Sunday, 28 July 2013

A Man Of His Word

Funny. The more shit changes, the more shit stays the same. The most loquacious amongst us, proclaiming that this is wrong and this is right, and this works this way and that works in another way, often tend to be the ones who are the least resistant to change. "Lemme pray the gay out of you" the preacher man says. Ten days later, he's getting all down and dirty with a man with a mustache called Charles in a motel room on the outskirts of town.

Be weird writing on this topic ken, kinda conjures up the image of two fussie duddies talking shite over the washing line en aw. But basically, that Mark Minter guy, the most staunch, anti conjugal bells motherfucker residing in the manosphere, writing big long tirades on how the whole fucken thing has been basterdized and why yous cunts should not be getting married. That guy, well yeah, he's got himself hitched up with (the second manosphere writer to do so I think) to a single mother. This has disappointed many a cunt in this here parts as of late. But the thing is kind of sobering too, in its one perverted little way.

A cunt has learned:

A man will do anything for some snatch. This is why a lot of the MGTOW bozo the clown types can be funny goofy motherfuckers at times. The second the whiff of pussy enflames de nostrils, they're just like the preacher and mustache Charlie.

There be a lot of paper alpha types doing the rounds. Well, ok, let a cunt expand on that point a wee bit, so sit yourself down and break open de whiskey. I've talked about Tyler Durden internetz, vicarious indolence bullcrap before, but I do think it warrants another blatheronabout with methinks. See, one of the things about the manosphere is that it is really fucken easy, especially when ego plays a role, to be caught in the finer details, be it Game, nutrition and whathaveyeson. Game has a number of universal rules to it, but ultimately, it has to be fine tuned to your personality, your experiences and your feelings. A 6ft 2 muscular Brad Pitt fella who has hit the genetic lottery is in a very different boat to a George Costanza lookalike. Introversion and extroversion. The difference between being a normal well adjusted man going full blown social genius and the gamma male trying to carry a conversation without making a gigantic titarsecunt of himself. Ultimately, that's all up to yous and yous alone and that's fine ken dontcha know en aw. But then it turns into masquerading as this lad who did this awesome shite and whatnot, and ultimately, it just falls apart at the seams. It's bad for yous, cause you don't make any emotional progress and it be bad for all of us, cause we all look like a right old bunch of arseholes then, don't we?

Which brings us intae the second part of this. The Antiversity. What is our goal here? To espouse truth and ideas themselves. Economics, Feminism, Liberalism, inexorably linked to the breathing apparatus of the conglomeration, civilization, de land of de Big Mac. We're a bunch of arseholes on the internet drinking in the dark, but them cunts, they have the universities, the media, the whole shebang. So, what do you do? Hijacking the culture, but also, engaging in a bit of sniping, a bit of cultural guerrila warfare where yous manoeuvrings in and out of the slipsteam like the slimy bastard that you are.

It is morally right to become the best person you can be. It is a tribute to your parents for one thing. But also, we cunts must become men of our words. Hell, that's why dat Dr Illusion fella is a good a blog as he is, cunt is a man of his word. A deft cunt, a polymath, must learn how to be the most interesting man in the room, the strongest man in the room and what have you son. But, by being men of our words, we are automatically attacking the Cathedral, whether a cunt knows it or not. See how this works? What is the skinny fat Neutral Milk Hotel (fuck I hate that album so much), marxoid bellend going tae do when yous just stole the lassie of his dreams from under him? Take a look at the Roosh forum. There's a lot of good shit on Mark Minter, but the main issue about the whole thing is this. If you want a hope in hell of getting this machine up and running, you need to be a man of your word, not this paper alpha shite. And that is why this whole debacle with Minter is so bloody insinuating. Minter was not a man of his word, therefore, there is a greater inconsistency, to what a cunt be trying to do en aw here.

De temporal cunt, the lucky man, the temerity to say all of this and then get hitched up to a manosphere lassie. 34 and he be 58. Fair deuce to the fucko if that be the story and good luck to the pair of them. But we are playing with human nature here. What attracts lassies to the manosphere in the first place? Sounds so counter intuitive does it not? Take a read of Hooking up Smart if yous get the chance, some of the content there is err...

As de Captain would say, stay frosty lads. Nothing more powerful on the planet then pussy ken...

Unless you're David Futrelle.


  1. It's funny too how a female can get on a mainly male site & all of the guys that are regularly very down on women in the comments, congregate around the female & the entire conversation changes according to the girl's whim.

    Pussy Power!!! (LOL;jk)

    1. Kinda like how Sunshine Mary gets so many views, while some of the manosphere's greatest (Fedders/Bonecracker/Pook) ae flat out ignored. It twould be called manosphere for a reason en aw.

  2. Nearest i can figure is its laziness on mens part. Going out and finding new tail and getting the notch takes work, and even repeats on same girl are a challenge. The girl moaning and orgasming one night wont answer a text the next. I've often felt the "what i woulnt give for something real and consistent" but i also know in our culture that isnt to be. Getting married doesnt help that, just puts a gun to your head. Truly only reason to marry is a man is overcome with desire for children raised right. Otherwise even an old man, gamd the girl or she bails married or not, who needs the state holding a gun to your head?

    1. Yeah, exactly. I mean, marriage is a raw deal, but if (a), you've got Game, (b) she's a decent lass and not a headcase and (c) you really really want children and yous are willing to work your bollocks off to help them out, then yeah, get married one hundred percent ken. We're talking about Bayes at the end of the day after all. I think that men should know what they are up against, but if you fill those criteria, then that be gravy.

      Problem is, what? 20 percent of men and women meet those requirements?

  3. who the hell is the minter guy everyones talking about?

    i always like reading your posts. now i want to go watch some rab c. nesbitt.

    and yeah, to TT. i can't help but chuckle when i see the guys flock around a woman's comments on the sites. i prefer to mess with the one's that come to mine. and you know it cuz i mess you you all the time. lol.

    and you love it too.

    1. Haha, I had to type that into youtube, didn't hear of it. Fucken weird ken! All the episodes are up on the tube.

      Fucken manosphere has its own groupies thing going on. Good shite en aw.

    2. yeah. you definately have a unique angle.

      i think i'm gonna listen to some arab strap. lol.