Sunday, 28 July 2013

A Man Of His Word

Funny. The more shit changes, the more shit stays the same. The most loquacious amongst us, proclaiming that this is wrong and this is right, and this works this way and that works in another way, often tend to be the ones who are the least resistant to change. "Lemme pray the gay out of you" the preacher man says. Ten days later, he's getting all down and dirty with a man with a mustache called Charles in a motel room on the outskirts of town.

Be weird writing on this topic ken, kinda conjures up the image of two fussie duddies talking shite over the washing line en aw. But basically, that Mark Minter guy, the most staunch, anti conjugal bells motherfucker residing in the manosphere, writing big long tirades on how the whole fucken thing has been basterdized and why yous cunts should not be getting married. That guy, well yeah, he's got himself hitched up with (the second manosphere writer to do so I think) to a single mother. This has disappointed many a cunt in this here parts as of late. But the thing is kind of sobering too, in its one perverted little way.

A cunt has learned:

A man will do anything for some snatch. This is why a lot of the MGTOW bozo the clown types can be funny goofy motherfuckers at times. The second the whiff of pussy enflames de nostrils, they're just like the preacher and mustache Charlie.

There be a lot of paper alpha types doing the rounds. Well, ok, let a cunt expand on that point a wee bit, so sit yourself down and break open de whiskey. I've talked about Tyler Durden internetz, vicarious indolence bullcrap before, but I do think it warrants another blatheronabout with methinks. See, one of the things about the manosphere is that it is really fucken easy, especially when ego plays a role, to be caught in the finer details, be it Game, nutrition and whathaveyeson. Game has a number of universal rules to it, but ultimately, it has to be fine tuned to your personality, your experiences and your feelings. A 6ft 2 muscular Brad Pitt fella who has hit the genetic lottery is in a very different boat to a George Costanza lookalike. Introversion and extroversion. The difference between being a normal well adjusted man going full blown social genius and the gamma male trying to carry a conversation without making a gigantic titarsecunt of himself. Ultimately, that's all up to yous and yous alone and that's fine ken dontcha know en aw. But then it turns into masquerading as this lad who did this awesome shite and whatnot, and ultimately, it just falls apart at the seams. It's bad for yous, cause you don't make any emotional progress and it be bad for all of us, cause we all look like a right old bunch of arseholes then, don't we?

Which brings us intae the second part of this. The Antiversity. What is our goal here? To espouse truth and ideas themselves. Economics, Feminism, Liberalism, inexorably linked to the breathing apparatus of the conglomeration, civilization, de land of de Big Mac. We're a bunch of arseholes on the internet drinking in the dark, but them cunts, they have the universities, the media, the whole shebang. So, what do you do? Hijacking the culture, but also, engaging in a bit of sniping, a bit of cultural guerrila warfare where yous manoeuvrings in and out of the slipsteam like the slimy bastard that you are.

It is morally right to become the best person you can be. It is a tribute to your parents for one thing. But also, we cunts must become men of our words. Hell, that's why dat Dr Illusion fella is a good a blog as he is, cunt is a man of his word. A deft cunt, a polymath, must learn how to be the most interesting man in the room, the strongest man in the room and what have you son. But, by being men of our words, we are automatically attacking the Cathedral, whether a cunt knows it or not. See how this works? What is the skinny fat Neutral Milk Hotel (fuck I hate that album so much), marxoid bellend going tae do when yous just stole the lassie of his dreams from under him? Take a look at the Roosh forum. There's a lot of good shit on Mark Minter, but the main issue about the whole thing is this. If you want a hope in hell of getting this machine up and running, you need to be a man of your word, not this paper alpha shite. And that is why this whole debacle with Minter is so bloody insinuating. Minter was not a man of his word, therefore, there is a greater inconsistency, to what a cunt be trying to do en aw here.

De temporal cunt, the lucky man, the temerity to say all of this and then get hitched up to a manosphere lassie. 34 and he be 58. Fair deuce to the fucko if that be the story and good luck to the pair of them. But we are playing with human nature here. What attracts lassies to the manosphere in the first place? Sounds so counter intuitive does it not? Take a read of Hooking up Smart if yous get the chance, some of the content there is err...

As de Captain would say, stay frosty lads. Nothing more powerful on the planet then pussy ken...

