Friday, 31 May 2013

We Are The Dead

A screaming comes across the sky. Wrought by the hands of men of scintillating intellect, under some of the most bizarre, befuddled circumstances in the annals of human history, this dark little pocket of the internet, the manosphere, the reactosphere, is growing at an exponential rate. Frost, a lad more intae the self help spectrum, wrote a post on the so called "Dark Enlightenment", a conglomeration of many a different person, laying his ideas out on how to go after the brain of the whole thing, The Cathedral. That's an interesting one, as many a cunt here knows, this is not about right or wrong or puppies or unicorns or leprechauns pissed out in Coppers or any shite like that en aw. No, the simple matter is that right or wrong doesn't even come into any of this. This is just about reality, in all its capacious, ugly glory. Fact of the matter is, wes be heading for a fucking shitstorm here, and that all it be en aw. Frost lays it out, and proceeds to describe the different types of men that would be involved in such an operation. This is the part of the (otherwise excellent) post that I have qualms with.

First, the name of the game is information, pure and simple. So we're fucked in that regard. You'll never make any of this cool or interesting per sae. There is a reason why many organizations seem to drift left over time, with the dichotomy of left/right, the latter acting as an anchor, a way to slow down the left singularity. There might be a number of reasons for this, possibly because human beings are small group (Dunbar's number) creatures, an inexorable link to the group, the closest at hand, an environment where equality is certainly more the norm, the way of men say. But that be digressing this spasticcannon more than it needs. The use of art is going to be quite difficult, even deleterious in trying to put ideas out there into the mainstream media. Art has a black swan component to it. You think people are going to have the fucking time to trawl though 8000 word Moldbuggery postage? Anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller? So what else can be done?

There is one thing The Dark Enlightenment possesses, and that is the truth. Sounds like some cheesy fucken movie starring Punch Cunt Stitchems Tom Hanks yeah, but verisimilitude ken will always be shining bright in beautiful, ineffable iridescence. The Cathedral itself is large, amorphous and is incredibly powerful. But it doesn't have the truth. This is of course, not the most pleasant reality or thing to discuss, so it is why people gloss over the truth. There is however, a truth that men and women will be more able to accept.

That truth be pussy and well hung Franco (tm) up the shitter ken.

Picture every sad sack, pussy is an oasis in the desert motherfucker out there. Slammed in clubs and in his social circle of cackling voluptuous slabs of ham. Feeling like Captain Ahab, he logs into google and hunts down information to get over his problems. Finds some of the healthier manosphere blogs. Tries the stuff, has the balls to put himself out there a bit more. It works, he says! Then a number of things happen. Possibly, a feeling of contempt for de cunt and cunttess who went about telling him that all he had to do was be a good person, be a loving person, be a nice guyyyyyyyyy and the pussy will come and de buttsex hot and dirty will be his holy grail en aw. He begins to look at reality in a different way. He proceeds to figure out what the fuck is going on and then, and then, and then, and then, he begins to divulgate into some of the manosphere's heavier shit. Thus, the conversion to The Dark Enlightenment point of view.

It is of course important to discuss different schools of economic thought and structures of government. It is vital to be cognizant of differences in people's biological makeup without being a flat out racist for it and more besides that, but until then, you are trying to sell rat poison to health freaks. Not going to happen ken.

So, to invert The Cathedral, game is the skeleton key.

Within this context, there are going to be a number of factors that are going to clash with this. Number one is high speed pornography. Pornography changes the chemistry and structure of the brain, causes erectile dysfunction and anhedonia and yet is enough to pacify a cunt mega style en aw. Perhaps 50 years ago, spanking it in San Diego would have not been enough for a man and plus, the better quality of the lassie would have made up for it. But now, the thirst is quenched and things continues on as normal.From my own experiences, and from reading a plethora of accounts on Yourbrainonporn and beyond, one of the biggest barriers to becoming better with women, or just a better man overall. I would wager that the phlegmatic male, herbivore phenomenon in Japan is exacerbated by copious porn usage.

Next, there be the fatty fatty fuck fucks. Obesity is like a disease ken. Your mates are fat, then you can count your lucky stars that you'll wake up and exclaim: "oh noes! I'm a fucking bitch!" Nothing wipes the sex drive out than a nice bit of metabolism blowing, estrogen making girth +1 en aw.

But, there's another component to all of this and this might end up being the most important part of game in the future. That, my good friends, is gear. What yous will see is HGH, Test and whatnot being more easier to get. A friend in Spain is saying this is ubiquitous amongst the richer there, fuckos going on cycles on this shit for horses to get their dicks up, in order to get big. So, expect a sexual oligopoly where you have pussy, and the rest of them poor sexual spastics will have their sex dolls and high definition pornography.

All eyes are looking towards the ninth circle. It is perfectly fine and ok to pursue the path of political theory and economics and that is good and satiating and whatnot, but recruits need pussy. This is the only way out, de buttsex. Doing a Marxist get into the universities approach will take too longs.

Five outcomes:

1: Feminist collapse: Driven by men dropping out/a generation of Roissys and de hedonic treadmill.

