Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Sign of the Times

For identity purposes, I've been debating publishing this post for the past little while, but it's a pretty cool story overall, and it was spurred on by Dannyfrom504's post about the porn star being cognizant of various blogs around the sphere. So here we go.

A while back, I was drinking in a pub, and as you do, yous get talking to some lad as yous are going for a cigarette in the smoking area. This lad seems sound as a pound en aw, so we continue talking. He mentions women, and then, uses the phrase "rationalization hamster". So I humor the guy and use some manosphere jargon of my own and turns out, this completely random guy who I bumped into is aware of all these manosphere blogs. Roosh, Forney, Rollo and whatnot. The sad thing is, both of us drank so much I don't actually remember where he came from, who he was, or even contact details like a second name to find him on facebook. That's the sad thing. I finally find a guy not on the internet that has similar views to me, and the result is waking up at home in the absolute horrors, not able to take this shit into meatspace.

I'm not sure how, or what if this material will spread or not. I've told three people about the manosphere to date. One was a cunt who stabbed me in the back, who tried to get off with this one by saying I was a PUA slimeball. Two read a few blogs gave up and went back to playing Minecraft. Number three was a guy I randomly bumped into who told me he had lassie problems, and I scribbled down on a bit of paper No idea if he checked out the stuff or not. Now, where n=3 there's a lot of fucken variance there to be had, but even so. But still, if I can bump intae a cunt who knows this stuff, perhaps we might get somewhere. Perhaps there are more people finding out about this kind of material.

Women are empty slates that need to be filled by men. Show them a bit of alpha flair and they will try and resemble you, in your interests and in your beliefs. The lads, now there is a big one. In the left corner, we have truth and the power of the internet. In the right, we have pornography, entertainment, the Cathedral, obesity and an increasing sexual oligopoly. Still, this stuff cheers a cunt up. More in our numbers than we think, possibly.

Which one is it going to be?


  1. After initially trying to introduce all my friends to this stuff, I've given up.

    They were either:
    - so blue pill they were unable to comprehend (about 75%)
    - wanted the results without putting in any hard work (they'd be happy to listen to me tell them about it and educate them, but wouldn't spend an iota of their own time reading - mental masturbation, about 25%)
    - took to it like a duck to water (1 guy so far)

    Guys, whether they find this stuff or are introducted to it, will only take to it when they are good and ready in my experience.

    1. That's a bit depressing. I'm not trying to be an egoist or anything like that, but if people I like want a hand, I've no problem sharing info with them. Was nice to bump into a lad who knows this stuff, but if so few people are willing to take it on board. Still, even if only a small percentage of people go after it...

      "good and ready in my experience".

      I think for a lot of people, you have to hit rock bottom in order to dive into the material. Like a girlfriend leaving you or fucked up on drugs or whatever.

    2. Indeed. I like to think I've always thought different and would have eventually found out about this stuff on my own, but the truth is, it was the several, crushing early failures that opened my mind up to the possibility that what I was doing wasn't working and neither was the advice I got.

  2. I came across a guy in a Facebook group a couple of days ago that I quickly understood must have been reading MRA and sphere stuff. So I sent him a few links and he replied enthusiastically and told me had read almost the entire archives of Heartiste. I ran into another guy I suspected was not aware of the sphere but based on his opinions would fit right in. So I sent him some stuff and he thought it was excellent.

    1. Good stuff. Be great to make a survey and find out, how many people took on board what you said after recommending them such and such a thing and whatnot.

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