Unless you're David Futrelle.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Gamma Male TL;DR Edition

Ah right then, so Free Northerner has this series planned on hows to not be a completely aspergery fucktard en aw and dat not be good cause the average cunt on the street has no time for de aspergery fucktard. I left a comment over at his place, but hey, cause I bes a lazy cunt, here's a reposting of it here. I'm reluctant to do what Free is doing here, but what the hey ken. Here's the comment and here is a link to it on Free's blog:

Interesting. Might steal your idea a bit Free, if yous don’t mind? I’m the same as you I think. 

Off the top of my head:

-Gammas/Omegas are quite a bit behind in terms of social skills. All things considered, a delta will be able to improve a LOT quicker than a gamma/omega. You don’t undo years of bullshit just like that. So be patient. 

-If you are joining a club, join a boxing club, or a proper martial arts club like Brazilian Ju Jujitsu/MMA. Take universities for example, which tend to have societies and clubs. You want to go for these ones and stay the fuck away from video game clubs, writing clubs that are filled with pretentious hipster fucktards, bullshit self defense like Ninjitsu or something, and whatnot. 

-Gamma breeds gamma. A gamma male will not like it if yous are doing better than him. They will cockblock you in a club, they will say shit about yous to get laid. If that is the case, fucken bail. Ditch the cunt and never go back. Toxic people.

-Gammas often have co dependency tendencies. If yous have hate for a narcissistic mother for example, let it go, accept it that it wasn’t your fault, BUT that doesn’t mean you wallow in self pity. The Rawness “I’m good as I am, but I can do better”

-You are not as smart as you think you are honestly. You have a 140 IQ? Great! So what have you done with it? Show me that hot piece of ass or that proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem. Otherwise, yous be a fucken midwit. The point is, don’t rationalize shit away. IQ and being introverted tend to be big ones. 

-Gamma fantasies=finding the hot piece of ass at the side of the road and her in trouble and yous get the knight in shining armor thing one. Bullshit. Get it into your fucken head. Women are just as flawed as men in different ways. Stop fantasizing about the lassie who is EXACTLY like you in personality, a version of you with tits, stop fantasting about being the hero cunt, its not going to happen. 

-Read books like How to Make Friends and Influence People, Thinking Fast and Slow, and blogs like Barking up the wrong tree. Robert Greene books are good too in that they will keep your head above water while many a cunt fights it out.

-Lift weights/no porn/paleo diet etc.Even the ugliest men, the short fat bald Costanza type can look pretty damn good with the right dress/physique. 

-Read the Great Books for Men, lozozozozozozozlozozoz. 

-If you have social anxiety, get help for it, get therapy. Yous be surprised how good en aw. Oh, and stay away from female therapists if possible. 

- Ignore posts like this:

There’s more, but I’ll leave it there ken. I think I’m the same as yous, but this stuff has helped me anyway. Be interested to see what you think.

Monday, 22 July 2013

David Cameron Is A Giant Twat and Why It Shouldn't Be So Hard To Get The TV Man to Put Pornography on my Telly

Seems that dat mad bastard Chris Morris was right after all ken.*

This is what it comes down tae. Fuck me sideways ken. Hysteria. Childishness, twatiness an extreme kind of puerile behavior that makes a lad with a plan sick to de fucken gills, drowning himself in a pint of plain. Your only man cunts, your only man. It is more than a little bit sad then, that all these big, sweeping changes where the cunt is a part of something, come from moments of brain drain. The abortion malarky in Ireland was started because an Indian lassie died from a condition which was so rare that the doctors couldn't recognize it, and yet this shitty, silly little island has caught the jungle fever where many a cunt is shouting out of windows, pictures of de fetus having a less than merry time, Youth Defense websites getting hacked en aw, and just cunts being cunts. The narrative of the white supremest gunning down a fucken 5 year old black kid with a fucken M60, all of it ken. Call it a black swan or whatever, but many an event seems to be driven by some seeminly frivolous grade a bullshit.

 David Cameron, the gobshite who looks like he's just been on the end of a painful enema, wants to stop you looking at pornography, because it is deleterious towards your children, and moreso, the child pornography, pedos dressed as fucken schools, that industry is clearly burgeoning is it not? Well, here's the thing when it comes to his pornography fapping plan. See, Cameron is well known to be a fan of something called libertarian paternalism and all de "nudge" shite. It's a behavioral economics concept, where the idea is that we want yous to do something motherfuckers, so we'll modify the environment or the architecture in a certain way, so you undertake the action we want you to take. But yous are taking the action yourself, so shit be all good. It's just you won't. Will you?