2: Multicultural collapse: Driven by conflict between all races due to worsening economic conditions. 5 percent of the population (Muslims) committing 25 percent of the crime. See a more extreme version of what is happening in Britain right now. Least likely outcome.

3: Nothing happens. Techonology outgrows bullshit and we enter post scarcity. Number one is what happens if point one "wins" so to speak. A slow decline of society, but kept together by a highly dysfunctional Cathedral. Think Brave New World.

4: Economic collapse: Keynsian/Abenomic bullshit. Printing presses, interest rates on American and Japanese debt go up, dollar is weakened, banks are found to be more highly leveraged than they are. 

5: A fucken stew with bits and pieces in them all.

Times are rough and tough like leather ken. A man gets laid and he'll see the Dark Enlightenment in a more favorable light. That, should be the ultimate goal.

Count me in lads.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

On Balance (The Soul is Not a Smithy edition)

N.B: The first part of this post is reblogged from Yousowould. All of it is his, and it provides a succinct explanation of all of the different variables in the equation. The second half is just myself, self improvement sthyyle. 

Yousowoulds part:

Factor: Level Of Self Confidence

Encourages approach if: you have a general high opinion of your own self worth, leading to a sense of entitlement
Discourages approach if: you do not feel good about yourself, and doubt your own worth
How to improve the balance: get in shape, improve your physical appearance, become successful in your professional life

Factor: Desire To Improve

Encourages approach if: you feel you are lacking, and you possess an innate urge to better yourself
Discourages approach if: you are content with your lot in life
How to improve the balance: be ambitious, set yourself lofty goals, do not be content with mediocrity

Factor: Horniness

Encourages approach if: you have a high libido, are currently in a state of sexual arousal
Discourages approach if: you have low sex drive, or are currently sexually satisfied
How to improve the balance: masturbate less, tap into your sexual state, correct potentially imbalanced hormonal levels

Factor: Need For Validation

Encourages approach if: you have low self-esteem, intrinsically linked to your success with women
Discourages approach if: you derive your feelings of self worth from things other than your interactions with women
How to improve the balance: something of a reverse factor, the encouraging influence of this actually declines the more confident you become. Once you have ceased to derive your ego validation from your success with women, you’ll find yourself much less compelled to approach, but it is definitely not a place you want to go back to again once you’ve left it behind

Factor: Level Of Beauty Of Target

Encourages approach if: you find the girl significantly more attractive than the majority of others
Discourages approach if: the girl is merely averagely cute, nothing out of the ordinary
How to improve the balance: place yourself in an environment full of top quality women. This could involve relocating to a different country, or hanging out in top end clubs

Factor: Reference Experiences

Encourages approach if: you have pulled a girl this hot before
Discourages approach if: the girl is significantly more attractive than one you have previously attained, you think she might be “out of your league”
How to improve the balance: either be prepared to take the uncomfortable step of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, or ease pressure on yourself by approaching with nothing more in mind than to have a conversation with the girl, gradually acclimatising

Factor: Social Skills

Encourages approach if: you are an accomplished conversationalist, witty
Discourages approach if: you feel you do not have much to say for yourself, you worry the interaction may stall
How to improve the balance: numerous – go out of your way to interact with as many strangers every day as possible (innocent interactions with shop assistants etc), travel and take up new hobbies so you have more to talk about, don’t set the bar on what you consider to be a “good thing to say” so high, take the phone number quickly after just a minute or two to prevent the chance of the conversation stalling

Factor: Level Of Social Pressure

Encourages approach if: there are few consequences of a failed approach
Discourages approach if: you are in a situation where many people can hear what you are saying (crowded tube platform), girl is in a group (how large is the group? is it mainly girls, or men?)
How to improve the balance: approach single girls on the street during the day – no “audience” or group to contend with

Factor: Level Of Encouragement From Target

Encourages approach if: strong IOIs from the girl, she makes it apparent she is attracted to you
Discourages approach if: no sign she has even noticed you exist, or she looks bitchy or unapproachable
How to improve the balance: improve your appearance, physique, posture – all will invite more IOIs, making a cold approach warm. Potentially be prepared to plough through interactions with unreceptive girls until you hook

Franco's part. 

Level of Self Confidence: All over the place. Ranges from craptacular to the next fucken Lord Byron, Irish sthyyle. Highly statistically significant variables include diet, sleep and exposure to information. Sees some shite on the TV and a cunt has to get the fucking moods for the entire day. Just little shite, but this is a big one. Have to find a good frame of mind en aw.

Desire To Improve: A strange one. On one hand I want to improve, but on the other hand, I'm literally the most apathetic person on this side of the net. Fuckarounditis with a splash of I dinnae give two shites about what is going on around me. This is disappointing, because if I play my cards right, I can get an excellent qualification with good job prospects come around this time next year, but it's just a giant pile of eh, tired of being in university and just bored of the subject in general. My deadlift, bench press and whatnot are far more respectable now, if nothing special, but I'm still not getting laid that much, (although compared to a couple of years ago I'm Casanova in comparison) bar the odd fuck with some hitting the wall lassie. On a sidenote, everything fucking Roissy has said about lawyer lassies be true. Less than salubrious. The sleaziest, filthiest (and best) fucking blowie I've ever had ken. Fucking expected her vagina to have teeth ken. Fucking thing looked like the facehugger from Alien. But yeah, a decent lassie or something. This has to change. But I'm stuck at level two and I dinnae know how to move up.

