Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Sign of the Times

For identity purposes, I've been debating publishing this post for the past little while, but it's a pretty cool story overall, and it was spurred on by Dannyfrom504's post about the porn star being cognizant of various blogs around the sphere. So here we go.

A while back, I was drinking in a pub, and as you do, yous get talking to some lad as yous are going for a cigarette in the smoking area. This lad seems sound as a pound en aw, so we continue talking. He mentions women, and then, uses the phrase "rationalization hamster". So I humor the guy and use some manosphere jargon of my own and turns out, this completely random guy who I bumped into is aware of all these manosphere blogs. Roosh, Forney, Rollo and whatnot. The sad thing is, both of us drank so much I don't actually remember where he came from, who he was, or even contact details like a second name to find him on facebook. That's the sad thing. I finally find a guy not on the internet that has similar views to me, and the result is waking up at home in the absolute horrors, not able to take this shit into meatspace.

I'm not sure how, or what if this material will spread or not. I've told three people about the manosphere to date. One was a cunt who stabbed me in the back, who tried to get off with this one by saying I was a PUA slimeball. Two read a few blogs gave up and went back to playing Minecraft. Number three was a guy I randomly bumped into who told me he had lassie problems, and I scribbled down on a bit of paper No idea if he checked out the stuff or not. Now, where n=3 there's a lot of fucken variance there to be had, but even so. But still, if I can bump intae a cunt who knows this stuff, perhaps we might get somewhere. Perhaps there are more people finding out about this kind of material.

Women are empty slates that need to be filled by men. Show them a bit of alpha flair and they will try and resemble you, in your interests and in your beliefs. The lads, now there is a big one. In the left corner, we have truth and the power of the internet. In the right, we have pornography, entertainment, the Cathedral, obesity and an increasing sexual oligopoly. Still, this stuff cheers a cunt up. More in our numbers than we think, possibly.

Which one is it going to be?

Monday, 24 June 2013

Civilization is More That Likely Oh So Very Fucked

Have a bit of the old writers block as of now, and for that I apologize profusely. Not much going on in Franco land to be honest with yes. Basically, for the past month or so, I've got some work digging gardens and washing windows and shit, living like a nomad, taking my moneys and putting it in de pocket, saving it for de holiday. All gym, stayed away from a lot of de drink, been reading books like mad, quite the voracious cunt in that regard, cunt be proud en aw. Not the most gregarious fiend on the planet either right now, as the only mates I have back here...well let the Franco just say that these particular lads are fucken the supporting cast to The Big Lebowski and I don't wants to end up like that again cause de grass has done enough damage as it is. Like having a fucken bonfire a fireworks factory. So essentially, there's sweet fuck all en aw to write about these days en aw. Not that I'm complaining. All I need is to get some better pussy and wes be done. But the improvements are coming. Fucks sake, I'm 170 pounds at 6ft which is the biggest I've ever been. Happy Franco makes shitty blog time.

So just a few random titbits and wes be off back to it.

First, I'm sure that yous are well aware of the Manosphere site  but in case not, the website is a lifesaver in terms of finding new blogs and new posts to read.

Next, the more I think about it, the more I think we are, civilization is more than likely oh so very absolutely fucked, like well and truly fucked sideways by a goat, thats how bad this state of affairs is. For example, I don't know how many of yous are going to university, but over here, theys are about to go full fucken retard when it comes to gender equality and whatnot. The rot is very very deep, people not in university have NO idea how corrupted The Millenials are, not a fucken dime. Personally, I'll comment on it and whatnot, but in actuality, I don't give two shits anymore. It's simple. Yous had a choice and you fucked up, well most of yous anyway. Not only that, you fucked up the social contract with someone like me, and when I mean fucked it up, yous drove a stake through the fucken wispy smoky, ashy coffin. Fifty years ago, I would have been and would have had not problem being your typical beta/delta male married to a 6, working and generating economic surplus for people, the state and society as a whole. But you lied. You told me flat out lies about everything. About nutrition, history, economics, race, sexuality, the list goes on and on. Moreso, I don't trust yous. TL;DR, society is built on exploiting and extracting economic surplus from beta males, where the payoff is well...divorce, being shamed, cultural marxism, and increased taxation. I'm out.