So how does libertarian paternalism work in this context? Well, they've actually been doing this in the U.S for quite sometime. And of course, this shite talk started with the Baby Boomers. Take a look at the graph below:

Oh those Boomers! Spending all of their money! Ye know something! For my funeral, I've always wanted a Funland! With fucken merry go rounds and elephants and a gold coffin. And belly dancers!

Fucken cunts. 

So with this, they managed to exploit a little bit of psychology shit called the status quo bias. What this is the tendency to do what has already been done. So, they found that, if you automatically sign people up to a 401k, they will more than likely stick to it. But, if you give people the option to sign up for a 401k, they will not sign on and spend their money like the brain damaged dildos that they are. Loss aversion ken. Of course, the hilarious thing is that when shit hits the wall they will confiscate all that lovely 401k money from you so it's all good! But that's what Cameron is trying to do here. The fact that you have to sign up, plus the Alan Partridge level of embarrassment of asking the tv man to put brazillian fart porn on your telly, is a means to make damn sure you stop looking at pornography.

There are a number of issues out there with this, even the most gambrious of lads among you can see this, and it's not just this incessant pantophobia that is part and parcel of the modern epoch. First, this argument from Cameron is made on feelings, relative truths, every cunt is stuck in their own little ponds. Porn, objectively, biologically screws up your brain tae high heaven. It messes with the beta receptors, causing your brain to be less receptive to dopamine, therefore making a cunt less jovial in his day to day dealings. Japanese men, herbivore phenomena, bloggers like Mangan have put forward the hypothesis that ubiquitous pornography consumption is one of the reasons that birth rates have taken a nosedive and herbivore men have been on the rise. Japan is interesting. It is the canary in the goldmine for MGTOW. But anyways. Porn be shitty, no doubt there. But obviously, if this is made on touchy feely shite, then what's stopping those lads being able to get Franco off the air because de wee bairn might get his brain contaminated with mind goo? That's the one that is really worrying and that's why libertarian paternalism bothers me. It works on the assumption that the decision yous are encouraged to make is a good one. What if it is not? Will rapes go up if gamma/omega males don't have a sexual outlet as a result of this? Quite possibly. There is no doubt though that pornography is an important part of the entertainment triumvirate, and yous could certainly see some interesting results coming from this. Yous should not be using porn, or if yous are, it be a rare treat. Game on fuckos.

There's also the whole femcentric thing going on, which is irony at its most base level cause the sexual deviants of this world thanks to the porn, have a sexual outlet do they not. That's the second part of it. Are they banning T.V shows like Sex and the City and Cougar Town? Books like Fifty Shades of Franco? Hell no! This is why this one particular is so interesting. Cameron really is messing with fire here. In fact, I'm going to wager the reason the misandry bubble has stayed up as long as it has is because of high speed internet porn. Perhaps this could be a blessing in disguise, or perhaps, a cunt is going to be heading down the slipperiest slope, one that be beyond the imagination to the day to day cunt, but up above, two dead wankers, one who wrote a book about soma, the other on how to get laid with a younger lassie, they be looking at a fellaw with a mad aul maw, and be saying, yous fucken cunts, we told yous, didn't we?

Postscript: A lot of this stuff comes down to shoddy parenting, pure and simple. Make sure your kid doesn't have access to porn at a young age. Then, circa 13/14, get him off his Cheetos eating arse and into a gym, and if he's smart enough, toss him some books and blogs on game, maybe hire him a hooker to get the virginity thing out of the way en aw. That way, he'll be fine for pussy, he won't have to undo literally years of damage to his social skills in his early twenties or later, and he won't have a need for porn or getting addicted to it.

Also, if yous want to bypass the whole search/block thing. Tis simple. Use Tor ken. It be free and spy like en aw. Imma about to do so in the next while. Well Hung Franco (TM) can never be too careful.  

*In my opinion, the finest piece of comedy ever.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Wedding

Like a fiend among fiends said to me on a fine summers day: it was the best of times, and Franco ye daft cunt, it was the blurst of times as well.  Every cunt chuckles, a prescient quip though, in this, the strangest of theaters, the 21st Century Irish wedding.