- Horniness: I'm like a fucking lassie on her period here. But recently, I've been following Frost's Thumonic 30 day regime. Fucken incredible results. I'm different when I drink now. Nowadays, not only does drink make me very very horny, I've become very very aggressive and assertive. In a nightclub recently, it was just approach approach approach kind of shit. If I don't spank well hung Franco for a couple of days, suddenly I'm getting boners on the street from uhh, lets just say, older lassies of the Milf variety. So yeah, no fucking problems here. I'm getting morning wood that would slay a dragon as well, smiling Franco be smiling softly.

- Need For Validation: Getting better and better. I'm not giving a fuck as much as I used tae. I'm starting to talk about my, let's just say, politically incorrect views more and more, and I'm doing well with it. Having said that though, when it comes to women, I've still a number of bad habits I need to iron out. On the whole though, ok. Granted, this is more to do with not giving a fuck, than actually becoming more confident, so this is not necessarily the greatest thing in the world.

- Level Of Beauty Of Target: When yous be as fucken horny out as myself, anything that isn't fat, disfigured by fire, and between the ages of 18-40 is passing the boner test.

- Reference Experiences: Like a Gaussian bell curve. Average lassies spaced out with the "how the fuck did I pull that off" with "what the fuck was I thinking. Nothing special to report in here.

- Social Skills: Ehhh. This one is a biggie. I've graduated from "aspergery omega fuctard who is a fucking twat" to "idiosyncratic but functional cool enough guy", but that not be enough, right ken? I've always been highly introverted and continue to be, not uncommon for me to turn off my phone and not leave my room for hours on end with nothing but a bit of de music blaring. If I have some knowledge on a topic, I can talk quite confidently, but if there's anything touchy feely Seinfeld rambly, then I'm absolutely fucked out the window with it. I have to get better at this kind of superficial conversation. Moreso, I get drained enormously quickly from talking to people. Get me in a bar say, and my drained, wanting to go home feeling will often outweigh everything else in there. I'm getting better, but like the motivation one, it's like there's an invisible barrier that's stopping me from getting better.

- Level Of Social Pressure:Dunno. I think the INTJ fucko that I be, would be much much better suited to daygame, say going to a library or an art museum and taking it slow. Admittedly, this is quite difficult, because I've only done this once and it wasn't the best, not to mention I've fuck all money, bar some grinds or some papers I "help" to write. So right now it's fish in a barrel nightclub stuff, which I don't particularly enjoy.

- Level Of Encouragement From Target: I think if yous are my age, it helps to make yourself look a little bit older, whether by shaving your head, dressing older/better, growing out a beard etc. I'm getting a few IOI's now from decent looking lassies, but not great looking ones. Teenagers like de Franco I think. The weightlifting helps a bit too, as yous end up passing a threshold where suddenly, a cunt be somewhere else. This should get better by itself. But my clothes are a bit shite. That needs to improve. No designer bullshit, but a v neck certainly looks better than an Penny's hoodie en aw.

So not exactly As all around ken. We will have to delve deeply into the Franco to figure this stuff out. I think the most important ones are social skills and motivation. The former is going to be just sheer work. Aspergery fucktards don't get better in a day ken. The latter...

Credit goes to Yousowould posting, who got it from Steve Jabba on his blog.

Friday, 24 May 2013

I Care Because You Do

She called them her candies. The little wooden drawer that is slightly too small for the holding, requiring that extra tug pull and push, neahhhhhh, gots it out now, all these grey, sterile looking packets with unpronounceable names printed on de side. This one is for serotonin levels. This one is for panic attacks. This one has an effect on the beta receptors in the brain en aw. Quite the cocktail ken. A big glass of water. Today is Tuesday. Swallow. Hazy. Feel fuzzy. The pink pills today. A pint of the black stuff and shes knocked sideways, slurring her words like Shane McGowen. Water retention is a problem apparently. Intransigent lassie, sans the candies.


We called him the Old FuckingCunt, but you knows, in an affectionate loving manner. He's ridiculous though, like, this lad roysh, real Boxer from Animal Farm stuff, in terms of vigor, fucking 60 and still deadlifting 360 pounds. Marvelous ken. It's like the man has been frozen in a time capsule or something, dinnae look sixty does he the cunt? Us younger cunts, we look on at this man stepping up to the iron, arse down, shoulders pack, not pulling or rounded back like so many of the firsties do, but just perfect. Motherfucker. Is he on de juice, well who the fuck knows ken? One of the great things about lifting weights is that it makes one cognizant, almost eerily so, of the vicissitudes that come with the simple push and pull, wear and tear that is aging. Rather than being something to take in its stride, a cunt worries about the day when he is invisible to aw, when the hot lass in ovulation looks at you and fucken thinks "Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!" and scoffs and chortles and laughs and pirouettes into the arms of the Hells Angels lad with the spongy face and the smelly tattoo, or Super Awesome Francis Begbie (TM). You will not always be this strong. You will not always be this fit. You will not always be like this. You will not always be able to ride a lassie up the arse five times in one night. That is the single greatest thing about the gym. It is not the extra health, or the extra confidence. It is wisdom without being told it, that every dog has his day, and then, every dog must step down because biology is biology, and like Old Yeller, have a happy time with Mr Double Barrley Shotgun. I sees it in Facebook photos. Lads my age with beer bellies and blotchy skin. Eh sure, I'm young and I'll burn it off quickly! Seriously, fuck hyperbolic discounting!


