Monday, 22 July 2013

David Cameron Is A Giant Twat and Why It Shouldn't Be So Hard To Get The TV Man to Put Pornography on my Telly

Seems that dat mad bastard Chris Morris was right after all ken.*

This is what it comes down tae. Fuck me sideways ken. Hysteria. Childishness, twatiness an extreme kind of puerile behavior that makes a lad with a plan sick to de fucken gills, drowning himself in a pint of plain. Your only man cunts, your only man. It is more than a little bit sad then, that all these big, sweeping changes where the cunt is a part of something, come from moments of brain drain. The abortion malarky in Ireland was started because an Indian lassie died from a condition which was so rare that the doctors couldn't recognize it, and yet this shitty, silly little island has caught the jungle fever where many a cunt is shouting out of windows, pictures of de fetus having a less than merry time, Youth Defense websites getting hacked en aw, and just cunts being cunts. The narrative of the white supremest gunning down a fucken 5 year old black kid with a fucken M60, all of it ken. Call it a black swan or whatever, but many an event seems to be driven by some seeminly frivolous grade a bullshit.

 David Cameron, the gobshite who looks like he's just been on the end of a painful enema, wants to stop you looking at pornography, because it is deleterious towards your children, and moreso, the child pornography, pedos dressed as fucken schools, that industry is clearly burgeoning is it not? Well, here's the thing when it comes to his pornography fapping plan. See, Cameron is well known to be a fan of something called libertarian paternalism and all de "nudge" shite. It's a behavioral economics concept, where the idea is that we want yous to do something motherfuckers, so we'll modify the environment or the architecture in a certain way, so you undertake the action we want you to take. But yous are taking the action yourself, so shit be all good. It's just you won't. Will you?

So how does libertarian paternalism work in this context? Well, they've actually been doing this in the U.S for quite sometime. And of course, this shite talk started with the Baby Boomers. Take a look at the graph below:

Oh those Boomers! Spending all of their money! Ye know something! For my funeral, I've always wanted a Funland! With fucken merry go rounds and elephants and a gold coffin. And belly dancers!

Fucken cunts. 

So with this, they managed to exploit a little bit of psychology shit called the status quo bias. What this is the tendency to do what has already been done. So, they found that, if you automatically sign people up to a 401k, they will more than likely stick to it. But, if you give people the option to sign up for a 401k, they will not sign on and spend their money like the brain damaged dildos that they are. Loss aversion ken. Of course, the hilarious thing is that when shit hits the wall they will confiscate all that lovely 401k money from you so it's all good! But that's what Cameron is trying to do here. The fact that you have to sign up, plus the Alan Partridge level of embarrassment of asking the tv man to put brazillian fart porn on your telly, is a means to make damn sure you stop looking at pornography.

There are a number of issues out there with this, even the most gambrious of lads among you can see this, and it's not just this incessant pantophobia that is part and parcel of the modern epoch. First, this argument from Cameron is made on feelings, relative truths, every cunt is stuck in their own little ponds. Porn, objectively, biologically screws up your brain tae high heaven. It messes with the beta receptors, causing your brain to be less receptive to dopamine, therefore making a cunt less jovial in his day to day dealings. Japanese men, herbivore phenomena, bloggers like Mangan have put forward the hypothesis that ubiquitous pornography consumption is one of the reasons that birth rates have taken a nosedive and herbivore men have been on the rise. Japan is interesting. It is the canary in the goldmine for MGTOW. But anyways. Porn be shitty, no doubt there. But obviously, if this is made on touchy feely shite, then what's stopping those lads being able to get Franco off the air because de wee bairn might get his brain contaminated with mind goo? That's the one that is really worrying and that's why libertarian paternalism bothers me. It works on the assumption that the decision yous are encouraged to make is a good one. What if it is not? Will rapes go up if gamma/omega males don't have a sexual outlet as a result of this? Quite possibly. There is no doubt though that pornography is an important part of the entertainment triumvirate, and yous could certainly see some interesting results coming from this. Yous should not be using porn, or if yous are, it be a rare treat. Game on fuckos.

There's also the whole femcentric thing going on, which is irony at its most base level cause the sexual deviants of this world thanks to the porn, have a sexual outlet do they not. That's the second part of it. Are they banning T.V shows like Sex and the City and Cougar Town? Books like Fifty Shades of Franco? Hell no! This is why this one particular is so interesting. Cameron really is messing with fire here. In fact, I'm going to wager the reason the misandry bubble has stayed up as long as it has is because of high speed internet porn. Perhaps this could be a blessing in disguise, or perhaps, a cunt is going to be heading down the slipperiest slope, one that be beyond the imagination to the day to day cunt, but up above, two dead wankers, one who wrote a book about soma, the other on how to get laid with a younger lassie, they be looking at a fellaw with a mad aul maw, and be saying, yous fucken cunts, we told yous, didn't we?

Postscript: A lot of this stuff comes down to shoddy parenting, pure and simple. Make sure your kid doesn't have access to porn at a young age. Then, circa 13/14, get him off his Cheetos eating arse and into a gym, and if he's smart enough, toss him some books and blogs on game, maybe hire him a hooker to get the virginity thing out of the way en aw. That way, he'll be fine for pussy, he won't have to undo literally years of damage to his social skills in his early twenties or later, and he won't have a need for porn or getting addicted to it.

Also, if yous want to bypass the whole search/block thing. Tis simple. Use Tor ken. It be free and spy like en aw. Imma about to do so in the next while. Well Hung Franco (TM) can never be too careful.  

*In my opinion, the finest piece of comedy ever.


  1. I clicked on that link and read this and only this;

    “Online pornography to be blocked by default, PM announces
    Comments (1894)

    David Cameron: “In the balance between freedom and responsibility we have neglected our responsibility to children”
    Continue reading the main story
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    Most households in the UK will have pornography blocked by their internet provider unless they choose to receive it, David Cameron has announced.”

    …Without reading further, I totally support it. Here’s why. Porn is not a “human right”. Those who want it should be able to access it. And those who don’t want it, such as myself, should not have to be subject to it, unsolicited.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on a NON porn site only to be subject to a pornographic ad. Such as when I asked my 13 year old nephew to help me find a very mainstream movie on a website that provides very mainstream movies, and on the side of the screen we were both subject to bare assed advertisements.

    What’s that about?

    I didn’t google for that. I didn’t solicit that. I didn’t even want it.

    Forget about it corrupting children (which it is), its corrupting ME, or at least my vision and mind for the time that I am subject to it.

    If people want porn they should get it by looking for it. But leave the rest of us alone.

    1. I think porn is vile and I wouldn't put it anywhere near a kid. Someone that age should be learning social skills, in order to not have trouble with lassies so he won't have to use porn in the first place.

      Dunno, keep the computer away from him, or put it in an area where he can't use porn. Install some blockers? The thing bothers me, because replace "opting" into porn with "opting" into evil manosphere blogs in 5 years time, and that be free speech stuff compromised, right?