Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Them Russian cunts, they saw this whole thing coming down the line, choo choo a boo boo. Dostoyevsky talked about it when he wrote Demons together did he now, the dark side of the id, the raw buzzing chainblade, the works of Turgenev, Fathers and Sons being another seminal work of literature in this regard. They saw it coming. They saw, at the heels of any movement, comes the clatter, the anklebiters, the Stavrogins of the time. Truly fine works of literature, Demons is as sad and ugly and as applicable today as it ever was.

There are some people who are just day to day sacks of fucken shit, nothing a cunt can do about it, they chose their path and you chose yours, but also, there's a plethora of real dangers that come with being chucked at this side of the sphere. The vehemence, the unadulterated anger ken. Brutal cognitive dissonance, a feeling of all conquering helplessness, an embracing of the uglier components of nihilism. You find out what is up with the manosphere, the pretty lies peed away, the layers of the onion and there often comes three paths. One, is acceptance. There is a lot to accept of course. These are dark empty times we're living in. Jobs are harder to find. Women of decent quality, with feminine, mothering characteristics, who won't cut the kids in half for a bit of dosh are getting harder to find as well. The west is irrevocably in decline, and this is not me being a fucken jimmyjammy naysayer about it. That's it. The answer to this is "so now what?" You beat the system. You become a man of character, a man of soul. You want to get married, sure, you've got a uphill struggle, but if that is what you want, then go for it. But heed this. In today's goldfish attention span culture, plus with impressions being impressions, improvement is going to be slow for you. But that's ok. Myself, I'm still not happy where I am. But, I am a far better man than the pot smoking, skinny fat piece of shit that I was, fuck it even two years ago. There is so much to be angry at. But, you can be consumed by it, and that leads into pathway number two. The omega degenerate. The man who exploits naive young women, just for the cheap fuck and the high five and discards her just like that.

Over the past two years, I've learned two big fucken sthylle things with women. Number one, if you're in shape, if you've got a look, (even if you're not particularly good looking) if you have your shit together and don't do anything out and out retarded, then congrats man, on that alone, you'll be ahead of seventy five of men, pass go and collect two hundred en aw. Now a cunt wants to be the best en aw, but seriously, comparative alpha shit is not a mile away en aw. Second, just like Schopenhauer and  Aristotle have noted, women are nothing more than a sort of transitional body between men and children. You will have a lot more fun talking to women if you treat them like your little sister, a spoilt child, rather than a full grown adult with a brain in their head en aw. There is much in Irish literature that is inexorably linked with the dominant, controlling Irish mother, yous really dinnae have to go far with dat shite. Look it up ken. Look it up. Don't be that guy. Be Don Juan. They'll be happier. You'll be happier.

There's a revenge phase in the manosphere. When you get a grasp on a little bit of this shit, and yous are like me and you have been any big sexually frustrated, you might just well be on the revenge seeking side of things.Yousowould posted about this. So did Forney in the comments section.

Fact of the matter is, they're both correct.

The more people who discover this side of the internet, the more caught up in the hate they're going to be, and thus, a bit of revenge and cunning plans is the order of the day. I've done this, and maybe even worse than yous, so this is not any high man, preachy bullshit or anything like this. The thing is though, I think a lot of manosphere readers judge women on the same level as men. That's like trying to take the inverse of a matrix with a zero determinant. You can't fucking do that shit man. Not to mention that, when this is paired off with hypergamy, and the ancillary writers of the manosphere having eh good dime en aw, yous get a little bit feebleized. Cunt feels naupy en aw. Now, nay cunt be fucken saying yous should let the lassie away scot free on charges of dot en aw. But, like any fringe movements, yous are going to attract fuckos on the clock who are sad because they're introverted and not Loud and because they're ugly or because them cursed Cro Mags!, or because they dinnae have two brain cells to rub together. You don't like nightclubs. Wah wah wah. Have a cookie you fucken pansy.

But yeah, the revenge part. This of course is a problem in and of itself, but whats also hilarious is that coming out of this, yous see lads who get the interpretation of the whole thing completely fucken arseways and they end up as these fake alpha things. The kind of lads who have the decor of being "so mad lyke" but in fact, they just end up as unbearable tools. The kind of fuckos who think a neg is just going to a lassie and saying: Olivia. Yeah. You're a cunt. So, as you see revenge porn being the norm and aw, expect to see more emasculated guys,  people just trying to massively overcompensate for it all. Should be fun ken. Not exactly raising the next generation of kids, which is nothing more than page one: how de bloody fuck can civilization survive material is it? But in essence, don't hold up women to men's standards because very few have the cranial capacity, are actually capable of doing this this. Hold them up to the standards of a good woman instead. Being feminine, being sexy, having a strong maternal instinct, and Franco's favorite, love taking it up the bum now and again.

Women are a lot more fun to deal with when yous think of them as children with nice arses and big swinging titties.


  1. You are unfortunately correct of the general mentality of women. I've all but given up hope of meeting a girl who I can consider an intellectual equal, who also physically attracts me. Chasing unicorns.

    That said, it's perfectly possible to have healthy, meaningful relationships with women, just as long as you don't expect them to be the answer to every one of your prayers wrapped up in one package.

    You've got your women for sex, and your male peer group for challenge and intellectual stimulation.

    1. Absolutely. You can have so many great meaningful and fulfilling relationships with women, even love, but there are things that women simply cannot do, and you need your circle of male friends to do that.

      Therefore, holding women to the same standards as men is not quite fair. A good example of getting your wires crossed and all.

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