The most important thing in your life. The life of a family man, wanting to set a good example for his child and his wife. The sententious irascible player, dressed in the most ostentatious manner possible.  The tentative beta male with his hand in his pockets, job, grey, expanding waistline all gone. You need your health to do all of this ken. Money is great sure, so is knowledge, but to not be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor because you dinnae treat your body with the respect that it deserves and suddenly yous are popping back pills like nay cunts business is something else altogether. Reading intae Cappy Cap's Smitten Western plan certainly has the appealing aspect of it, in that fuck it fellas, if yous are physically incapable of working, mentally, physically, whatever the shite, then what fun is there in there lad? Hunter S Thompson had the idea nailed down, and hell, that cunt had the fucking gall to have his ashes shot out of a cannon.When I die, my funeral is going to have elephants and belly dancers. No more grim shite. But I intend to go healthy. Juicing, vitamin d, leangains, fuck it, I'll be splitting wood in the fucken coffin. You watch it ken.

Everything comes from health ken. That be obvious. It is more important an investment than your portfolio, your pussy, your shelf of literature. So invest in it. Pill poppers with diabetes, dead people singing in caskets, this is your future and it is in your hands and nae cunt be responsible for any of it dinnae yes know.

So, this is a toast to lads like Old Fucker, (and have you seen Old Fucker's wife? Fucking Stifler's Mom shit with her, very inviting arse) that make us realize the obvious, but something we are all too willing to ignore. The demons are indeed coming, and they will win oh yes, and more than that, they probably should be allowed to, but in the meantime, to invest in it, to make goddamn sure they are in the background right up and up to that final rush, is something that is well within your power ken.

Postscript: Is anyone really worried about the fact that so many people are so self reliant on the pharmaceutical industry? If there was to say, be a shock to the economy in someway what would happen to all of the people on antidepressants, insulin, a myriad toxic medical cocktails? Happy times ken. Men need freedom and medicine ain't freedom. 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

In Defence of the Phrase "The Cathedral". A Sort of Response to Bill Powell of Apocalpyse Cometh

Bill Powell, over at Apocalypse Cometh, (which yous should be reading btw) is in disagreement with people who use the word Cathedral and thinks the word Leviathan instead is more fitting. This post is essentially a friendly enough list of reasons why I prefer the use of the word Cathedral over the Hobbes terminology, the totalitarian government one. Perhaps too strong a word. For now.

First, a definition.  From a comment I made over on Apocalypse Cometh:

Definition: The Cathedral, not toos sound like a pedantic cunt, is the institution of the university system, which generates public and government policy, and the mainstream media, which therefore goes on to shape public opinion.

There are a number of reasons why I support the use of the word:

1: The word Leviathan conjures up the image of the state as it is, but it doesn't describe the lifeblood of the whole process. The Cathedral on the other hand, is a succinct definition of the Universities, the mainstream media and how they form the triangle so to speak, how this state of affairs came to pass. Government, universities, mainstream media. The triangle of fucken shit ken.

2: The religious connotations that come with the word are a good way of describing the secular religiosity of leftism. That recent paper of Hispanics having lower IQs? The new blasphemer, the new heretic, Tetragrammatron, anyone to the right, or god forbid, any wee cunt who fits into the reactionosphere, yous are all skinned, tanned, hanged up to dry. That be all of us ken, earlobes en aw. 

3: The word also refers to the indoctrination, self perpetual motion dynamics of the machine. In other words, Jimmy enters university. He soaks up the shite and believes it. He jumps through the hoops and then he's back teaching there. Issue comes up and he gives his opinion. The media. The experts, oh wow, he's got a P.H.D in such and such, he must be right!

4: It's a beautiful word in terms of not only annoying leftists, but differentiating yourself from them.  Leftists pride themselves on being atheists, on being "independent" thinkers. In fact, leftism is enforced because every single fucken cog in the system sees themselves as recalcitrant, original, against the grain. By using the word, you are simultaneously insulting leftists (the insulting jabs futher reinforcing your point) and by using words like the antiuniversity, you are stepping outside.

5: The word is concise.

