Sunday, 26 May 2013

On Balance (The Soul is Not a Smithy edition)

N.B: The first part of this post is reblogged from Yousowould. All of it is his, and it provides a succinct explanation of all of the different variables in the equation. The second half is just myself, self improvement sthyyle. 

Yousowoulds part:

Factor: Level Of Self Confidence

Encourages approach if: you have a general high opinion of your own self worth, leading to a sense of entitlement
Discourages approach if: you do not feel good about yourself, and doubt your own worth
How to improve the balance: get in shape, improve your physical appearance, become successful in your professional life

Factor: Desire To Improve

Encourages approach if: you feel you are lacking, and you possess an innate urge to better yourself
Discourages approach if: you are content with your lot in life
How to improve the balance: be ambitious, set yourself lofty goals, do not be content with mediocrity

Factor: Horniness

Encourages approach if: you have a high libido, are currently in a state of sexual arousal
Discourages approach if: you have low sex drive, or are currently sexually satisfied
How to improve the balance: masturbate less, tap into your sexual state, correct potentially imbalanced hormonal levels

Factor: Need For Validation

Encourages approach if: you have low self-esteem, intrinsically linked to your success with women
Discourages approach if: you derive your feelings of self worth from things other than your interactions with women
How to improve the balance: something of a reverse factor, the encouraging influence of this actually declines the more confident you become. Once you have ceased to derive your ego validation from your success with women, you’ll find yourself much less compelled to approach, but it is definitely not a place you want to go back to again once you’ve left it behind

Factor: Level Of Beauty Of Target

Encourages approach if: you find the girl significantly more attractive than the majority of others
Discourages approach if: the girl is merely averagely cute, nothing out of the ordinary
How to improve the balance: place yourself in an environment full of top quality women. This could involve relocating to a different country, or hanging out in top end clubs

Factor: Reference Experiences

Encourages approach if: you have pulled a girl this hot before
Discourages approach if: the girl is significantly more attractive than one you have previously attained, you think she might be “out of your league”
How to improve the balance: either be prepared to take the uncomfortable step of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, or ease pressure on yourself by approaching with nothing more in mind than to have a conversation with the girl, gradually acclimatising

Factor: Social Skills

Encourages approach if: you are an accomplished conversationalist, witty
Discourages approach if: you feel you do not have much to say for yourself, you worry the interaction may stall
How to improve the balance: numerous – go out of your way to interact with as many strangers every day as possible (innocent interactions with shop assistants etc), travel and take up new hobbies so you have more to talk about, don’t set the bar on what you consider to be a “good thing to say” so high, take the phone number quickly after just a minute or two to prevent the chance of the conversation stalling

Factor: Level Of Social Pressure

Encourages approach if: there are few consequences of a failed approach
Discourages approach if: you are in a situation where many people can hear what you are saying (crowded tube platform), girl is in a group (how large is the group? is it mainly girls, or men?)
How to improve the balance: approach single girls on the street during the day – no “audience” or group to contend with

Factor: Level Of Encouragement From Target

Encourages approach if: strong IOIs from the girl, she makes it apparent she is attracted to you
Discourages approach if: no sign she has even noticed you exist, or she looks bitchy or unapproachable
How to improve the balance: improve your appearance, physique, posture – all will invite more IOIs, making a cold approach warm. Potentially be prepared to plough through interactions with unreceptive girls until you hook

Franco's part. 

Level of Self Confidence: All over the place. Ranges from craptacular to the next fucken Lord Byron, Irish sthyyle. Highly statistically significant variables include diet, sleep and exposure to information. Sees some shite on the TV and a cunt has to get the fucking moods for the entire day. Just little shite, but this is a big one. Have to find a good frame of mind en aw.