I don't think much will emerge from the reactionarysphere, especially when people are more interested in debating the use of the word Cathedral to describe the brain of the Leviathan, rather than coming up with plans, actual coherent plans to fix this mess. Jesus fanny fucken christ lads. Marketing your ideas is the key, and no, no one bar a few freaks like me is actually interested in Carlyle and highbrow, longwinded Moldbuggery postage, especially if shit hits the fans and yu have socialist/populist parties cropping up like herpes sores. Personally, if you want to dumb it down, strip it down to its very essence, order is the fucken key, a good paradigm, and libertarianism, while on the right side, our side in my opinion, is becoming an increasingly pointless endeavour in the light of the singularity and just human nature in general. But what about the 19th Century, Austrians say? Well...them fucks didn't have Edward Bernays and co, same fucken bastards pulling the strings, right? So that one isn't simple either. The only thing I can possibly see working is to become incredibly powerful, smart, well trained, efficient men, so much so that we can bend the system at will, that ultimately, it becomes extremely difficult to get rid of us. But moreso, the simple, salient point, clear as day, ineluctable, is that no one cares, no fucks are literally to be given. Your man Snowden? Fucken gives up a hot piece of ass that 99 percent of people here, all you keyboard warriors will never get, 200 grand salary and fucken Hawaii to do what has to be done, and you fucks don't care. No, of couse you don't.

Dr Illusion had a good post on how many of the Manosphere's posters are just recycling the same stuff over and over again. Is it just running out of ideas?

So yeah ken, things are fucked, which accepting that, paradoxically, makes things pretty groovy with myself. It basically means, I have two objectives. One: Enjoy the shit out of this decline. Two: Become the best, most powerful person I can be so when shit does hit the fan, I can throw some real weight around. Otherwise, don't bother your arse ken. Get digging, build some muscle, get some money, enjoy and accept the fact that you still have a toilet and running water and whatnot.

Oh, and any suggestions for just de blog in general be welcome. I think there's enough I hate woman MGTOW posts to last a million decades en aw. Stop caring, yous will be happier, you will live longer.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again

Dear Cousin

Congratulations on completing your exams, you have done extremely well and I am proud of you. Yous have successfully put up with their bullshit, crammed eh load of useless shite intae that noggin of yours, and have come out on top with, from what yous were telling me, pretty damn good results. That was an important step for sho, but, there is another important step to take, and that step involves university or the trades.

Your parents, my aunt and uncle are good people, yous and I know this shit. Which makes it all the more difficult, all the more strenuous for me to tell you what I'm about to tell yous. Don't listen to them. Ignore them when it comes to university. Like myself, yous have a predilection for dusty books written by old dead wankers, sitting in your room, quite the voracious reader en aw. Yous say you want to study English in UCD. You love novels and you love literature and from what yous are saying, yous really want to be a writer. Your parents have been telling you all this time, "do what you feel" and "just be yourself". This is advice, that in the current climate is downright deleterious to your future employment prospects. I will explain in the following paragraphs why this is.

First of all, you will not read as many classics as you think. You say, oh Homer or Dante or Cervantes and I am sorry to say dear friend, yous would be very very wrong. The English departments are obsessed with, whether they know it or not, the spread of something called Cultural Marxism, that be the best name of it. One of the things these departments are obsessed with is trying to promote the egalitarian ideal. So, instead of these classics, you will have to read really bad novels by blacks, women, indians, etc and modern trash novels. This is the English department's vain attempt to cloud over truly great literature. Ignore it ken. Second, because you are a white, heterosexual, cisgendered (lol) male, you will be told ad nauseum over and over again that you are a piece of shit. They will disguise this as "learning how to think", when in reality, if you spout anything less than the party line, yous are out on your ass. Words and concepts like chivalry and honor are twisted beyond recognition, so as a result, yous get a blatantly false view of history. This applies to the other arts subjects as well, happy fucken days en aw right?

History is full of revisionism. You will hear about whites taking black slaves and how evil you are, yet you will never hear about arabs taking even more slaves and proceeding to castrating and murdering them. The whole concept of being hated for something your grandddaddy did is fucken arseways anyway ken. In philosophy yous will see a fetish for moral relativism, in economics you will learn ok, some good maths, but you will learn bullshit neoclassical models that are logically fallacious in myriad of ways, I recommend the seminal "Debunking Economics" by Steve Keen for the latter. For sociology, you will learn that correlation not causation is a nonsensical concept and you get some little bit of data, yous can twist it around to your advantage. For psychology, you will learn an interesting concept or two about narcissism and whatnot, but the darker, nastier side of humanity such as men and violence and women and cuckolding beta males will be completely glossed over.

