Friday, 26 July 2013

Gamma Male TL;DR Edition

Ah right then, so Free Northerner has this series planned on hows to not be a completely aspergery fucktard en aw and dat not be good cause the average cunt on the street has no time for de aspergery fucktard. I left a comment over at his place, but hey, cause I bes a lazy cunt, here's a reposting of it here. I'm reluctant to do what Free is doing here, but what the hey ken. Here's the comment and here is a link to it on Free's blog:

Interesting. Might steal your idea a bit Free, if yous don’t mind? I’m the same as you I think. 

Off the top of my head:

-Gammas/Omegas are quite a bit behind in terms of social skills. All things considered, a delta will be able to improve a LOT quicker than a gamma/omega. You don’t undo years of bullshit just like that. So be patient. 

-If you are joining a club, join a boxing club, or a proper martial arts club like Brazilian Ju Jujitsu/MMA. Take universities for example, which tend to have societies and clubs. You want to go for these ones and stay the fuck away from video game clubs, writing clubs that are filled with pretentious hipster fucktards, bullshit self defense like Ninjitsu or something, and whatnot. 

-Gamma breeds gamma. A gamma male will not like it if yous are doing better than him. They will cockblock you in a club, they will say shit about yous to get laid. If that is the case, fucken bail. Ditch the cunt and never go back. Toxic people.

-Gammas often have co dependency tendencies. If yous have hate for a narcissistic mother for example, let it go, accept it that it wasn’t your fault, BUT that doesn’t mean you wallow in self pity. The Rawness “I’m good as I am, but I can do better”

-You are not as smart as you think you are honestly. You have a 140 IQ? Great! So what have you done with it? Show me that hot piece of ass or that proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem. Otherwise, yous be a fucken midwit. The point is, don’t rationalize shit away. IQ and being introverted tend to be big ones. 

-Gamma fantasies=finding the hot piece of ass at the side of the road and her in trouble and yous get the knight in shining armor thing one. Bullshit. Get it into your fucken head. Women are just as flawed as men in different ways. Stop fantasizing about the lassie who is EXACTLY like you in personality, a version of you with tits, stop fantasting about being the hero cunt, its not going to happen. 

-Read books like How to Make Friends and Influence People, Thinking Fast and Slow, and blogs like Barking up the wrong tree. Robert Greene books are good too in that they will keep your head above water while many a cunt fights it out.

-Lift weights/no porn/paleo diet etc.Even the ugliest men, the short fat bald Costanza type can look pretty damn good with the right dress/physique. 

-Read the Great Books for Men, lozozozozozozozlozozoz. 

-If you have social anxiety, get help for it, get therapy. Yous be surprised how good en aw. Oh, and stay away from female therapists if possible. 

- Ignore posts like this:

There’s more, but I’ll leave it there ken. I think I’m the same as yous, but this stuff has helped me anyway. Be interested to see what you think.


  1. As a Beal Feirstian who drops by every so often, why d'ye keep saying ken? Is it a Dublin thing? Keep up the good work.

    1. Scottish ken. Dinnae sound toos bad nowt, so I just threw it in there. Oddly enough, I've heard ken mentioned up in Ulster, though only a couple of times.

      Cheers and sound for the reads!

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