Desire To Improve: A strange one. On one hand I want to improve, but on the other hand, I'm literally the most apathetic person on this side of the net. Fuckarounditis with a splash of I dinnae give two shites about what is going on around me. This is disappointing, because if I play my cards right, I can get an excellent qualification with good job prospects come around this time next year, but it's just a giant pile of eh, tired of being in university and just bored of the subject in general. My deadlift, bench press and whatnot are far more respectable now, if nothing special, but I'm still not getting laid that much, (although compared to a couple of years ago I'm Casanova in comparison) bar the odd fuck with some hitting the wall lassie. On a sidenote, everything fucking Roissy has said about lawyer lassies be true. Less than salubrious. The sleaziest, filthiest (and best) fucking blowie I've ever had ken. Fucking expected her vagina to have teeth ken. Fucking thing looked like the facehugger from Alien. But yeah, a decent lassie or something. This has to change. But I'm stuck at level two and I dinnae know how to move up.

- Horniness: I'm like a fucking lassie on her period here. But recently, I've been following Frost's Thumonic 30 day regime. Fucken incredible results. I'm different when I drink now. Nowadays, not only does drink make me very very horny, I've become very very aggressive and assertive. In a nightclub recently, it was just approach approach approach kind of shit. If I don't spank well hung Franco for a couple of days, suddenly I'm getting boners on the street from uhh, lets just say, older lassies of the Milf variety. So yeah, no fucking problems here. I'm getting morning wood that would slay a dragon as well, smiling Franco be smiling softly.

- Need For Validation: Getting better and better. I'm not giving a fuck as much as I used tae. I'm starting to talk about my, let's just say, politically incorrect views more and more, and I'm doing well with it. Having said that though, when it comes to women, I've still a number of bad habits I need to iron out. On the whole though, ok. Granted, this is more to do with not giving a fuck, than actually becoming more confident, so this is not necessarily the greatest thing in the world.

- Level Of Beauty Of Target: When yous be as fucken horny out as myself, anything that isn't fat, disfigured by fire, and between the ages of 18-40 is passing the boner test.

- Reference Experiences: Like a Gaussian bell curve. Average lassies spaced out with the "how the fuck did I pull that off" with "what the fuck was I thinking. Nothing special to report in here.

- Social Skills: Ehhh. This one is a biggie. I've graduated from "aspergery omega fuctard who is a fucking twat" to "idiosyncratic but functional cool enough guy", but that not be enough, right ken? I've always been highly introverted and continue to be, not uncommon for me to turn off my phone and not leave my room for hours on end with nothing but a bit of de music blaring. If I have some knowledge on a topic, I can talk quite confidently, but if there's anything touchy feely Seinfeld rambly, then I'm absolutely fucked out the window with it. I have to get better at this kind of superficial conversation. Moreso, I get drained enormously quickly from talking to people. Get me in a bar say, and my drained, wanting to go home feeling will often outweigh everything else in there. I'm getting better, but like the motivation one, it's like there's an invisible barrier that's stopping me from getting better.

- Level Of Social Pressure:Dunno. I think the INTJ fucko that I be, would be much much better suited to daygame, say going to a library or an art museum and taking it slow. Admittedly, this is quite difficult, because I've only done this once and it wasn't the best, not to mention I've fuck all money, bar some grinds or some papers I "help" to write. So right now it's fish in a barrel nightclub stuff, which I don't particularly enjoy.

- Level Of Encouragement From Target: I think if yous are my age, it helps to make yourself look a little bit older, whether by shaving your head, dressing older/better, growing out a beard etc. I'm getting a few IOI's now from decent looking lassies, but not great looking ones. Teenagers like de Franco I think. The weightlifting helps a bit too, as yous end up passing a threshold where suddenly, a cunt be somewhere else. This should get better by itself. But my clothes are a bit shite. That needs to improve. No designer bullshit, but a v neck certainly looks better than an Penny's hoodie en aw.

So not exactly As all around ken. We will have to delve deeply into the Franco to figure this stuff out. I think the most important ones are social skills and motivation. The former is going to be just sheer work. Aspergery fucktards don't get better in a day ken. The latter...

Credit goes to Yousowould posting, who got it from Steve Jabba on his blog.


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