If yous are looking for the promised land, a sort of intellectual fecundity, you will be denied that. Thanks to your parents, there is a crazy and silly idea that every suit and tie motherfucker must go to university. This has led to an inflation in degrees, so to get people even in the door for applications and to get people to pass the fucken shit, yous will face a dumbed down course, with someone of your precocious intellect will get bored of quite quickly. About 5 percent of people in the liberal arts are there because they love it. The rest are either too dumb or too lazy to do math. It really is that simple.

Finally, yous and the job prospects are pretty scant. Do NOT believe the economic figures out there either. I can cut through crappy statistics like a hot knife through butter and the numbers are not good. Unless yous are thirty and end up saying, "would you like fries with that" to every suit and tie motherfucker that passes your way. 

I also hate to break it to yous as well, but the American Pie "dudeee every lad gets laid in university" concept is a flat out lie, and believe you me, a lot of lads fall to this when they head on in there. Remember I was telling yous about the Pareto Law yokeamebob? 20 of men will get 80 percent of chicks in de university, roughly speaking. Male virgins are surprisingly common as you move into STEM fields, physics especially, goddamn man, the amount of blue balls hanging around there. That's not going to be the case as much if you remember to follow the links I send you. It will be hard. You are like me in that you have a genetic disposition towards introversion and whatnot and I won't lie, that's a big disadvantage. That's ok. Patience is a virtue ken.

So, if you decide to go to university, do a STEM. If it has maths in it, it's probably ok, a good rule of thumb. I know yous will be ok with this shit, but if not, why not try and learn a trade? Or spend that money yous otherwise would have spent on traveling, or working on a hobby? By the way, you can make university work for you and it can be a pretty cool place if done right. Just go in there with realistic expectations. Do some interesting shit as well. Lift weights. Join the boxing or swimming club. There's a lot to expand on here, and I knows yous can do it dontcha know en aw.

There is a greater point to all of this, and I hope it is something that sticks in your head, like a perpetual motion machine. It can make you angry, extremely cynical, but only if yous let it consume you. That lesson is this: whenever you look at a fact or statistic, always ask who is behind it. Always. You will be sorry to know that you have been told a lot of bullshit lies and these lies make one come to the following, very reasonable conclusion: "if yous have lied to me all this time, why the hell should I trust you?" and that is indeed a very very good and logical conclusion. Many are pusillanimous when it comes to the spectrum of thought in this way, but there are a lot of pretty lies out there ken, I hope yous will find solace in this letter. I will also tell you that a lot of men my age are sort of dropping out of society in this way. Don't let this happen to you. Don't get addicted to porn or videogames or any shit like that, just go with the flow en aw. Your friends, your family ken. That be what matters and that be what yous should strive for en aw, Hey, it means more pussy for the rest of us ken.


Franco fucken ledge Begbie

P.S Watch Animal House. It's brilliant. I was gutted to find out that it was actually the Japanese that bombed Pearl Harbor. All dem spring roll jokes down de toilet en aw...

Oh, and girls who do law and commerce are fucken man eaters ken. That be a watcheridoo.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Milk It

Lack of iron, lack of magnesium, call it what you will. Fruitless, fitless, unfulfilled promise of sleep, all this glam racket, mosquito bites covered all over en aw. Shit. Fucken brain won't switch off. Eyes wide open, bottle of water, cup of tae, propped over the computer screen, shitty fucken insomnia ken. Can drive a cunt mad, being inside your head just drives a fiend mad en aw. All of this Snowden business. I think what's ultimately happening right now is a sort of race against time between getting some half decent employment and teh event. But let that be what it is. There is a lot of sadness in the air.

They always fucken accredit it to being male. Not talking out of turn say. That men tend not to talk about their feelings as much as women blah de fucken blah, that we have a fucken culture of machismo, twisted masculinity with stage four metastasis, and gun toting Arnie Schwarz porn, and look, all those people in magazines make D4 girls want to stick fingers down their thoats because gender is a construct don't yous fucken know en aw right?

See, it not be that simple. It is not as simple as just plopping this shit on people's shoulders because not only is it egregious for everyone involved, because it ensures that one dinnae look at the issue in a sound manner, it completely fucken misses the point of what makes up a man's character, personality, genetic makeup, call it what you will. Yeah, males kill themselves because they talk about their feelings less. Of course.

