Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Francis Begbie Ramblings 4

 Prelude: See this excellent post first. 

Reality is reality, whether you like it or not. Hypergamy is hypergamy and will always be. Men will always be attracted to beautiful fertile svelte women, Lindy West take note and shut de piehole before you embarrass yourself further. Reality is not pretty, it is ugly, dark, sad a lot of the time. But, it is better to let the pretty lies perish, than try and invert the human persona to your willing. Any human system, whether it is social, economic, political must bear this in mind. It is far more lucrative to construct a system based around what man is, rather than what he should be.

This is more of a corollary to the above. All of the aforementioned includes you as well. You have to be able to look at yourself in a dark mirror, put your ego aside, and see where yous are fucking up, whether it be women or moolah or whatever. Be honest. The loser who recognizes he is a loser and tries to something about it is a better man than the fuckamajimbo who sits on his arse immersed in the world of World of Warcraft hours upon hours a day. If yous are fucking up, it is more than likely your fault, pure and simple. If it is not your fault, like some HR cunt coming down on you hard or whatever, or how your parents were cunts, there's a "then what?" moment. Then what ken? What do you do then?

No one cares about you. No one, bar your parents, a couple of close mates, maybe your dog. This is actually kind of liberating in a way, paradoxically. It should be used to your advantage if at all possible.

There isn't such thing as atheism to be honest. Everyone believes in something. A true atheist is dead inside. Christianity, a leap of faith as Kierkegaard put it, is probably one of the healthiest things you can believe in anyways, not to mention it was responsible for western civilization staying on the wheels for as long as it did. Certainly far healthier than not being able to recognize intrinsic difference between men and de lassie and whatnot.

The old books, The Bible, Homer, Aristotle, Kant etc had a much greater comprehension of human person than the average person does today.

Evil is not a bad guy dressed in silly clothes trying to blow up the world with a fucken ray gun. Evil, 99 percent of the time, is done by people who genuinely think they are doing the right thing. Some of this stems from good intentions, other times from blatant, all consuming narcissism. The English Literature university professor is an agent of evil. So are economists like Paul Krugman. The results of evil, the end game, the finished product, are often pathetic, sad looking creatures. I tend to pity feminists if nothing else, don't yous ken?

If there's anything dark that you have to deal with, skeletons in your closet, deal with it sooner rather than later. No amount of weightlifting will help, if there's a deep, painful insecurity that you are not dealing with head on. Get help if you need it.

You don't deserve special privilege because you have a vagina. You don't deserve special privilege cause you are attracted to men. You don't deserve special privilege because you're black/mexican/white etc. A cunt is a cunt. Yer still a fucken cunt mate. Maybe that's why no one likes you, no? 


From a game perspective, Dark Triad/Machiavellian stuff is a crap place to start from, not necessarily because it is morally questionable, but because you end up building your ego around it.  That's not to say a pinch of it won't help you out though.

Happiness is a pretty shitty word to be honest. Humans need conflict, strife, to be in a certain state of disequilibrium to be content with their existence. There be a good conflict and bad conflict though.

The Manosphere is acting the role as a surrogate father. If all of this shit wasn't happening, it would have not come about in the way that it did. 

In order to get into game properly, often a cunt has to hit rock bottom.

MRA's are co-dependents with inferiority complexes.

You've a long way to go yet ken. Life is long en aw.


  1. well said. excellent post Mate.

  2. "Reality is not pretty....But, it is better to let the pretty lies perish"

    That's the absolute truth. Can be harsh to face, especially if whatever lie about the world you hold is used to cushion your ego from taking a beating, but it's that short-term pain versus the long-term benefit.

    Thanks for the linkage.

    1. Yeah no problem, found your blog through Yousowould, good post en aw.

      That's exactly how I think as well and in fact, shit would be better for everyone involved if more people were cognizant of this simple truth.

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