Friday, 5 July 2013

Useful Idiots

Seems that this side of the interwebz has picked up mega sthyyle in the past few days en aw, Return of Kings getting most of the credit in this regard. First, we have popular Irish events magazine Totally Dublin with an opinion piece, describing RoK as "depressingly serious" and "the most sexist website on the internet". Dum dum dum ken! Get the beans and rice and into the bomb shelter and fuck dem cunts who don't have their own shelterinnis! Well we agree to disagree my dear lassie. It's essentially In Mala Fide, sans the white nationalist fruitbags en aw, with some good writers now and again. There's not much to the article to be perfectly frank, the writer continues onto bizarrely compare Rok to fucken Cosmos, all dem articles on how to improve de man of your dreams by flashing him de aul wrinkly snatch pad. Irrespective of this though, RoK has just been mentioned in a quite popular SWPL trendy hipsteririshtit internet article, so the wheels are defo in motion so to speak.

The second piece comes from the wonderful killer of privacy and driver of the female hamster into the interstellar overdrive of cut copy and paste solipsism which is de Facebook, but of course, a little be of background information is required here first. See, one thing I like to dos, in the same way some cunts like to get the rocks off en aw, is read through Universitys and their various groups. The Neofrontal cortex of The Cathedral is the universities and the groups are the beta receptors. Browsing these groups, their facebook paces, one of the things I've noticed is that MRA's are actually quite well known. Moreover, if someone on de left is not leering quite left enough on the spectrum, he is often called out for being an MRA, a balless, eviscerated sack of shit. An MRA is an insult, a derogatory term now among the left in college campuses. Now, I despise the MRM and are ashamed to share the same anatomy with them, but this is an interesting turn of events is it not? This shit is rooted highly in the Cathedral mindset, and thus, will lead to I think, two developments:

1: As the left loses out on their magical gay discrimination, gay marriage card and whatnot, the next targets in the left singularity will be the MRM. I'm seeing it on these facebook groups. Roosh's prediction of the manosphere in 2013, corollary to this, is that the MRM will as well, despite it being quite inchoate at this moment in time. But, they will be used as the insulting term. A man can can have gay friends while disagreeing with gay marriage for example, but get the right person on the other side of the fence yelling you homophobe, secret closet boy, and all shite hits the fan ken. The same with the MRM. We are next, and the MRM will get bigger. Because (a), every monster needs a Goldstein and (b), we will, whether we like or not, Christian en aw, become that monster. Brace yourselves ken. You read heartiste to help sustain a long term relationship with a good lassie? Naw, you're a fucken MRA rapist who lives in his mothers basement, creaming his underwear to high definition porn.

2: The MRM will become the useful fucken arse faced idiots used to increase state control of the family. This has been talked about ad nauseum by Rod Fedders, Aurini, Forney etc. No need to go over it here.

So anyway, here's some stuff from one of the biggest universities in Ireland and their facebook groups. BTW, every single one of these university groups on Facebook are open groups, so any wee cunt can access them:

The comments go on with this. Herby pasty faced gammas, this is not a feminist t-shirts, dye in the hair and shitty fucken pony tails, sitting jovially alongside lassies with useless degrees in Sociology and who have been hit in the face multiple times by the uggo tree of God,Queen Bee types, watching the comments descend into a series of dissonant squalls of wow just wow, and fuck them lads right off! Having said that, this is not an article that I'm admittedly too fond of, and that is almost certainly what is also going to happen as the sphere gets bigger in size. Certain articles and blogs will be cherry picked. The MRA tag will be more than just MRA cunts. They will be used to encompass myriad of things, be it racist, homophobe and whatnot. We be all MRAs boyos!Which of course is a crying shame as the sphere, first and foremost, is about self improvement, honesty and advice.

But then of course, you can discuss what exactly might work against this. Universities are in trouble ken. It is more than possible to have a university level of education in mathematics thanks to Khan Academy/MathDoctorBob videos, for example. There are more and more online courses. It is easy for universities to censor certain things (that's why deconstructionism is so fucking great, every cunt is living off of their own relative truths)when there is an iron grip on ideas and beliefs, and but so, there isn't a monopoly on information anymore, the internet screwing the bitch big sthhyle in this way. An Edward Snowden type can cause an enormous amount of damage as a resuly. News channels are becoming sloppier with delivering news too. Watch as Irish broadcaster RTE, the epitome of this, is put forward. They played an important role in prolonging the banking crisis, outright ignoring and playing down people who tried to get information about the banking crisis into the public sphere. And them, them people will do their damnedest will they not? You're talking down the economy they say! Personally, I'm up for a bit of the old Cathedral trolling myself, what about yous cunts?

So, rambly post from the Franco, TL DR for the autistic goldfish generation: Expect shit to get bigger. Expect the MRA to get bigger. Expect people to strike back with using Peter Nolan or some knob like that as a paintbrush example. But, as the tax base continues to shrink precipitiously, as man's potential economic surplus is destroyed by omega male world of warcraft addiction, no fault divorce, players and cads piled up on top of each other like a house of cards, and an army of smooth and sexy out sexbots that more than enjoy the pleasures of Well Hung Franco (Tm), reality will hit them like a sledgehammer to the face.

The question is, what happens now?

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