So, with the list, what are the ways that one can stop such and such a phrase to fall out of use? First, obfuscation. One of the things leftists have been so good at is corrupting the holy shit out of words, so much so that a cunt can be utterly hapless when using them. Take racism. We know what it means, deep down we all do en aw, but people are using it in the context of saying Barack Obama is a crap president. Marriage, conjugal relations. What is love ken? The word Cathedral comes because it fills a void, and we all know what the void looks like or at least feels like, the dark, degenerate spasticcannon that it it. If you've sat through an English/History class in university, you'll probably have your head filled with shite on how because yous be a white heterosexual man, yous be an evil beyond all evils cunt. You know then. Science courses meanwhile, say hello to peer reviews and "gimme the grant motherfucker". You know then. Financial classes, with efficient market hypotheses and VARs. This is quite frankly, evil and must be stopped. Second, the appearance of a much more appealing better word. Is that likely, something new and fresh to be added to the diction? Well, fire away son, fire away.

So, why has the term Cathedral caught on so much? Why is it so appealing? This is the most interesting question. Perhaps it is a case of fighting postmodernism with postmodernism, in that, everyone is like, totally ironic roysh and hip and cool, because Cathedrals are supposed tae be pretty and sparkly and made of gold, but that ain't what we be talking about here. That whole Faustian thing, spreading your hands into the sky, the inverse Cathedral, the new priests. Perhaps it is the bigness of the word and perhaps the use of a beautiful word as Cathedral, to describe something so sad and messy, is fitting of the modern epoch.

Next post is going to have a lot of pussy and fucking in it, I promise.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Take Up Thy Smithy and Walk

Living in a fantasy land that be rivaling fucking Narnia en aw, with nary a cunt swooping beneath the clouds, torper, vertiginous, the engulfed in smoke, flames, gaia. Abortion they yell! Indian lassies who died due to an infinitesimal event in de probability, nothing to doos with an evil right wing conservative doctorspongepants or something to do with sucide abortion psychology ken, dishonest cunts from UCD quoting studies with a sample of 50 in an African village.

Repeat after me. Fuck the Cathedral. Fuck UCD. Fuck the Cathedral. Fuck Trinity. Fuck. The Cathedral. The last word I wrote in a exam. Moldbug. A cunt knows what Lenin be feeling like en aw way back when. The cunt that be distant, all of all here The Dark Enlightenment, the new Dark Age, what's a cunt to say and see and think, so many things do see and do and mega mega white thing, going back the wrong ways...

All of this shit started with corrupt, not playing his fucken workers, construction wally failed Iron Maiden lookalike Mick Wallace getting busted for talking on de phone while driving up toos work. Justice Minister Alan Shatter, a slimy little twerp which evokes the stereotype of the crass Jewboy with de fucking witchie ringer nose, disregards all sense of dignity, honor and nobility, and corruptly, gets his hand on this information trying to public ally shame Wallace with the whole "this is of parliamentary concern" thing. So finally it's happened. People laugh about shite like "ooohhhh 1984 Orwell that old fucken cunt" and whatnot, but here, in essence, is the meat of the matter. A TD does some shit and gets pulled over by a garda. A Justice minister bypasses and breaks the law by illegally retrieving confidential information about another politician in order to look the better in wear, which of course beggars the question. If this cunt has all this information on Wallace, then how do we know that the Irish government don't have information on someone else, or even wee Franco here? An abuse of power, where yous will see that no cunt on the Fianna Gael/Labor side of the fence gets exposed, but the so called enemies of the state fucken do? Fuck that shit.

This is big government, but weak government shit. The vague, sesquipedaliaic rants and tirades, the fact that a cunt is scared enough to bypass all sound jurisdiction to get the hands on information like this is outright frightening ken. But of course, this won't hit in the same way. Yous all care about this fucken abortion bullshit or some gay lads in a house, than fucken this shit. The following set of events that will also be set around to swing are also worrying. First, this is going to make the socialist contingent even more popular. Expect drowned rats like Richard Boyd Barrett and Wallace to become more glorious, more like heroes, in the light of this sinking ship nonsense. Thus, the fig falls further from the tree and the market, the culture is even more broken up than it originally was. But second, it is the reaction to it all ken, the whole thing being surprisingly muted. Now, to be honest, something like economics and sociology is nowhere near a science at all, as fucked up beyond repair as it is en aw,  but the way the Irish government has metamorphosed, from more free market principles in the early nineties to this parasite infected mess that it is now....well, hmm, let me put it this way roysh. This whole thing with Shatter was not even remotely surprising to me. The reaction from other people though? That is the ugly thing. This guy falls and is out. Simple. He stays in and all is gravy in the world and you've got a very nasty set of institutions in place. You think it is all sugar and spice and rosy here? Think again fuckos.

