Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again

Dear Cousin

Congratulations on completing your exams, you have done extremely well and I am proud of you. Yous have successfully put up with their bullshit, crammed eh load of useless shite intae that noggin of yours, and have come out on top with, from what yous were telling me, pretty damn good results. That was an important step for sho, but, there is another important step to take, and that step involves university or the trades.

Your parents, my aunt and uncle are good people, yous and I know this shit. Which makes it all the more difficult, all the more strenuous for me to tell you what I'm about to tell yous. Don't listen to them. Ignore them when it comes to university. Like myself, yous have a predilection for dusty books written by old dead wankers, sitting in your room, quite the voracious reader en aw. Yous say you want to study English in UCD. You love novels and you love literature and from what yous are saying, yous really want to be a writer. Your parents have been telling you all this time, "do what you feel" and "just be yourself". This is advice, that in the current climate is downright deleterious to your future employment prospects. I will explain in the following paragraphs why this is.

First of all, you will not read as many classics as you think. You say, oh Homer or Dante or Cervantes and I am sorry to say dear friend, yous would be very very wrong. The English departments are obsessed with, whether they know it or not, the spread of something called Cultural Marxism, that be the best name of it. One of the things these departments are obsessed with is trying to promote the egalitarian ideal. So, instead of these classics, you will have to read really bad novels by blacks, women, indians, etc and modern trash novels. This is the English department's vain attempt to cloud over truly great literature. Ignore it ken. Second, because you are a white, heterosexual, cisgendered (lol) male, you will be told ad nauseum over and over again that you are a piece of shit. They will disguise this as "learning how to think", when in reality, if you spout anything less than the party line, yous are out on your ass. Words and concepts like chivalry and honor are twisted beyond recognition, so as a result, yous get a blatantly false view of history. This applies to the other arts subjects as well, happy fucken days en aw right?

History is full of revisionism. You will hear about whites taking black slaves and how evil you are, yet you will never hear about arabs taking even more slaves and proceeding to castrating and murdering them. The whole concept of being hated for something your grandddaddy did is fucken arseways anyway ken. In philosophy yous will see a fetish for moral relativism, in economics you will learn ok, some good maths, but you will learn bullshit neoclassical models that are logically fallacious in myriad of ways, I recommend the seminal "Debunking Economics" by Steve Keen for the latter. For sociology, you will learn that correlation not causation is a nonsensical concept and you get some little bit of data, yous can twist it around to your advantage. For psychology, you will learn an interesting concept or two about narcissism and whatnot, but the darker, nastier side of humanity such as men and violence and women and cuckolding beta males will be completely glossed over.

If yous are looking for the promised land, a sort of intellectual fecundity, you will be denied that. Thanks to your parents, there is a crazy and silly idea that every suit and tie motherfucker must go to university. This has led to an inflation in degrees, so to get people even in the door for applications and to get people to pass the fucken shit, yous will face a dumbed down course, with someone of your precocious intellect will get bored of quite quickly. About 5 percent of people in the liberal arts are there because they love it. The rest are either too dumb or too lazy to do math. It really is that simple.

Finally, yous and the job prospects are pretty scant. Do NOT believe the economic figures out there either. I can cut through crappy statistics like a hot knife through butter and the numbers are not good. Unless yous are thirty and end up saying, "would you like fries with that" to every suit and tie motherfucker that passes your way. 

I also hate to break it to yous as well, but the American Pie "dudeee every lad gets laid in university" concept is a flat out lie, and believe you me, a lot of lads fall to this when they head on in there. Remember I was telling yous about the Pareto Law yokeamebob? 20 of men will get 80 percent of chicks in de university, roughly speaking. Male virgins are surprisingly common as you move into STEM fields, physics especially, goddamn man, the amount of blue balls hanging around there. That's not going to be the case as much if you remember to follow the links I send you. It will be hard. You are like me in that you have a genetic disposition towards introversion and whatnot and I won't lie, that's a big disadvantage. That's ok. Patience is a virtue ken.

So, if you decide to go to university, do a STEM. If it has maths in it, it's probably ok, a good rule of thumb. I know yous will be ok with this shit, but if not, why not try and learn a trade? Or spend that money yous otherwise would have spent on traveling, or working on a hobby? By the way, you can make university work for you and it can be a pretty cool place if done right. Just go in there with realistic expectations. Do some interesting shit as well. Lift weights. Join the boxing or swimming club. There's a lot to expand on here, and I knows yous can do it dontcha know en aw.

There is a greater point to all of this, and I hope it is something that sticks in your head, like a perpetual motion machine. It can make you angry, extremely cynical, but only if yous let it consume you. That lesson is this: whenever you look at a fact or statistic, always ask who is behind it. Always. You will be sorry to know that you have been told a lot of bullshit lies and these lies make one come to the following, very reasonable conclusion: "if yous have lied to me all this time, why the hell should I trust you?" and that is indeed a very very good and logical conclusion. Many are pusillanimous when it comes to the spectrum of thought in this way, but there are a lot of pretty lies out there ken, I hope yous will find solace in this letter. I will also tell you that a lot of men my age are sort of dropping out of society in this way. Don't let this happen to you. Don't get addicted to porn or videogames or any shit like that, just go with the flow en aw. Your friends, your family ken. That be what matters and that be what yous should strive for en aw, Hey, it means more pussy for the rest of us ken.


Franco fucken ledge Begbie

P.S Watch Animal House. It's brilliant. I was gutted to find out that it was actually the Japanese that bombed Pearl Harbor. All dem spring roll jokes down de toilet en aw...

Oh, and girls who do law and commerce are fucken man eaters ken. That be a watcheridoo.


  1. This is great mate. If only more people in the position to be able to advise youngsters in this fashion we able to do so.

    Of course, it requires a certain level of intelligence for an 18 year old to understand these concepts. I tried to go through it with my friend's little brother, and he just sat there with a "does not compute" look on his face.

    I was fortunate in that my childhood passion of programming computers let to a STEM degree, a lucrative career, and the ability to retire by age 31. There was some planning to the extent of "those computer programmers get paid shitloads don't they", but mainly fluke. The geeks shall inherit the earth after all.

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    If I fall in this good fight it will be into the arms of my saviour Jesus Christ.

    Brother Mark

  3. Excellent and nicely put. Fun facts:

    The Arabs used to quench Damascus Steel in the bodies of slaves. Sometimes it was just one blade, other times it was three (one through each thigh and one through the body itself of the poor bastard).

    For a time the Samurai who got a new Katana (or who developed a new fighting style or weapon) would test it by Tsujigiri - literally attacking a random defenseless passerby. In many cases at night.

    Humanity is so sweet.

    1. That's pretty interesting ken, but I must be missing something big here?