Monday, 24 June 2013

Civilization is More That Likely Oh So Very Fucked

Have a bit of the old writers block as of now, and for that I apologize profusely. Not much going on in Franco land to be honest with yes. Basically, for the past month or so, I've got some work digging gardens and washing windows and shit, living like a nomad, taking my moneys and putting it in de pocket, saving it for de holiday. All gym, stayed away from a lot of de drink, been reading books like mad, quite the voracious cunt in that regard, cunt be proud en aw. Not the most gregarious fiend on the planet either right now, as the only mates I have back here...well let the Franco just say that these particular lads are fucken the supporting cast to The Big Lebowski and I don't wants to end up like that again cause de grass has done enough damage as it is. Like having a fucken bonfire a fireworks factory. So essentially, there's sweet fuck all en aw to write about these days en aw. Not that I'm complaining. All I need is to get some better pussy and wes be done. But the improvements are coming. Fucks sake, I'm 170 pounds at 6ft which is the biggest I've ever been. Happy Franco makes shitty blog time.

So just a few random titbits and wes be off back to it.

First, I'm sure that yous are well aware of the Manosphere site  but in case not, the website is a lifesaver in terms of finding new blogs and new posts to read.

Next, the more I think about it, the more I think we are, civilization is more than likely oh so very absolutely fucked, like well and truly fucked sideways by a goat, thats how bad this state of affairs is. For example, I don't know how many of yous are going to university, but over here, theys are about to go full fucken retard when it comes to gender equality and whatnot. The rot is very very deep, people not in university have NO idea how corrupted The Millenials are, not a fucken dime. Personally, I'll comment on it and whatnot, but in actuality, I don't give two shits anymore. It's simple. Yous had a choice and you fucked up, well most of yous anyway. Not only that, you fucked up the social contract with someone like me, and when I mean fucked it up, yous drove a stake through the fucken wispy smoky, ashy coffin. Fifty years ago, I would have been and would have had not problem being your typical beta/delta male married to a 6, working and generating economic surplus for people, the state and society as a whole. But you lied. You told me flat out lies about everything. About nutrition, history, economics, race, sexuality, the list goes on and on. Moreso, I don't trust yous. TL;DR, society is built on exploiting and extracting economic surplus from beta males, where the payoff is well...divorce, being shamed, cultural marxism, and increased taxation. I'm out.

I don't think much will emerge from the reactionarysphere, especially when people are more interested in debating the use of the word Cathedral to describe the brain of the Leviathan, rather than coming up with plans, actual coherent plans to fix this mess. Jesus fanny fucken christ lads. Marketing your ideas is the key, and no, no one bar a few freaks like me is actually interested in Carlyle and highbrow, longwinded Moldbuggery postage, especially if shit hits the fans and yu have socialist/populist parties cropping up like herpes sores. Personally, if you want to dumb it down, strip it down to its very essence, order is the fucken key, a good paradigm, and libertarianism, while on the right side, our side in my opinion, is becoming an increasingly pointless endeavour in the light of the singularity and just human nature in general. But what about the 19th Century, Austrians say? Well...them fucks didn't have Edward Bernays and co, same fucken bastards pulling the strings, right? So that one isn't simple either. The only thing I can possibly see working is to become incredibly powerful, smart, well trained, efficient men, so much so that we can bend the system at will, that ultimately, it becomes extremely difficult to get rid of us. But moreso, the simple, salient point, clear as day, ineluctable, is that no one cares, no fucks are literally to be given. Your man Snowden? Fucken gives up a hot piece of ass that 99 percent of people here, all you keyboard warriors will never get, 200 grand salary and fucken Hawaii to do what has to be done, and you fucks don't care. No, of couse you don't.

Dr Illusion had a good post on how many of the Manosphere's posters are just recycling the same stuff over and over again. Is it just running out of ideas?

So yeah ken, things are fucked, which accepting that, paradoxically, makes things pretty groovy with myself. It basically means, I have two objectives. One: Enjoy the shit out of this decline. Two: Become the best, most powerful person I can be so when shit does hit the fan, I can throw some real weight around. Otherwise, don't bother your arse ken. Get digging, build some muscle, get some money, enjoy and accept the fact that you still have a toilet and running water and whatnot.

Oh, and any suggestions for just de blog in general be welcome. I think there's enough I hate woman MGTOW posts to last a million decades en aw. Stop caring, yous will be happier, you will live longer.


  1. civilization will continue to exist, we just need to choose to use it wisely

    1. Oh no doubt, seems that people tend to be tossing it on the fire right now though, fucks sake like!

  2. interesting topics. I do not know which one to take sides or pass judgment from which point of view.