This is dark, sad, fucken atrocious shit we're talking here. 525 people, and the numbers are increasing at a worrying rate when all is said and done. We'll also ignore that data from that highly reliable longitudinal study where they found that 38% of boys are unhappy in Irish schools.

Here is why there is a suicide epidemic in Ireland, horrible, traumatic events aside, as an uncomfortable amount seem to come from people who "seemed so happy" in the months, weeks leading up toos it. First, yous have created a fucken political system where you have three parties which are essentially nothing more than dark mirrors and cigarette smoke. The result is a feeling of distrust, not feeling a part of something greater than yourself. You have created a school environment which is painfully dull for any male with an IQ above room temperature and which has been always geared towards a more female centric form of learning, making the didactic process painfully dull, downright deleterious, a place where the great works of English and Economics and History all are obscured by clouds of pretty lies. Remember childhoods where kids and teenagers actually fucken did shit? Like play and meet lassies and get fucken jobs and get part time work in a chipper or some shit like that? All gone ken. Everyone tunes intae fucken prime time to see zombified cunt Miriam o C waffle on about the evils of taxi drivers without licenses or how the HSE will kill your babies cause the doctors won't bother their arses to wash their hands before surgery. Everyone is scared of each other. Instead of creating stuff, being a man, there's drinking in the field at the quarry on Saturdays. There's smoking weed and jerking off to porn. There's the exponential increase in single families and in the enrollment of children in creches leading to lachrymose bairns, sad shite and an entitlement cultured bolstered by the greatest increase in social welfare spending in the state's history.

So, yous are in this system. Yous are not getting laid. Yous are engaging in a plethora of superficial activities such as getting that fucken achievement on de Xbox or reading shitty, broken literature and you're here, and you're kind of scared, and meanwhile, you've been told all of this shit that women worthy of pussy pedestal level. Meanwhile, yous are getting slagged at school en aw. You're the fat kid, or the one that is too smart or too dumb or whatever. You feel sick and are kind of annoyed that the healthy grain cereal you are shoving down yer gulliver is not doing a damn fucken thing for Teddy McTriple Chin, and all of the doctor's are saying to you "sure, yous are healthy! Depressed? Here's some pills? Franco's cousin gets in a fight at school? Here, have some pills to calm ye down!" Lift weights? Oh no no, you don't want to get jacked cause all them bags of sausage have tiny balls and enlarged hearts from all dat heavy lifting! Fuck dat, marathon time! Get your slippers and fuck up dem knees!

The same nonsense happens around leaving cert. Hey lads, umm, listen, pressure exams are not important in the greater scheme of things, but uhh...see, your parent's generation, they kinda fucked up cause they had this, get this, crazy idea that everyone had to go to university so that piece of paper yous are going to get is going to be worth jack fucken shit because this is just economics 101 and whatnot so if yous don't do de best in de Leaving...yeah, you're in a bit of a bad place ken. But don't you worry hiuc! You'll find yourself in university. Those are the best years of your life! Did you not know about all of that hot university arse yous would be getting in there? And yous are thinking back to all the mentions of wet, wet to de bone Angela's Ashes times and thinking, shit, I would trade all of this in for a sense of identity and community and just to belong somewhere, to maybe not see this country run off the fucking edge because YOU fucken retards ignored people's warnings about interest rates and the Scandanavian model because we're such good little cunts, apeing the wonderful gender neutral utopia are we not? So if you dumb cunts going on about male suicide are wondering why, well, it not be exactly de rocket science is it not?

Look, dere be a shitload of problems with the manosphere, I'll conceit. Women are women, and bad behavior should be subsequently punished I agree, but there's a big bloody grand canyon difference between that and the bitter gamma male ramblings of The Spearhead and A Voice for Men comments. There's a huge difference also between acknowledging objective qualities in races and blaming such and such a race for your own personal failures, going full time with de aul race hating. The stereotype of the angry, depressed male that seems to be floating around would be fitting ken. But this place offers answers. They're not fucken nice answers ok. But reality isn't nice. Deal with it. Men are disposable, women see the world through the work and economic surplus of men. Society, through the invisible hand of The Cathedral, in the hands and wildly exacerbated by the most narcissistic generation history has ever seen (Irish "Baby Boomers" are the same here) is keen on getting you fucked right over ken. In the Irish context, there's smokescreens that deal with useless abolition of de Senead (centralizing power ken) and abortion and whatnot, so no one cares and they'll just vote it in. This is the only place, cleaning up and through the bullshit, where yous will get some sound proper answers. Or, at the very least, realize you're not a complete nutter ken. These are the tools. It's up to yous. No moral high horse stuff here. You've done some shit, you have your demons, so have I. You were a loser? No problem, we'll work on that, so as long as you're willing to get out of that hole, you have my support brother. You need willpower. You will fail a lot. You will make slow progress. You will become increasingly courageous, quite possibly enough to step out?  Possibly. Possibly.