The single most important part of the internet, and the subsequent digital revolution is that asymmetric information is being eroded more and more, cunts without it en aw are on a level playing field in a way they never used tae be. Asymmetric information between the sexes, between the different ideologies and schools of thought continue to play a massive role in the evolution of society. The Cathedral, the joke's on you ken, the bloody fuckos never expected any of this en aw. The reason I bring this up is that with the past few days, this Shatter bullshit (whether Shatter falls on his sword or not) has shown what an Irish government is willing to do in order to get its own way, ie, misuse information like this. To extricate one from this, we need the internet. That one goes, it all be over for many a motherfucker ken. Again, we don't care, we don't care. Just snap your fingers together, and let it all dissipate in a hazy cloud of love, feelings and the hurt of a broken heuristic put back together with sticky tape and year old blue tac.Slippery slope ken, slippery slope.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Them Russian cunts, they saw this whole thing coming down the line, choo choo a boo boo. Dostoyevsky talked about it when he wrote Demons together did he now, the dark side of the id, the raw buzzing chainblade, the works of Turgenev, Fathers and Sons being another seminal work of literature in this regard. They saw it coming. They saw, at the heels of any movement, comes the clatter, the anklebiters, the Stavrogins of the time. Truly fine works of literature, Demons is as sad and ugly and as applicable today as it ever was.

There are some people who are just day to day sacks of fucken shit, nothing a cunt can do about it, they chose their path and you chose yours, but also, there's a plethora of real dangers that come with being chucked at this side of the sphere. The vehemence, the unadulterated anger ken. Brutal cognitive dissonance, a feeling of all conquering helplessness, an embracing of the uglier components of nihilism. You find out what is up with the manosphere, the pretty lies peed away, the layers of the onion and there often comes three paths. One, is acceptance. There is a lot to accept of course. These are dark empty times we're living in. Jobs are harder to find. Women of decent quality, with feminine, mothering characteristics, who won't cut the kids in half for a bit of dosh are getting harder to find as well. The west is irrevocably in decline, and this is not me being a fucken jimmyjammy naysayer about it. That's it. The answer to this is "so now what?" You beat the system. You become a man of character, a man of soul. You want to get married, sure, you've got a uphill struggle, but if that is what you want, then go for it. But heed this. In today's goldfish attention span culture, plus with impressions being impressions, improvement is going to be slow for you. But that's ok. Myself, I'm still not happy where I am. But, I am a far better man than the pot smoking, skinny fat piece of shit that I was, fuck it even two years ago. There is so much to be angry at. But, you can be consumed by it, and that leads into pathway number two. The omega degenerate. The man who exploits naive young women, just for the cheap fuck and the high five and discards her just like that.

Over the past two years, I've learned two big fucken sthylle things with women. Number one, if you're in shape, if you've got a look, (even if you're not particularly good looking) if you have your shit together and don't do anything out and out retarded, then congrats man, on that alone, you'll be ahead of seventy five of men, pass go and collect two hundred en aw. Now a cunt wants to be the best en aw, but seriously, comparative alpha shit is not a mile away en aw. Second, just like Schopenhauer and  Aristotle have noted, women are nothing more than a sort of transitional body between men and children. You will have a lot more fun talking to women if you treat them like your little sister, a spoilt child, rather than a full grown adult with a brain in their head en aw. There is much in Irish literature that is inexorably linked with the dominant, controlling Irish mother, yous really dinnae have to go far with dat shite. Look it up ken. Look it up. Don't be that guy. Be Don Juan. They'll be happier. You'll be happier.

There's a revenge phase in the manosphere. When you get a grasp on a little bit of this shit, and yous are like me and you have been any big sexually frustrated, you might just well be on the revenge seeking side of things.Yousowould posted about this. So did Forney in the comments section.

Fact of the matter is, they're both correct.

The more people who discover this side of the internet, the more caught up in the hate they're going to be, and thus, a bit of revenge and cunning plans is the order of the day. I've done this, and maybe even worse than yous, so this is not any high man, preachy bullshit or anything like this. The thing is though, I think a lot of manosphere readers judge women on the same level as men. That's like trying to take the inverse of a matrix with a zero determinant. You can't fucking do that shit man. Not to mention that, when this is paired off with hypergamy, and the ancillary writers of the manosphere having eh good dime en aw, yous get a little bit feebleized. Cunt feels naupy en aw. Now, nay cunt be fucken saying yous should let the lassie away scot free on charges of dot en aw. But, like any fringe movements, yous are going to attract fuckos on the clock who are sad because they're introverted and not Loud and because they're ugly or because them cursed Cro Mags!, or because they dinnae have two brain cells to rub together. You don't like nightclubs. Wah wah wah. Have a cookie you fucken pansy.

But yeah, the revenge part. This of course is a problem in and of itself, but whats also hilarious is that coming out of this, yous see lads who get the interpretation of the whole thing completely fucken arseways and they end up as these fake alpha things. The kind of lads who have the decor of being "so mad lyke" but in fact, they just end up as unbearable tools. The kind of fuckos who think a neg is just going to a lassie and saying: Olivia. Yeah. You're a cunt. So, as you see revenge porn being the norm and aw, expect to see more emasculated guys,  people just trying to massively overcompensate for it all. Should be fun ken. Not exactly raising the next generation of kids, which is nothing more than page one: how de bloody fuck can civilization survive material is it? But in essence, don't hold up women to men's standards because very few have the cranial capacity, are actually capable of doing this this. Hold them up to the standards of a good woman instead. Being feminine, being sexy, having a strong maternal instinct, and Franco's favorite, love taking it up the bum now and again.

Women are a lot more fun to deal with when yous think of them as children with nice arses and big swinging titties.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug!

