Monday, 20 May 2013

Take Up Thy Smithy and Walk

Living in a fantasy land that be rivaling fucking Narnia en aw, with nary a cunt swooping beneath the clouds, torper, vertiginous, the engulfed in smoke, flames, gaia. Abortion they yell! Indian lassies who died due to an infinitesimal event in de probability, nothing to doos with an evil right wing conservative doctorspongepants or something to do with sucide abortion psychology ken, dishonest cunts from UCD quoting studies with a sample of 50 in an African village.

Repeat after me. Fuck the Cathedral. Fuck UCD. Fuck the Cathedral. Fuck Trinity. Fuck. The Cathedral. The last word I wrote in a exam. Moldbug. A cunt knows what Lenin be feeling like en aw way back when. The cunt that be distant, all of all here The Dark Enlightenment, the new Dark Age, what's a cunt to say and see and think, so many things do see and do and mega mega white thing, going back the wrong ways...

All of this shit started with corrupt, not playing his fucken workers, construction wally failed Iron Maiden lookalike Mick Wallace getting busted for talking on de phone while driving up toos work. Justice Minister Alan Shatter, a slimy little twerp which evokes the stereotype of the crass Jewboy with de fucking witchie ringer nose, disregards all sense of dignity, honor and nobility, and corruptly, gets his hand on this information trying to public ally shame Wallace with the whole "this is of parliamentary concern" thing. So finally it's happened. People laugh about shite like "ooohhhh 1984 Orwell that old fucken cunt" and whatnot, but here, in essence, is the meat of the matter. A TD does some shit and gets pulled over by a garda. A Justice minister bypasses and breaks the law by illegally retrieving confidential information about another politician in order to look the better in wear, which of course beggars the question. If this cunt has all this information on Wallace, then how do we know that the Irish government don't have information on someone else, or even wee Franco here? An abuse of power, where yous will see that no cunt on the Fianna Gael/Labor side of the fence gets exposed, but the so called enemies of the state fucken do? Fuck that shit.

This is big government, but weak government shit. The vague, sesquipedaliaic rants and tirades, the fact that a cunt is scared enough to bypass all sound jurisdiction to get the hands on information like this is outright frightening ken. But of course, this won't hit in the same way. Yous all care about this fucken abortion bullshit or some gay lads in a house, than fucken this shit. The following set of events that will also be set around to swing are also worrying. First, this is going to make the socialist contingent even more popular. Expect drowned rats like Richard Boyd Barrett and Wallace to become more glorious, more like heroes, in the light of this sinking ship nonsense. Thus, the fig falls further from the tree and the market, the culture is even more broken up than it originally was. But second, it is the reaction to it all ken, the whole thing being surprisingly muted. Now, to be honest, something like economics and sociology is nowhere near a science at all, as fucked up beyond repair as it is en aw,  but the way the Irish government has metamorphosed, from more free market principles in the early nineties to this parasite infected mess that it is now....well, hmm, let me put it this way roysh. This whole thing with Shatter was not even remotely surprising to me. The reaction from other people though? That is the ugly thing. This guy falls and is out. Simple. He stays in and all is gravy in the world and you've got a very nasty set of institutions in place. You think it is all sugar and spice and rosy here? Think again fuckos.

The single most important part of the internet, and the subsequent digital revolution is that asymmetric information is being eroded more and more, cunts without it en aw are on a level playing field in a way they never used tae be. Asymmetric information between the sexes, between the different ideologies and schools of thought continue to play a massive role in the evolution of society. The Cathedral, the joke's on you ken, the bloody fuckos never expected any of this en aw. The reason I bring this up is that with the past few days, this Shatter bullshit (whether Shatter falls on his sword or not) has shown what an Irish government is willing to do in order to get its own way, ie, misuse information like this. To extricate one from this, we need the internet. That one goes, it all be over for many a motherfucker ken. Again, we don't care, we don't care. Just snap your fingers together, and let it all dissipate in a hazy cloud of love, feelings and the hurt of a broken heuristic put back together with sticky tape and year old blue tac.Slippery slope ken, slippery slope.


  1. I don't know where I saw it, but we all need to quit using the "Cathedral" when we reference the "Powers that be". That term is definitely not applicable because it gives a sense of beauty to something that has none especially if you've traveled the world like I have. My word of choice is "Leviathan" and given its definition seems more appropriate. Here's my definition of choice from Merriam-Webster:
    "The political state; especially: a totalitarian state having a vast bureaucracy."
    That seems to sum it up.
    One of the things we have to do is take the language back and I think that one little term will do a lot to our ends. Great post and tweeted.

    1. It's from Moldbug from Unqualified Reservations. Having said that, I left a better response over at your blog. Good shit, thank you for the retweet!