Wednesday, 22 May 2013

In Defence of the Phrase "The Cathedral". A Sort of Response to Bill Powell of Apocalpyse Cometh

Bill Powell, over at Apocalypse Cometh, (which yous should be reading btw) is in disagreement with people who use the word Cathedral and thinks the word Leviathan instead is more fitting. This post is essentially a friendly enough list of reasons why I prefer the use of the word Cathedral over the Hobbes terminology, the totalitarian government one. Perhaps too strong a word. For now.

First, a definition.  From a comment I made over on Apocalypse Cometh:

Definition: The Cathedral, not toos sound like a pedantic cunt, is the institution of the university system, which generates public and government policy, and the mainstream media, which therefore goes on to shape public opinion.

There are a number of reasons why I support the use of the word:

1: The word Leviathan conjures up the image of the state as it is, but it doesn't describe the lifeblood of the whole process. The Cathedral on the other hand, is a succinct definition of the Universities, the mainstream media and how they form the triangle so to speak, how this state of affairs came to pass. Government, universities, mainstream media. The triangle of fucken shit ken.

2: The religious connotations that come with the word are a good way of describing the secular religiosity of leftism. That recent paper of Hispanics having lower IQs? The new blasphemer, the new heretic, Tetragrammatron, anyone to the right, or god forbid, any wee cunt who fits into the reactionosphere, yous are all skinned, tanned, hanged up to dry. That be all of us ken, earlobes en aw. 

3: The word also refers to the indoctrination, self perpetual motion dynamics of the machine. In other words, Jimmy enters university. He soaks up the shite and believes it. He jumps through the hoops and then he's back teaching there. Issue comes up and he gives his opinion. The media. The experts, oh wow, he's got a P.H.D in such and such, he must be right!

4: It's a beautiful word in terms of not only annoying leftists, but differentiating yourself from them.  Leftists pride themselves on being atheists, on being "independent" thinkers. In fact, leftism is enforced because every single fucken cog in the system sees themselves as recalcitrant, original, against the grain. By using the word, you are simultaneously insulting leftists (the insulting jabs futher reinforcing your point) and by using words like the antiuniversity, you are stepping outside.

5: The word is concise.

So, with the list, what are the ways that one can stop such and such a phrase to fall out of use? First, obfuscation. One of the things leftists have been so good at is corrupting the holy shit out of words, so much so that a cunt can be utterly hapless when using them. Take racism. We know what it means, deep down we all do en aw, but people are using it in the context of saying Barack Obama is a crap president. Marriage, conjugal relations. What is love ken? The word Cathedral comes because it fills a void, and we all know what the void looks like or at least feels like, the dark, degenerate spasticcannon that it it. If you've sat through an English/History class in university, you'll probably have your head filled with shite on how because yous be a white heterosexual man, yous be an evil beyond all evils cunt. You know then. Science courses meanwhile, say hello to peer reviews and "gimme the grant motherfucker". You know then. Financial classes, with efficient market hypotheses and VARs. This is quite frankly, evil and must be stopped. Second, the appearance of a much more appealing better word. Is that likely, something new and fresh to be added to the diction? Well, fire away son, fire away.

So, why has the term Cathedral caught on so much? Why is it so appealing? This is the most interesting question. Perhaps it is a case of fighting postmodernism with postmodernism, in that, everyone is like, totally ironic roysh and hip and cool, because Cathedrals are supposed tae be pretty and sparkly and made of gold, but that ain't what we be talking about here. That whole Faustian thing, spreading your hands into the sky, the inverse Cathedral, the new priests. Perhaps it is the bigness of the word and perhaps the use of a beautiful word as Cathedral, to describe something so sad and messy, is fitting of the modern epoch.

Next post is going to have a lot of pussy and fucking in it, I promise.


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  2. If it's not a de jure state, it can't be a Leviathan. The Cathedral is not a de jure state. Harvard is not commander in chief.

    1. Lol, that's literally the biggest one and I left it out, The Cathedral being the amorphous thing that it is en aw.