A couple of days ago, been a while since I've been lucky enough toos bear witness to a couple coming together in the finest of holy matrimony. Funny how the Irish wedding has gone en aw. No communion given out at this thing, which be all green eggs and ham, cause they've taken the Christ out of Christianity with dis thing. Ianity. Betaianity. Cakeianity. GayshowhowfuckenwiththetimesIaminanity. Rapscallions, ageing aunts living vicariously through the lassie in white, all is green and all is gold, people are happy, this phantasmagorical event, dream on ken and keep dreaming when those stars are extra bright.

Uncanny. Freud's fucken description of a short story called The Sandman. See, there was this offness to the wedding. Kinda like perfectly good bit of white bread with a small bit of mold in the crust, there wasn't enough to throw out the baby with the bathwater, but even the body language cross examining the witnesses, there was just a sense of, well, deliverance, lamentation.

The lassie was 38 and the lad was 30. He was chumpy, she was the witchy type of lassie who has de thousand yard man stare. He's a good bloke, just chumpy. She, well, yous cans indoctrinate a plethora of people with gender social construct Judith Butler arse  and whatnot but the uncomfortable, frothy feeling that needs a castle of lies to conceal it can never hold up for too long. I'm 22. I'm inexperienced as shite when it comes to this kind of stuff, but the lassie upon talking to her was showing a lot of red flags about the past. The kind of language that rolls off her tongue. Her reaction to me. The body language. The gut feeling ken, it is a wonderful feeling.

Here's a secret and it is almost foolproof. If you want to find out how good a couple's relationship is, ask them, while their together, how they met one another. If the lassie launches into a tirade with some bit of a grin on her face, then it's golden. If not, well...

I'm not judging my cousin, he be a good bloke en aw. I'm just worried en aw ken. I mean, my opinion of marriage is pretty simple, even a phaggot from can understand it. It's for kids and how they turn out. Love is wonderful and important and sunshine out de fanny en aw but it only seems to only last so long and won't prop up a long term family, yet a cunt never gets dis do they not? Second, people always like to think they're king kong motherfuckers and whatnot, but you have to have good social skills with women. You have to be able to spot the red flags, or you're fucken out on your arse ken. Game over. Rotating polyandry and the state have yous in a vice like grip...paying child support for your fucked up spawn and Larry the motorcycle guy.

"Yeah, well I was working in The Golden Spunk strip club for a bit..." EJECT

Say what yous will, but a Maude Flanders lassie would probably be alright, no?

Weddings are weird man. Parents, uncles, aunts and friends say shit you'll never hear said again. Odd sparks of sexual attraction flicker and die out the next day. Marching bands into hell with Frank Sinatra tunes. Left foot cross to the right. Harmonic functions in pattern. But the whole night, like I said was just really off and I've been at a couple of weddings meself where this moldy smell, cigarette smoke in old clothes kind of thing, was all around. It was like a sendoff to a brother, fucking the Lord of the Rings cunt in the boat, rather than marking what was once one of life's most important rituals with copious alcohol consumption.

But also, the event got me thinking right. See, the manosphere likes to go on about how the average lassie's value fucken tanks after around 30 or so, and I certainly agree with that, but to what extent is it? Now, bell curves and outliers and whatnot and all that jazz, but in my own social circle this is the fourth fucken wedding I'm at least cognizant of, that the woman is at least three years older than the bloke involved. Maybe my social circle have a genetic disposition towards gamma behavior but even so, it is certainly worth questioning all the same.  I would wager dollar to donut that weddings like this have actually increased in number. Some of us here have the cop on to stay out of the game, or at least attack the game with a cache of weapons behind it, but there's this quiet desperation to the whole thing that is not so easy to decipher. The lads I know that have an extra decade on me, despite knowing the deal, are either feeling the pinch of social ostracism or are married themselves. Is there even a marriage strike, or is it blown up to a bigger extent? Even the quality of the lassie comes into question. Ziggy zaggy cultural marxism. Soon, it becomes socially acceptable to marry older lassies who have done their time on the carousel. God forbid men don't get 20 year old hotties and women don't get masculine men anymore! No! That be sexist! Fuck it, replace divorce with lynching divorced men, and you fuckos would still get married! Won't happen to me, but son, you will not escape the bell curve, Beta hat. Skingin.