Zip, zip. Cunt be blazing en aw with this, the finest of D4 wagging the tail, de rich cunt with de condo, the walled security gaff off down on de Shrews-bury road, surrounded by Blackrock laddos wearing Lenister ruggers heads, the fuckers with the slits for the eyes, the perfectly square bits of head and face, the fellas, ah man, there be some lads here who are just really spicy, fuckers who just smoked their lungs. Brutal, this fucken shit ken. Brutal. Every drug has a personality attached to it ken. A story. A life. This is your story ken. The lassie out there with your name on it, well it's just like that roysh, there's a fucken drug there too, just for you, to match up with your personality be it speed, amphetamines, speed, microbots,  or a whole cabinet of happy happy joy joy. Blazing. I fucking hate this shit, vile vile vile and vile, veryyyyy vile. Did I mention that it was fucken vile? Why did I take it?  It's like ten cups of coffee injected into you ken. It's not really a high is it? It makes your right nostril feel a little bit numb for a bit. Then one of your teeth. These fuckos have built a resistance around it for a bit.

ONE: In which Franco is the fucken most vivacious, must be getting shite done motherfucker, convivial, loquacious, scintillating (oh yes), pirouetting around like the head honcho jack of the box, lights, the perambulations in this den of sin, Franco, Franco, Franco yep, giddy up, the lassie with the fucken arse on her. Some lad is out front is eating this one's face.

TWO: Jesus fucken shit. Does this shit play into the hands of the devil en aw? From indignant to despondant. The fucken shit is wearing off, base jumping off of the Grand Canyon, and nay more am I in the essence of Tong. Suddenly it is like a sledgehammer to the soul. Kill. Kill. Kill. The song She Sells Sanctuary is playing. DAW DA DAW DA DAW DAW DAW DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Fuck, the comedown is brutal. This shit lets you get in touch with your misanthropic side. Then, the shittiest, worst feeling in the world, like everything you love and have ever loved and everything will ever love is just cold jelly, pointless, sad, extra-venous, malignant, gangrene on the limb. Stone cold stinking sober now, but with the smithy laid bare. This hurts. I'm sitting on the couch. Can't move ken. I'm not sick, but I can't stop fantasizing about ending my map once and for all. They're, they're the fucken cunts right there en aw, watching The Longest Yard, and it's the that fucken wally derpy derp Adam Sandler and there's this really fucken bad hip hop music. The guy next to me is even worse for wear. This sesquipedalian tirade on this Latin lassie from somewhere. Yeah maannnnnnnnnn. I hear ya. Nice one. Yeh fucked her up the shitter. Fuck, Sartre and Heidegger must have been on something else to be that pratty. Existence precedes Essence or some shite like that.

THREE: Silly sailor shit. The anger. Just angry with everything. Stormed out. Lost. Never again as always. It's too safe to get a taxi back out of the South Side and intos the (gasp) North side. Walking walking. Drugs are bad kids. Right now, it's fucken hilarious, I'm making my big, super fucken epic plan to leave this fucken dump. Riding third class on a one class train. Get money. Take plane to Provence in France. Backpack. My dream ken. Then, a cunt starts walking. Walking walking, walking. Just like I am now. Walk. Walk through all these towns, cities, cultures. Hey, they might not be around for much longer. Smile and wave as yous pass them by. Walking. Walking. Walking. Keep walking. Get that nice job. Nice everything. Nice bank account. Nice face. Walking. Walking. Nice lassie. Soon, after enough walking, you end up in China. That's what I want to do. But a cunt be too scared en aw. Someone will talk me down and say it's silly. This movement, this fragment of thought. The alt right. These fuckers are all Trotskyites. They think by spreading the word, that it might all be ok? No fucken way ken. The only way we're getting things back together is by letting it completely crash. That's the only way. It is like a maths proof. But, another question? If you say, have a system of thought, is it inevitable that such and such a pattern has to play itself out? So, lets say you have an orthodox form of economics, a la Austrian School? Suppose we had this magical system where the economy was carefully deconstructed in a way to allow for such change to happen, be it some plan to equate the market with actual value? Is it, a historical certainty, that something like this will give way to something stupid like neoclassical economics? How does a cunt step in? What is the correct way to rule? Why am I even thinking about this? Perhaps we create our own movement, our own party? But what the hell. That's depressing. That after all of this...

But in the end, all yous can look out for is your little patch of ground, your friends, and your family.  Certainly, the roof of stars, the machine that is bleeding to death, dinnae have your name on it, because those old words like family and loyalty and purpose dinnae mean what they used to be. They are lost, distant, almost intangible.

If if isn't us that gets this shit working, you know it's over for all of us. Some cunts gonna have to step up and make and example of himself.