This is of course the funniest thing about it all. Supposed tae talk about de feelings en aw. Those are the feelings. That be my fucken failings.Now, how the fuck do I go about getting out of this trainwreak?






Yeah, I thought so. 

Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Quarter Pounder With Cheese

I got some digging work for a bit of de summer, at the very least the next three weeks or so. Nothing "hey there fancypants" or anything, just something to do get the hands on some drinking/whey protein money, nothing be too flashy here like. Basically, this old broad with a larger than life afro wants the place dug up cause the husband is planning on planting the whole place with tomato seeds, but has the back thrown out as of now. Real sun splitting the stones weather, where yours truly is out there with nothing more than a shovel and a shitload of land.

There's something appealing about this kind of stuff. Sure, this is going to sound like John B Whatshisface Bull Dis IS MY LAND STHYYLE,  it be hard en aw this kind of thing, but it is strangely satisfying, deep down. I'm holding nothing back here, I'm on my way tofinishing up a degree in a field which is, for the time being, still quite lucrative. The goal is financial independence, pure plain and simple. Those kind of jobs are probably not fun. The men with the cheap poorly fitting suits and the excessive abdomen fat, the lassie makeupless, bald faced (this is how empowered women are taken seriously ken) , sticky hair, running her hands down her waist, olfactory perception picking up that dead, dusty damp smell of smoke which shields the estrogen of the lass. It's funny. People contribute aging so much to age (probably the dumbest sounding sentence on this blog), but to expiate the process, people are banging back jagerbombs left right and centre, going full fucking John Rambo on the liver and they wonder, and they ponder, and they point, and they decry the lad who lifts weights four or five times a week, why the bloody fuck they look like a wrinkly patch of goat snatch? This lassie be like "come home for TEEEE" and it's like being in a fucken Burroughs novel where the old grey mare ain't what she used tae be. Digression aside, I've no interest outside of that. Once I have enough, you'll never hear from me again. Just rumours, myths. The guy who throws mega cool parties in Brazil...fuck yeah, I know that guy...

The work is satisfying. Put the shovel in, push along the ground, toss the dirt to the side, repeat repeat repeat. Certainly beats being felt up by a gay man called Harry in the back of a club. Always the gaybos. Anyways, so I'm digging away at this thing, and feeling genuinely satisfied that hey, I'm doing something practical and that feels good. That's what work does right? I mean, take Ireland as a whole right. The economy is taking a fucking battering ram to the balls and youth unemployment is extremely high, approximately 40 or so percent. I'm back here, in more humble surroundings and the lads that be my age, are let's be fucken honest, fucking manchildren of North Dubbo's shire.

Now, don't mistake the Franco for a fucken "man up and marry wrinkly goatch snatch" or anything like that motherfucker, but this shit is just that little bit depressing ken. These lads have no discipine, no aim in the greater scheme of things. They are wanderers, trapped on their own islands of corn and porn. They speak in newsbites, Americian colloquialisms and incessant quoting of Two and a Half Men, they coss and dross, they wank and spank, they splurge out on cans and cans of the finest liquid piss masquerading as beer, two years without a meet out there, they are in the horrors one minutes spanking it in San Diego and the next, coming on to the sorriest excuse of a lassie seen since Molly Bloom, a cascade of dissonant squalls, hamster going like a perpetual motion machine, she's into yous man, oh no, but yes, arse on her, bit big, bit uhh, rotund, nah man she'd be a right old fucken jolly one up the shitter, sure all of the fat cunts are jolly. Not to necessarily blame these guys, but there's a system, an economic system, a set of rules, that ensures that a generation of men, a generation of old chums, mates, lads, friends of friends yes, and even fucken tinker's sons don't face the unemployment guillotine. And us cunts are taking a sledgehammer to the whole process.