I get talking to a young lassie. She's smiling. She's brushing her hair back. She's talking about studying sociology. She's smoking a cigarette with de palm exposed. She laughing. She's talking about school, some bitch being a bitch to another bitch. She seems genuinely happy for the bride. And dis cunt be thinking, surely tae fuck none of this is going to end even remotely well for the pair of us.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Zimmerman, MSM, Tyler Durden Syndrome and Other Stuff (Franco's Back!)

A cunt will never never ever never forget the first time. A corollary to this: a cunt, will have himself a theory based upon many an observation in reality and on the webz, and when it is fully confirmed, the cunt will, with all the lightbulbs going off and whatnot, remember that precise moment in time when the null hypothesis cannot be rejected. Take your first reading of game. You've brought a lassie back and last minute resistance is there. You use Roissy's whole "I want to fuck you right now but..." thing, and suddenly Thunderbirds are go and Well Hung Franco is there and thereabouts and the lassie is wow Franco wow!  Take a look on how corrupt and fucked up the mainstream media is, that be another one. Yous feel that yous are getting an image that is not representative of reality. You have one puzzle piece but you need more. You watch a show like Brass Eye and you're laughing your hole off not just because it is funny, but because it has more than a modicum of truth to it.

The Zimmerman/Martin trial confirmed something to me. It's not that I'm particularly intelligent, far from it. It's that you fuckos are so dumb, you cannot even meddle around with the google and obtain the evidence, the facts of the matter, and come to your own conclusions. Moreso, if you can't look at something like this properly, then what right do you have, to have a vote, to have a voice, if you are willing to send an innocent man to jail just because of "dat racism" or making yourself feel good while yous are sitting in Temple Bar, sipping iced tea and acting like quite the Charlie smiley fuckhammers? So long to the news ken.

There haven't been riots, thank god. Sure, the media has turned this into a great "fuck blackey signed whitey" conflagration where even Irish protests are springing up around the whole thing, which goes together as well as chalk and cheese do in a sense, but no riots ken. Why is that? Feels just like spinning plates, does it not? Cunts making pretty speeches and the rest of us being cut to pieces.

Excellent video, very thorough. I'm going to add three more reasons to what has been said above en aw, all of them important in their own way. One is obfuscating psychology bullshit that I probably won't end up explaining very well, but the other two are salt and vinegar crisps with Coke all the fucken way.

First, one of the reasons the thirst for kicking seven lumps of shite out of Mr. Plantation laddo is the fact that Zimmerman was tried by an all female jury. This is extremely important for two reasons. First, the MSM has lost an extremely important weapon in the whole discrimination of Martin battle. If this was a jury of six men, then yous can yell discrimination and priveledge to high heaven, thus exacerbating the fire of hatred and intolerance even more. But, with a jury of six women?

You're a misogynistic, women hating, sexist aspergey fucktard for even suggesting women cannot make a decision! Go forbid de lassie be irrational because the sun shines out de lassie fanny does it not? But men! They are privi cisgendered twats, all of them! Thus, the MSM are not able to go down this road, so less hatred is stirred up. There's all the subconscious truth, that most people sans the most twisted, amygdala damaged liberal are fully cognizant of, that women are easier to manipulate emotionally, that a jury of white women are more susceptible to prosecution "dis be a racist" crap than an all male jury. The fact that they didn't fall for this, or compromise on a manslaughter charge, that just about the worst jury that Zimmerman could get, still found him not guilty? Subconsciously, I think people know what is going on here.

Second, we have entertainment. One of the things I have found dropping the porn and dropping the videogames is that my drive has gone up substantially in a number of areas. Combine this with rampant obesity, and yous are left with indignation, a strong dislike rather than full blown, visceral, animistic rage. Entertainment is creating a population of indifferent, vicariously through the fucko on the screen, thus the rage, the FUCK YOUS DE DAFT CUNTS is extinguished en aw.

Fuck, loadsa fire based similes and metaphors in this thing. Let us keep going anyhoo.