Charlie ken A hell of a sexy drug.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


So I'm there roysh, sitting in St Stephen's Green, fag in my mouth, and bathing in the good weather, sporadic as it is, in this part of the world. Juggling some notes, doing abysmally in exams quite frankly, but I guess that is my own fault en aw. I have a theory, this is just a bit of figure grabbing and whatnot. The Irish banks, I believe, are not as foundation-ally sound as have been claimed to be by the cognoscenti spastics in Trinners, IMF and that cunt in RTE, and are quite highly leveraged, erroneously so, but sigh, mutter, splurt mah tae out, nay cunt like de Baldy Noonan wants yous cunts finding out about this kind of shite do they now?  Not that it really matters anymore en aw. It's kind of funny though, the whole thing. Flicking through a paper. Tax cuts, dodgy proposals, hilarious that The Sunday Tribune are driving intae Labour at de mo. But then, I see a quick flash in the pan article on education in Ireland. Cue Francis Begbie donning his old lad thinking cap.

I've been in the Irish education system for 17 or so years at this stage of the game. Nowt, if Ruairi Quinn wanted to know shit, about shit he'd listen to me and all, would he now and then everything would be better. And but so, the cunt hears the pitter patter of tiny feet and voila, there it is for all to see.

90 or so percent of the education I've had has been a complete and utter fucking waste of time that a cunt will never get back.

Primary school. You have your sums, your copy book, the reading riting and rithmetic shite. That be gravy, a cunt needs that to calculate how many beers he be having at the pub or how fat his lassie is. But then, once yous get into the Irish secondary school system, it all becomes like a dodgy night out in Coppers. The education standards? Oh of course they've slipped. When you have a teacher for mathematics who flat out doesn't know how to differentiate an exponential function, something well and truly is rotten in the state of Denmark.

It's dreadfully dull, usually, the whole experience. The packed lunches, the kid who never fucking washes, the banausic to the point of tedium drip for drab of being stuck in a room with someone who doesn't give two shites, he's just there because he's got his nice three days holidays and because he was too fucken stupid to get the Finance degree he so lucidly dreamed up. Now, the cunt is propped in a chair and he's teaching yous de fucking exponential. The setup of the class, ruler, desk, seat is hilarious as well. The cunts here in this rome who are capable of understanding it, but not as well as the rest lag behind, get no help and drop de interest as quick as shite as a result. The smart fuckos get bored to death, their motivation gets a jackhammer to the noggin as well. Thus, the lads in the middle get its together, the maw on de fucken pig in charge is all smiley and everyone is happy.

Education is unproductive, sloppy and wasteful, when it really shouldn't be. Most of the stuff I've learned of value have been, with the absence of mentors and mates to look up toos, the internet. Game, lifting weights, fiddling around with your bike, eating well, all of this shite. That was all me, applying the stuff by myself, no one in real life to guide me. The end of mentors ken. University in particular is a very worrying topic, for the sole reason that, I would wager, 90 percent of women and 70 percent of men simply don't belong in there. A combination of intelligence, drive to work hard, being happier getting married and having children, and being gifted with your hands all play big parts, amongst others. If you're not of this caliber, then that's ok ken, there's other options out there. But, the whole fucken thing is ridiculed roysh, because here in Dubbie, the land of the knob and de Castlerock spasticcase, there's fucken every class of clown walking the streets saying, ohhhh you need a university degree and my son (even though he's a plank) should be entitled to go en aw because he is my son and he watches Ted videos every night so he must be a brainy cunt! There are a huge amount of problems with this and I'm not even going to get into the whole Cathedral thing, the pillars, peer science, social sciences, bullet in the head kind of malarky, but a few points to blather on about. First, universities are killing entrepreneurship. For all the great things that come with a bit of age, be it sagacity and experience and whatnot, the time when you make that highly risky, highly brilliant bet on 31 black is when yous be young dumb and full of cum. Ok, obviously it doesn't always pay off, but if it does, yous have got a Bill Gates with a shiny new computer to show for it. That 30 year old will be less prone to stepping out of his shell after slumbering in the great halls of the Cathedral after all. So say sayonaro to that killer instinct, the success of all successes snatched from your bony little fingers. Second, there's a simple and salient fact that university courses are being dumbed down. Arse on seat equates to more moolah in the pocket. Third, there's something intrinsically depressing about university. Call it the transitional period between taking the safeties off and venturing out there yourself, or call it something more feral and raw, but there's something deeper there, something sadder, something human, all too human undoubtedly.

The main thing about it all though is that prolonged exposure to the Cathedral changes you. Have yous ever seen a guy whose been studying something like economics or physics? These cunts are all like Paul fucken Krugman with the little beady monkey eyes, or some shit, all sorts of nerdy "hey ladies, form a y=mx+c" kind of jokes. Scum ken. Subhuman scum. The guys, as Nassim Taleb says, have no "skin in the game". Fuck economists. They are the epitome of what is wrong with the world today. They are as incompetent and as reprehensible as a group of muslims trying to bomb a fucken Boots chemist.

This is why Ireland will continue to suffer. The education system is hanging by a gossamer thread and will continue to deteriorate in quality. It has has now turned into a way of looking intelligent, looking super serial, rather than being intelligent, having achieved something of merit and praise. But of course, a cunt can only masquerade for so long in this manner. To the lads and lassies that are in there now, that are groomed for a life of boredom and floundering, you have my deepest sympathy. You'd rather talk about the x case and fucken gay marriage?

Enjoy the decline!