First is discipline. Whether it is passing some initiation ritual or getting your arse into the army or anything along those lines, men need a line, a structure to stop them descending into a vertiginous descent. Work is but a good one too, but then you sees what kind of work is out there. May be an insult to a cunt out there walking the roads, but fast food jobs are for, or at least they should be, for teenagers to get a bit of drinking money into the pockets and get their first taste of discipline and working life. There is something oddly depressing about asking for a quarter pounder with cheese from a man old enough to be yer uncle. The women too. Always have hair short, with that bit of dye in the dye of hair, the voice of death, "have a nice day." dey says to yous as you enter the slipstream for the umpteenth time. Fucken lolbags.  

Second is sport. What used tae be a real team building scenario has metamorphosed into a watching the game having a bud kind of experience where every cunt and cuntess is living vicariously through the big lad on the T.V, gina tingles for the lassie and the dream of giving gina tingles to anyone that isn't your pudgy, doughy partner for the laddo. Playing sport adds a sort of building yourself up/the breakdown of the ego/desepline hu ha hung dung kind of thing, but with every cunt indulging in his game of world of warcraft, things certainly get a bit sticky, a big dodge when they really shouldn't.

Finally, there's the education system. It might break the heart of the tart teaching Sartre to teenagers who could not give a flying fuck, but being stuck in what is basically a form of babysitting dressed up under the insidious guise of "education", leads to a sort of mental stagnation. This suits men to a much lesser extent, as men mature slower than women do, even if they mature longer. Perhaps the system has it's own benefit of training people for a life of tolerating and able to pass through boredom, but that be just a puff of Franco in the wind.

Discipline, team building exercises, work and education. All of these are being eroded so that we are left with a lumpy sort of mess of a thing, something amorphous even. Going back to the digging ken. There's fucking blisters all over the hands, but that's ok. I'm actually sort of in a bits of a dilemma right now en aw. Recently, I've been hitting it out of the park in terms of fitness, reading and whathaveyeson. Fuck, I've even done a couple of approaches, which for me is pretty fucken ok. But, the people I have in contact from de school, if I get back in contact with them, it's fucking going the way of de Bev and Butthead, I knows it. Fucken listening to really fucking shit bands like The National or Bon Iver while playing Call of Duty. That's the last man with diarrhea ken. That's not Sexy Franco in any shape or form, that's Dark Franco shit. Leave that silliness  behind en aw. Tis complicated. That'll do pig, that'll do.

Monday, 3 June 2013

What Is Your Goal? (All Dat Smelly Shite Hitting The Fan)

Shit hits the fan ken, and some motherfucking spasticcannon cunt, dinnae he forget to open de fucken window en aw. Charades usually are humorous but with the whole world setting the controls for the heart of the storm in order to avert the mother of all catastrophes that be, oh, whatever fun doom and gloom that has pirulated the reactionary sphere, one has to plan out accordingly. This is not about feeling good, convivial, the coolest motherfucker in the club with that class of fine as a dime Hennessy with the HB8 (alright lads) hanging off of your shoulder (although that is certainly not the worst outcome for de Franco is it?), this be about simple survival and keep your head above water stuff. Many a phlegmatic cunt tries to push forward the lie that oh, yous are not the brainiest fucker in the place, the brightest spark in the place and yous should not be going such and such a direction. Fuck em. Captain Capitalism's post about "making it" certainly hit something off with yours truly. Sometimes, being an MGTOW with a bit of fire and piss and vinegar might well be the best way of going about things.

So, here's the crux of the situation. The future is extremely complex, subject to a plethora of shocks, black swans what have you not. A cunt can look at human nature and have a good understanding how people will react to certain incentives, and sure, a cunt can read shit like "Decline of the West" by Oswald Spengler and become cognizant what exactly is inimical to the survival of the west. Personally, I've been ambivalent about the whole thing: nihilists from the poolside Chateau Heartiste (with a few fucken drinks with trippy umbrellas no doubt) sort of bothered me cause pulling up the straps of yer boots and just hopping on that hedonic treadmill never seems to get a cunt to intertwine and coalesce with that thing, that phantom, that shorthand that many different creeds and races deemed "God". Shorthand for the divine ken. There's also the whole, "but what is the bloody point of saving it". That's a whole different ball game, but first, a man, especially in these most turbulent of times, must be ready to step out and get himself a goal, an objective, his own personal holy grail.