The third point is the most bullshitty, but bear with a cunt here, it will work out in the end, go for fucken pints en aw, hopefully. If you have a facebook, I want you to log into your account. What do you notice about facebook? The friends list right? 200 people? Dunbars number is 150 people as far as I know. Who has 200 real friends? Who? Why is it all the fat girls have the angle picture, to make them look less fat? Why is it that you rarely hear of shit well and truly hitting the fan on de Facebook? Call it Tyler Durden syndrome. The internet, through being able to be completely anonymous and being able to carefully edit what appears to others, means we can construct our own Tylers. The Men's Right's Activists? Losers in their parent's basements ,co dependent gamma males with a collection of the finest (that's right Jimmy, all the colors of the rainbow!) butt plugs money can buy? No, online they are activists! They are crusaders! Heroes! They are fighting the good fight! But, actual activism? You don't undertake it because you do that shit online en aw, so yous go eh fuck it!, butt plug and youporn time! Now, take a look at twitter and all this I'm going to go kill Zimmerman stuff that is floating around. What have some blacks done in regards to twitter accounts and whatnot? They have created an image of themselves as a kick arse gangster! No Limit Nigga (Trayvon's username on twitter), give em hell ken, and all that kind of thing. Careful now! In real life, you're miserable, yous are a Dukie. Online, yous are the toughest motherfucker in all the land, so you can live out all of you your gangster fantasy shit online.

But this does something else in return. The ego ken. If you've built this image of yourself online as being this mega awesome dude, you don't want the ego to take de pummeling. The gamma male who comments at Sunshine Mary about de wimminz and can't talk to a lassie for toffee. The kid who plays gangster, but who doesn't want to end up on America's Funniest Robberies to challenge this emotional paradigm he has up and running. The internet allows you to live a fantasy without challenging it. This is why bloggers like Neckbeard Chronicles shut down shop. They realized that internet, manosphere commenting is often ersatz self improvement. Porn is ersatz sex. Gangster twitter and entertainment is ersatz rioting and whatnot. Hey, apparently this generation is more narcissistic that previous ones. What's out of line with all of this?

That's not to say shit won't hit the fan. I'm saying that all of this stuff has played everything down. But it is a sign of things to come. If I was a ruley bastard, the internet is certainly a dicey thing to play with. It's Newtonian. On one hand, the monopoly of power over information has been decimated. The red pill wasn't a massive shock to me admittedly, I had many of the pieces, I had a destination but no map to get there. But on the other hand, the Cathedral is propped up by entertainment, and what exactly boredom is. Boredom is another gamechanger, but right now, twould be blaring hot and Franco needs beers and hoes and some schmokes, mega style!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Thank You

So this one is going to be short and sweet. Essentially I'm approaching the first year anniversary of this blog, and dis be one of these things where Franco sits around, and there's a big circle jerk thing on the whole blogging gig, and every cunt out there feels good and warm and gooey about himself. This post is also going to contain a few updates and points and whatnot.

First, my views. Thanks to Keoni Galt, Mitch of Apocalypse Cometh, Matt Forney, Viva La Manosphere, Tempest T Cup, The Private Man, Free Northerner and Your Brain on Porn in particular linking me in, everyone else has been great, but this blog has been getting an enormous amount extra views from these blogs in particular. They must be getting a shitload giant wheelbarrel of views ken. Anyone else who has been linking me in, much appreciated and sound out. If yous are in the Dublin area any time soon, buy yous a pint en aw. Getting roughly speaking 500 hits a day so sound out to these lads. Otherwise, this blog would probably be as barren as a spinster's snatch.

Second, the commentators. Anyone who has commented, again sound out and yeah, keep doing it, yees be ledges en aw. And anyone who has read, sound out, honest to christ on a bike appreciate it!

Third, I think this blog has declined in quality in the past while, mainly cause I've been living like a social recluse. Mainly trying to get my shit in order. Essentially, I've this major plan, which is about five years in length and this nomad Franco shit is absolutely utterly fucking necessary ken. Kinda like Stalin, but with less deaths. Come the next while, I'm going to see if I can fully launch into game, particularly Day Game. I'm making excuses. I've field tested it and I've had some success, and of course Day Gaming needs money, which is by far my biggest problem right now. But yeah ken, should be interesting! There's only so much hedge fund pussy tae pull.

Fourth, I'm going to see if I can put an e-book together. Haven't decided on what yet, but a project is a project ken. Hopping to it en aw.

Fifth a cunt need to write so that a cunt can stop being a cunt, at least for a second. Start a blog yourself. In the modern epoch, the idea of bettering yourself, encompassing the masculine and not being a sack of shit, is under fire by the enfilade of The Cathedral. A cunt needs all the help he can get. All works out, and we can get pints afterwords. I can pour a fucken mean one en aw.

