Friday, 31 May 2013

We Are The Dead

A screaming comes across the sky. Wrought by the hands of men of scintillating intellect, under some of the most bizarre, befuddled circumstances in the annals of human history, this dark little pocket of the internet, the manosphere, the reactosphere, is growing at an exponential rate. Frost, a lad more intae the self help spectrum, wrote a post on the so called "Dark Enlightenment", a conglomeration of many a different person, laying his ideas out on how to go after the brain of the whole thing, The Cathedral. That's an interesting one, as many a cunt here knows, this is not about right or wrong or puppies or unicorns or leprechauns pissed out in Coppers or any shite like that en aw. No, the simple matter is that right or wrong doesn't even come into any of this. This is just about reality, in all its capacious, ugly glory. Fact of the matter is, wes be heading for a fucking shitstorm here, and that all it be en aw. Frost lays it out, and proceeds to describe the different types of men that would be involved in such an operation. This is the part of the (otherwise excellent) post that I have qualms with.

First, the name of the game is information, pure and simple. So we're fucked in that regard. You'll never make any of this cool or interesting per sae. There is a reason why many organizations seem to drift left over time, with the dichotomy of left/right, the latter acting as an anchor, a way to slow down the left singularity. There might be a number of reasons for this, possibly because human beings are small group (Dunbar's number) creatures, an inexorable link to the group, the closest at hand, an environment where equality is certainly more the norm, the way of men say. But that be digressing this spasticcannon more than it needs. The use of art is going to be quite difficult, even deleterious in trying to put ideas out there into the mainstream media. Art has a black swan component to it. You think people are going to have the fucking time to trawl though 8000 word Moldbuggery postage? Anyone, anyone, Bueller, Bueller? So what else can be done?

There is one thing The Dark Enlightenment possesses, and that is the truth. Sounds like some cheesy fucken movie starring Punch Cunt Stitchems Tom Hanks yeah, but verisimilitude ken will always be shining bright in beautiful, ineffable iridescence. The Cathedral itself is large, amorphous and is incredibly powerful. But it doesn't have the truth. This is of course, not the most pleasant reality or thing to discuss, so it is why people gloss over the truth. There is however, a truth that men and women will be more able to accept.

That truth be pussy and well hung Franco (tm) up the shitter ken.

Picture every sad sack, pussy is an oasis in the desert motherfucker out there. Slammed in clubs and in his social circle of cackling voluptuous slabs of ham. Feeling like Captain Ahab, he logs into google and hunts down information to get over his problems. Finds some of the healthier manosphere blogs. Tries the stuff, has the balls to put himself out there a bit more. It works, he says! Then a number of things happen. Possibly, a feeling of contempt for de cunt and cunttess who went about telling him that all he had to do was be a good person, be a loving person, be a nice guyyyyyyyyy and the pussy will come and de buttsex hot and dirty will be his holy grail en aw. He begins to look at reality in a different way. He proceeds to figure out what the fuck is going on and then, and then, and then, and then, he begins to divulgate into some of the manosphere's heavier shit. Thus, the conversion to The Dark Enlightenment point of view.

It is of course important to discuss different schools of economic thought and structures of government. It is vital to be cognizant of differences in people's biological makeup without being a flat out racist for it and more besides that, but until then, you are trying to sell rat poison to health freaks. Not going to happen ken.

So, to invert The Cathedral, game is the skeleton key.

Within this context, there are going to be a number of factors that are going to clash with this. Number one is high speed pornography. Pornography changes the chemistry and structure of the brain, causes erectile dysfunction and anhedonia and yet is enough to pacify a cunt mega style en aw. Perhaps 50 years ago, spanking it in San Diego would have not been enough for a man and plus, the better quality of the lassie would have made up for it. But now, the thirst is quenched and things continues on as normal.From my own experiences, and from reading a plethora of accounts on Yourbrainonporn and beyond, one of the biggest barriers to becoming better with women, or just a better man overall. I would wager that the phlegmatic male, herbivore phenomenon in Japan is exacerbated by copious porn usage.

Next, there be the fatty fatty fuck fucks. Obesity is like a disease ken. Your mates are fat, then you can count your lucky stars that you'll wake up and exclaim: "oh noes! I'm a fucking bitch!" Nothing wipes the sex drive out than a nice bit of metabolism blowing, estrogen making girth +1 en aw.

But, there's another component to all of this and this might end up being the most important part of game in the future. That, my good friends, is gear. What yous will see is HGH, Test and whatnot being more easier to get. A friend in Spain is saying this is ubiquitous amongst the richer there, fuckos going on cycles on this shit for horses to get their dicks up, in order to get big. So, expect a sexual oligopoly where you have pussy, and the rest of them poor sexual spastics will have their sex dolls and high definition pornography.

All eyes are looking towards the ninth circle. It is perfectly fine and ok to pursue the path of political theory and economics and that is good and satiating and whatnot, but recruits need pussy. This is the only way out, de buttsex. Doing a Marxist get into the universities approach will take too longs.

Five outcomes:

1: Feminist collapse: Driven by men dropping out/a generation of Roissys and de hedonic treadmill.

2: Multicultural collapse: Driven by conflict between all races due to worsening economic conditions. 5 percent of the population (Muslims) committing 25 percent of the crime. See a more extreme version of what is happening in Britain right now. Least likely outcome.

3: Nothing happens. Techonology outgrows bullshit and we enter post scarcity. Number one is what happens if point one "wins" so to speak. A slow decline of society, but kept together by a highly dysfunctional Cathedral. Think Brave New World.

4: Economic collapse: Keynsian/Abenomic bullshit. Printing presses, interest rates on American and Japanese debt go up, dollar is weakened, banks are found to be more highly leveraged than they are. 

5: A fucken stew with bits and pieces in them all.

Times are rough and tough like leather ken. A man gets laid and he'll see the Dark Enlightenment in a more favorable light. That, should be the ultimate goal.

Count me in lads.

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