So, on with the matter. In my opinion, you have five pillars that need to be worked on. As follows:

1: Financial independence: Money dinnae buy happiness ken? Fuck off. Money means freedom, freedom from a confederacy of badger bummers. It means freedom from employers, bankers, parents whathaveyeson the list goes on and on. I'm just one guy dontcha know. But, as far as I see it, you have a social contact. Society treats me favorably for working hard, I in return will work hard. Thanks to exorbitant income taxes, red tape bullshit, and the ineluctable fact that there has been a precipitous decline in the quality of education at both primary and secondary levels ensure that this cunt is just going to sit up and say, bye-ohs motherfucker. This is an incredibly important one ken. For the dignity of your soul, for your own freedom, and in the not entirely unlikely change that shite really does hit the fan and nigh on every cunt is in the horrors the next morning, yous will be ok. So that means no buying property. Spending on credit cards as little as possible. Second hand bike/motorcycle if at all. Possibly giving up alcohol and weed. Like I be saying, shit's getting pretty fucken real ken. This might take a few years to achieve, but it has to be done all things considered. Don't need to own much. I want to do what that Aaron Clarey guy does. Not too tricky, right?

2: Health: Hospitals suck. Being on pills suck. Old people who pee in the bed don't smell very nice to be honest. The statistical methods used by pharmaceutical companies are questionable at best, at worst a pile of waffle. Big profit off of big misery ken. The cunt who eats healthy, who throws around the weights, who juices and takes a vit d supplement will be well on his way toos being king of the castle dontcha know. Health is not about living longer either, it be about living better. Less mood swings, a Franco that is more stable in de head, I'm sticking with Chaos and Pain's Apex Predator Diet. When my thirties come around, supplementing with T is definitely going to come into consideration, but that be a decade from now, so there's nothing to it. You'll age faster than you think, I keep stressing this shit. So yeah, healthy early sleep as well. I'm also going to throw looks in here as well. Not to sound like a meterosexual bumboy, but people treat people of the more attractive variety better. And for all yous gamma males shouting "looks don't matter wahhhh", you're arseholes. The cousin is a fucken personal trainer. I've been out with him and he gets ass like a toilet seat. Looks are defo worth pursuing ken. Nothing comes for free in this world.

3: Social skills: I'm going to include game underneath this heading as well. I'm an INTJ, nerdy, quiet motherfucker who doesn't have particularly great social skills. This has to change and I have to improve, no question. I'm going to write up a sketch post on how to do Introverted Game (more for myself cause I sure as shite ain't no expert), but I think Day Game is the best way to go, as nightclubs are pretty depressing places, alongside just simply forcing myself out there a bit more and all. Being an assertive, dominant guy, without coming off as a twat, sigma without coming off as an aspergery fucktard is the goal. To become charming. How does a cunt get the Talleyrand on? This is something the manosphere lacks info on. I'll have to hunt it down, but if you fuckos have any good advice, let me know. I'm also going to include the kind of friends you have here. You have loser friends? Ditch them. You have great friend? Gold dust ken. Keep them around and try not to lose touch dont you knows.

4: Your project and your cause: File this under "becoming a renaissance man". This includes, well whatever yous want  it to ken. You want to learn a new skill, learn about a particular field or philosophy or idea? Yous want to achieve a goal? Yeah, this is where all of that dingading shite fits intae the puzzle. Essentially, it is about becoming a well rounded individual who is familiar with a number of topics and is able to draw on this fountain of knowledge post haste, so much better than the Game of Thrones, bonobo carbon copy benny.

So, If I decide to do something, it must fit the above four criteria. If it doesn't, I simply don't do it. How exactly I do it, is another thing altogether, but that is a topic for another post.

Like I said, this is not about being the best man you can be. Regular guys are getting fucked out of it in every way possible in the modern age. It's kind of funny and fitting, actually, fuck that, it is outright hilarious that the most successful person I know at my age, in terms of both pussy and money, is a drug dealer. Some of the lads with university degrees? Doing more. Or sitting on their arses, stuck in a FAS program they dinnae want to be in, ever. But they followed the dream, right?

Hardcore Franco, with a fucken clock necklace, making shite real, wet behind the ears en aw.

I never felt better in my life en aw ken.