Francis Begbie Ramblings 4

 Prelude: See this excellent post first. 

Reality is reality, whether you like it or not. Hypergamy is hypergamy and will always be. Men will always be attracted to beautiful fertile svelte women, Lindy West take note and shut de piehole before you embarrass yourself further. Reality is not pretty, it is ugly, dark, sad a lot of the time. But, it is better to let the pretty lies perish, than try and invert the human persona to your willing. Any human system, whether it is social, economic, political must bear this in mind. It is far more lucrative to construct a system based around what man is, rather than what he should be.

This is more of a corollary to the above. All of the aforementioned includes you as well. You have to be able to look at yourself in a dark mirror, put your ego aside, and see where yous are fucking up, whether it be women or moolah or whatever. Be honest. The loser who recognizes he is a loser and tries to something about it is a better man than the fuckamajimbo who sits on his arse immersed in the world of World of Warcraft hours upon hours a day. If yous are fucking up, it is more than likely your fault, pure and simple. If it is not your fault, like some HR cunt coming down on you hard or whatever, or how your parents were cunts, there's a "then what?" moment. Then what ken? What do you do then?

No one cares about you. No one, bar your parents, a couple of close mates, maybe your dog. This is actually kind of liberating in a way, paradoxically. It should be used to your advantage if at all possible.

There isn't such thing as atheism to be honest. Everyone believes in something. A true atheist is dead inside. Christianity, a leap of faith as Kierkegaard put it, is probably one of the healthiest things you can believe in anyways, not to mention it was responsible for western civilization staying on the wheels for as long as it did. Certainly far healthier than not being able to recognize intrinsic difference between men and de lassie and whatnot.

The old books, The Bible, Homer, Aristotle, Kant etc had a much greater comprehension of human person than the average person does today.

Evil is not a bad guy dressed in silly clothes trying to blow up the world with a fucken ray gun. Evil, 99 percent of the time, is done by people who genuinely think they are doing the right thing. Some of this stems from good intentions, other times from blatant, all consuming narcissism. The English Literature university professor is an agent of evil. So are economists like Paul Krugman. The results of evil, the end game, the finished product, are often pathetic, sad looking creatures. I tend to pity feminists if nothing else, don't yous ken?

If there's anything dark that you have to deal with, skeletons in your closet, deal with it sooner rather than later. No amount of weightlifting will help, if there's a deep, painful insecurity that you are not dealing with head on. Get help if you need it.

You don't deserve special privilege because you have a vagina. You don't deserve special privilege cause you are attracted to men. You don't deserve special privilege because you're black/mexican/white etc. A cunt is a cunt. Yer still a fucken cunt mate. Maybe that's why no one likes you, no? 


From a game perspective, Dark Triad/Machiavellian stuff is a crap place to start from, not necessarily because it is morally questionable, but because you end up building your ego around it.  That's not to say a pinch of it won't help you out though.

Happiness is a pretty shitty word to be honest. Humans need conflict, strife, to be in a certain state of disequilibrium to be content with their existence. There be a good conflict and bad conflict though.

The Manosphere is acting the role as a surrogate father. If all of this shit wasn't happening, it would have not come about in the way that it did. 

In order to get into game properly, often a cunt has to hit rock bottom.

MRA's are co-dependents with inferiority complexes.

You've a long way to go yet ken. Life is long en aw.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Useful Idiots

Seems that this side of the interwebz has picked up mega sthyyle in the past few days en aw, Return of Kings getting most of the credit in this regard. First, we have popular Irish events magazine Totally Dublin with an opinion piece, describing RoK as "depressingly serious" and "the most sexist website on the internet". Dum dum dum ken! Get the beans and rice and into the bomb shelter and fuck dem cunts who don't have their own shelterinnis! Well we agree to disagree my dear lassie. It's essentially In Mala Fide, sans the white nationalist fruitbags en aw, with some good writers now and again. There's not much to the article to be perfectly frank, the writer continues onto bizarrely compare Rok to fucken Cosmos, all dem articles on how to improve de man of your dreams by flashing him de aul wrinkly snatch pad. Irrespective of this though, RoK has just been mentioned in a quite popular SWPL trendy hipsteririshtit internet article, so the wheels are defo in motion so to speak.

