition of the word marriage is different from most people for example. So what term do I use? Old Marriage? Marriage 2.0? Pure Marriage? Civilization 101: How tae fucken survive with free towel? But that is for another post en aw.

You want my opinion ken? This might be all tin foil hat on the mat shite, a combination of smoke screening and just out and out blatant narcissism. Smoke screening because it diverts a cunts attention from important stuff, the ancillary points, the essential factors, whether that be obesity, poverty, the decline of the nuclear family, quasi post scarcity, etc. All this juicy shit one needs to keep the clock going, to keep the fuel in the car is ignored, because Fred and Ted want to get married. Narcissistic because, well take the way you have atheistkult right? You know how you are bright in atheistkult? It's not because you've tried your best to be a sagacious Yoda type through hard work and suffering and reading ans studying. It's because you wanted to be a bright, but you were too goddamn lazy to make something of yourself. Gay Marriage? The bottomless well of ineffable feelings, the rise of moral relativity, we are all feminine now, we are good people because we support gay marriage. Not because we work for being good in and of it self. Not because we helped improve our community. We are good because by supporting gay marriage, we are good, without having to lift a fucken figure. Short term wank.

Let them marry. Let them eat cake and then fuck it.


  1. Hah...homosexuals who aren't faggots like Nationalist Pony are seeing through the smokescreen for what the whole stupid, disgusting business is. Not susprisingly, as you pointed out, they're treated like Uncle Toms by the self-serving, self-loving, and self-centered faggot community.

    I say give them all that they want; it'll only make things collapse so much faster.

    1. Yeah, fuck faggots. Literally the worst human beings imaginable. I remember your man was telling me how a faggot that he knew was the kind of fucktard to go around grabbing guys crotches and if a guy got pissed off, his response would be "you can't hit me, I'm gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

      Not to mention all this gay pride bullshit. Sexual orientation is morally neutral and should say nothing about your character.

  2. Great post Francis, I was laughing my ass off through the entire article. Tweeted.