Monday, 3 June 2013

What Is Your Goal? (All Dat Smelly Shite Hitting The Fan)

Shit hits the fan ken, and some motherfucking spasticcannon cunt, dinnae he forget to open de fucken window en aw. Charades usually are humorous but with the whole world setting the controls for the heart of the storm in order to avert the mother of all catastrophes that be, oh, whatever fun doom and gloom that has pirulated the reactionary sphere, one has to plan out accordingly. This is not about feeling good, convivial, the coolest motherfucker in the club with that class of fine as a dime Hennessy with the HB8 (alright lads) hanging off of your shoulder (although that is certainly not the worst outcome for de Franco is it?), this be about simple survival and keep your head above water stuff. Many a phlegmatic cunt tries to push forward the lie that oh, yous are not the brainiest fucker in the place, the brightest spark in the place and yous should not be going such and such a direction. Fuck em. Captain Capitalism's post about "making it" certainly hit something off with yours truly. Sometimes, being an MGTOW with a bit of fire and piss and vinegar might well be the best way of going about things.

So, here's the crux of the situation. The future is extremely complex, subject to a plethora of shocks, black swans what have you not. A cunt can look at human nature and have a good understanding how people will react to certain incentives, and sure, a cunt can read shit like "Decline of the West" by Oswald Spengler and become cognizant what exactly is inimical to the survival of the west. Personally, I've been ambivalent about the whole thing: nihilists from the poolside Chateau Heartiste (with a few fucken drinks with trippy umbrellas no doubt) sort of bothered me cause pulling up the straps of yer boots and just hopping on that hedonic treadmill never seems to get a cunt to intertwine and coalesce with that thing, that phantom, that shorthand that many different creeds and races deemed "God". Shorthand for the divine ken. There's also the whole, "but what is the bloody point of saving it". That's a whole different ball game, but first, a man, especially in these most turbulent of times, must be ready to step out and get himself a goal, an objective, his own personal holy grail.

So, on with the matter. In my opinion, you have five pillars that need to be worked on. As follows:

1: Financial independence: Money dinnae buy happiness ken? Fuck off. Money means freedom, freedom from a confederacy of badger bummers. It means freedom from employers, bankers, parents whathaveyeson the list goes on and on. I'm just one guy dontcha know. But, as far as I see it, you have a social contact. Society treats me favorably for working hard, I in return will work hard. Thanks to exorbitant income taxes, red tape bullshit, and the ineluctable fact that there has been a precipitous decline in the quality of education at both primary and secondary levels ensure that this cunt is just going to sit up and say, bye-ohs motherfucker. This is an incredibly important one ken. For the dignity of your soul, for your own freedom, and in the not entirely unlikely change that shite really does hit the fan and nigh on every cunt is in the horrors the next morning, yous will be ok. So that means no buying property. Spending on credit cards as little as possible. Second hand bike/motorcycle if at all. Possibly giving up alcohol and weed. Like I be saying, shit's getting pretty fucken real ken. This might take a few years to achieve, but it has to be done all things considered. Don't need to own much. I want to do what that Aaron Clarey guy does. Not too tricky, right?

2: Health: Hospitals suck. Being on pills suck. Old people who pee in the bed don't smell very nice to be honest. The statistical methods used by pharmaceutical companies are questionable at best, at worst a pile of waffle. Big profit off of big misery ken. The cunt who eats healthy, who throws around the weights, who juices and takes a vit d supplement will be well on his way toos being king of the castle dontcha know. Health is not about living longer either, it be about living better. Less mood swings, a Franco that is more stable in de head, I'm sticking with Chaos and Pain's Apex Predator Diet. When my thirties come around, supplementing with T is definitely going to come into consideration, but that be a decade from now, so there's nothing to it. You'll age faster than you think, I keep stressing this shit. So yeah, healthy early sleep as well. I'm also going to throw looks in here as well. Not to sound like a meterosexual bumboy, but people treat people of the more attractive variety better. And for all yous gamma males shouting "looks don't matter wahhhh", you're arseholes. The cousin is a fucken personal trainer. I've been out with him and he gets ass like a toilet seat. Looks are defo worth pursuing ken. Nothing comes for free in this world.

3: Social skills: I'm going to include game underneath this heading as well. I'm an INTJ, nerdy, quiet motherfucker who doesn't have particularly great social skills. This has to change and I have to improve, no question. I'm going to write up a sketch post on how to do Introverted Game (more for myself cause I sure as shite ain't no expert), but I think Day Game is the best way to go, as nightclubs are pretty depressing places, alongside just simply forcing myself out there a bit more and all. Being an assertive, dominant guy, without coming off as a twat, sigma without coming off as an aspergery fucktard is the goal. To become charming. How does a cunt get the Talleyrand on? This is something the manosphere lacks info on. I'll have to hunt it down, but if you fuckos have any good advice, let me know. I'm also going to include the kind of friends you have here. You have loser friends? Ditch them. You have great friend? Gold dust ken. Keep them around and try not to lose touch dont you knows.

4: Your project and your cause: File this under "becoming a renaissance man". This includes, well whatever yous want  it to ken. You want to learn a new skill, learn about a particular field or philosophy or idea? Yous want to achieve a goal? Yeah, this is where all of that dingading shite fits intae the puzzle. Essentially, it is about becoming a well rounded individual who is familiar with a number of topics and is able to draw on this fountain of knowledge post haste, so much better than the Game of Thrones, bonobo carbon copy benny.

So, If I decide to do something, it must fit the above four criteria. If it doesn't, I simply don't do it. How exactly I do it, is another thing altogether, but that is a topic for another post.

Like I said, this is not about being the best man you can be. Regular guys are getting fucked out of it in every way possible in the modern age. It's kind of funny and fitting, actually, fuck that, it is outright hilarious that the most successful person I know at my age, in terms of both pussy and money, is a drug dealer. Some of the lads with university degrees? Doing more. Or sitting on their arses, stuck in a FAS program they dinnae want to be in, ever. But they followed the dream, right?

Hardcore Franco, with a fucken clock necklace, making shite real, wet behind the ears en aw.

I never felt better in my life en aw ken.

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