The second piece comes from the wonderful killer of privacy and driver of the female hamster into the interstellar overdrive of cut copy and paste solipsism which is de Facebook, but of course, a little be of background information is required here first. See, one thing I like to dos, in the same way some cunts like to get the rocks off en aw, is read through Universitys and their various groups. The Neofrontal cortex of The Cathedral is the universities and the groups are the beta receptors. Browsing these groups, their facebook paces, one of the things I've noticed is that MRA's are actually quite well known. Moreover, if someone on de left is not leering quite left enough on the spectrum, he is often called out for being an MRA, a balless, eviscerated sack of shit. An MRA is an insult, a derogatory term now among the left in college campuses. Now, I despise the MRM and are ashamed to share the same anatomy with them, but this is an interesting turn of events is it not? This shit is rooted highly in the Cathedral mindset, and thus, will lead to I think, two developments:

1: As the left loses out on their magical gay discrimination, gay marriage card and whatnot, the next targets in the left singularity will be the MRM. I'm seeing it on these facebook groups. Roosh's prediction of the manosphere in 2013, corollary to this, is that the MRM will as well, despite it being quite inchoate at this moment in time. But, they will be used as the insulting term. A man can can have gay friends while disagreeing with gay marriage for example, but get the right person on the other side of the fence yelling you homophobe, secret closet boy, and all shite hits the fan ken. The same with the MRM. We are next, and the MRM will get bigger. Because (a), every monster needs a Goldstein and (b), we will, whether we like or not, Christian en aw, become that monster. Brace yourselves ken. You read heartiste to help sustain a long term relationship with a good lassie? Naw, you're a fucken MRA rapist who lives in his mothers basement, creaming his underwear to high definition porn.

2: The MRM will become the useful fucken arse faced idiots used to increase state control of the family. This has been talked about ad nauseum by Rod Fedders, Aurini, Forney etc. No need to go over it here.

So anyway, here's some stuff from one of the biggest universities in Ireland and their facebook groups. BTW, every single one of these university groups on Facebook are open groups, so any wee cunt can access them:

The comments go on with this. Herby pasty faced gammas, this is not a feminist t-shirts, dye in the hair and shitty fucken pony tails, sitting jovially alongside lassies with useless degrees in Sociology and who have been hit in the face multiple times by the uggo tree of God,Queen Bee types, watching the comments descend into a series of dissonant squalls of wow just wow, and fuck them lads right off! Having said that, this is not an article that I'm admittedly too fond of, and that is almost certainly what is also going to happen as the sphere gets bigger in size. Certain articles and blogs will be cherry picked. The MRA tag will be more than just MRA cunts. They will be used to encompass myriad of things, be it racist, homophobe and whatnot. We be all MRAs boyos!Which of course is a crying shame as the sphere, first and foremost, is about self improvement, honesty and advice.

But then of course, you can discuss what exactly might work against this. Universities are in trouble ken. It is more than possible to have a university level of education in mathematics thanks to Khan Academy/MathDoctorBob videos, for example. There are more and more online courses. It is easy for universities to censor certain things (that's why deconstructionism is so fucking great, every cunt is living off of their own relative truths)when there is an iron grip on ideas and beliefs, and but so, there isn't a monopoly on information anymore, the internet screwing the bitch big sthhyle in this way. An Edward Snowden type can cause an enormous amount of damage as a resuly. News channels are becoming sloppier with delivering news too. Watch as Irish broadcaster RTE, the epitome of this, is put forward. They played an important role in prolonging the banking crisis, outright ignoring and playing down people who tried to get information about the banking crisis into the public sphere. And them, them people will do their damnedest will they not? You're talking down the economy they say! Personally, I'm up for a bit of the old Cathedral trolling myself, what about yous cunts?

So, rambly post from the Franco, TL DR for the autistic goldfish generation: Expect shit to get bigger. Expect the MRA to get bigger. Expect people to strike back with using Peter Nolan or some knob like that as a paintbrush example. But, as the tax base continues to shrink precipitiously, as man's potential economic surplus is destroyed by omega male world of warcraft addiction, no fault divorce, players and cads piled up on top of each other like a house of cards, and an army of smooth and sexy out sexbots that more than enjoy the pleasures of Well Hung Franco (Tm), reality will hit them like a sledgehammer to the face.

The question is, what happens now?