Wednesday, 8 May 2013


So I'm there roysh, sitting in St Stephen's Green, fag in my mouth, and bathing in the good weather, sporadic as it is, in this part of the world. Juggling some notes, doing abysmally in exams quite frankly, but I guess that is my own fault en aw. I have a theory, this is just a bit of figure grabbing and whatnot. The Irish banks, I believe, are not as foundation-ally sound as have been claimed to be by the cognoscenti spastics in Trinners, IMF and that cunt in RTE, and are quite highly leveraged, erroneously so, but sigh, mutter, splurt mah tae out, nay cunt like de Baldy Noonan wants yous cunts finding out about this kind of shite do they now?  Not that it really matters anymore en aw. It's kind of funny though, the whole thing. Flicking through a paper. Tax cuts, dodgy proposals, hilarious that The Sunday Tribune are driving intae Labour at de mo. But then, I see a quick flash in the pan article on education in Ireland. Cue Francis Begbie donning his old lad thinking cap.

I've been in the Irish education system for 17 or so years at this stage of the game. Nowt, if Ruairi Quinn wanted to know shit, about shit he'd listen to me and all, would he now and then everything would be better. And but so, the cunt hears the pitter patter of tiny feet and voila, there it is for all to see.

90 or so percent of the education I've had has been a complete and utter fucking waste of time that a cunt will never get back.

Primary school. You have your sums, your copy book, the reading riting and rithmetic shite. That be gravy, a cunt needs that to calculate how many beers he be having at the pub or how fat his lassie is. But then, once yous get into the Irish secondary school system, it all becomes like a dodgy night out in Coppers. The education standards? Oh of course they've slipped. When you have a teacher for mathematics who flat out doesn't know how to differentiate an exponential function, something well and truly is rotten in the state of Denmark.

It's dreadfully dull, usually, the whole experience. The packed lunches, the kid who never fucking washes, the banausic to the point of tedium drip for drab of being stuck in a room with someone who doesn't give two shites, he's just there because he's got his nice three days holidays and because he was too fucken stupid to get the Finance degree he so lucidly dreamed up. Now, the cunt is propped in a chair and he's teaching yous de fucking exponential. The setup of the class, ruler, desk, seat is hilarious as well. The cunts here in this rome who are capable of understanding it, but not as well as the rest lag behind, get no help and drop de interest as quick as shite as a result. The smart fuckos get bored to death, their motivation gets a jackhammer to the noggin as well. Thus, the lads in the middle get its together, the maw on de fucken pig in charge is all smiley and everyone is happy.

Education is unproductive, sloppy and wasteful, when it really shouldn't be. Most of the stuff I've learned of value have been, with the absence of mentors and mates to look up toos, the internet. Game, lifting weights, fiddling around with your bike, eating well, all of this shite. That was all me, applying the stuff by myself, no one in real life to guide me. The end of mentors ken. University in particular is a very worrying topic, for the sole reason that, I would wager, 90 percent of women and 70 percent of men simply don't belong in there. A combination of intelligence, drive to work hard, being happier getting married and having children, and being gifted with your hands all play big parts, amongst others. If you're not of this caliber, then that's ok ken, there's other options out there. But, the whole fucken thing is ridiculed roysh, because here in Dubbie, the land of the knob and de Castlerock spasticcase, there's fucken every class of clown walking the streets saying, ohhhh you need a university degree and my son (even though he's a plank) should be entitled to go en aw because he is my son and he watches Ted videos every night so he must be a brainy cunt! There are a huge amount of problems with this and I'm not even going to get into the whole Cathedral thing, the pillars, peer science, social sciences, bullet in the head kind of malarky, but a few points to blather on about. First, universities are killing entrepreneurship. For all the great things that come with a bit of age, be it sagacity and experience and whatnot, the time when you make that highly risky, highly brilliant bet on 31 black is when yous be young dumb and full of cum. Ok, obviously it doesn't always pay off, but if it does, yous have got a Bill Gates with a shiny new computer to show for it. That 30 year old will be less prone to stepping out of his shell after slumbering in the great halls of the Cathedral after all. So say sayonaro to that killer instinct, the success of all successes snatched from your bony little fingers. Second, there's a simple and salient fact that university courses are being dumbed down. Arse on seat equates to more moolah in the pocket. Third, there's something intrinsically depressing about university. Call it the transitional period between taking the safeties off and venturing out there yourself, or call it something more feral and raw, but there's something deeper there, something sadder, something human, all too human undoubtedly.

The main thing about it all though is that prolonged exposure to the Cathedral changes you. Have yous ever seen a guy whose been studying something like economics or physics? These cunts are all like Paul fucken Krugman with the little beady monkey eyes, or some shit, all sorts of nerdy "hey ladies, form a y=mx+c" kind of jokes. Scum ken. Subhuman scum. The guys, as Nassim Taleb says, have no "skin in the game". Fuck economists. They are the epitome of what is wrong with the world today. They are as incompetent and as reprehensible as a group of muslims trying to bomb a fucken Boots chemist.

This is why Ireland will continue to suffer. The education system is hanging by a gossamer thread and will continue to deteriorate in quality. It has has now turned into a way of looking intelligent, looking super serial, rather than being intelligent, having achieved something of merit and praise. But of course, a cunt can only masquerade for so long in this manner. To the lads and lassies that are in there now, that are groomed for a life of boredom and floundering, you have my deepest sympathy. You'd rather talk about the x case and fucken gay marriage?

Enjoy the decline!


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