Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Zimmerman, MSM, Tyler Durden Syndrome and Other Stuff (Franco's Back!)

A cunt will never never ever never forget the first time. A corollary to this: a cunt, will have himself a theory based upon many an observation in reality and on the webz, and when it is fully confirmed, the cunt will, with all the lightbulbs going off and whatnot, remember that precise moment in time when the null hypothesis cannot be rejected. Take your first reading of game. You've brought a lassie back and last minute resistance is there. You use Roissy's whole "I want to fuck you right now but..." thing, and suddenly Thunderbirds are go and Well Hung Franco is there and thereabouts and the lassie is wow Franco wow!  Take a look on how corrupt and fucked up the mainstream media is, that be another one. Yous feel that yous are getting an image that is not representative of reality. You have one puzzle piece but you need more. You watch a show like Brass Eye and you're laughing your hole off not just because it is funny, but because it has more than a modicum of truth to it.

The Zimmerman/Martin trial confirmed something to me. It's not that I'm particularly intelligent, far from it. It's that you fuckos are so dumb, you cannot even meddle around with the google and obtain the evidence, the facts of the matter, and come to your own conclusions. Moreso, if you can't look at something like this properly, then what right do you have, to have a vote, to have a voice, if you are willing to send an innocent man to jail just because of "dat racism" or making yourself feel good while yous are sitting in Temple Bar, sipping iced tea and acting like quite the Charlie smiley fuckhammers? So long to the news ken.

There haven't been riots, thank god. Sure, the media has turned this into a great "fuck blackey signed whitey" conflagration where even Irish protests are springing up around the whole thing, which goes together as well as chalk and cheese do in a sense, but no riots ken. Why is that? Feels just like spinning plates, does it not? Cunts making pretty speeches and the rest of us being cut to pieces.

Excellent video, very thorough. I'm going to add three more reasons to what has been said above en aw, all of them important in their own way. One is obfuscating psychology bullshit that I probably won't end up explaining very well, but the other two are salt and vinegar crisps with Coke all the fucken way.

First, one of the reasons the thirst for kicking seven lumps of shite out of Mr. Plantation laddo is the fact that Zimmerman was tried by an all female jury. This is extremely important for two reasons. First, the MSM has lost an extremely important weapon in the whole discrimination of Martin battle. If this was a jury of six men, then yous can yell discrimination and priveledge to high heaven, thus exacerbating the fire of hatred and intolerance even more. But, with a jury of six women?

You're a misogynistic, women hating, sexist aspergey fucktard for even suggesting women cannot make a decision! Go forbid de lassie be irrational because the sun shines out de lassie fanny does it not? But men! They are privi cisgendered twats, all of them! Thus, the MSM are not able to go down this road, so less hatred is stirred up. There's all the subconscious truth, that most people sans the most twisted, amygdala damaged liberal are fully cognizant of, that women are easier to manipulate emotionally, that a jury of white women are more susceptible to prosecution "dis be a racist" crap than an all male jury. The fact that they didn't fall for this, or compromise on a manslaughter charge, that just about the worst jury that Zimmerman could get, still found him not guilty? Subconsciously, I think people know what is going on here.

Second, we have entertainment. One of the things I have found dropping the porn and dropping the videogames is that my drive has gone up substantially in a number of areas. Combine this with rampant obesity, and yous are left with indignation, a strong dislike rather than full blown, visceral, animistic rage. Entertainment is creating a population of indifferent, vicariously through the fucko on the screen, thus the rage, the FUCK YOUS DE DAFT CUNTS is extinguished en aw.

Fuck, loadsa fire based similes and metaphors in this thing. Let us keep going anyhoo.

The third point is the most bullshitty, but bear with a cunt here, it will work out in the end, go for fucken pints en aw, hopefully. If you have a facebook, I want you to log into your account. What do you notice about facebook? The friends list right? 200 people? Dunbars number is 150 people as far as I know. Who has 200 real friends? Who? Why is it all the fat girls have the angle picture, to make them look less fat? Why is it that you rarely hear of shit well and truly hitting the fan on de Facebook? Call it Tyler Durden syndrome. The internet, through being able to be completely anonymous and being able to carefully edit what appears to others, means we can construct our own Tylers. The Men's Right's Activists? Losers in their parent's basements ,co dependent gamma males with a collection of the finest (that's right Jimmy, all the colors of the rainbow!) butt plugs money can buy? No, online they are activists! They are crusaders! Heroes! They are fighting the good fight! But, actual activism? You don't undertake it because you do that shit online en aw, so yous go eh fuck it!, butt plug and youporn time! Now, take a look at twitter and all this I'm going to go kill Zimmerman stuff that is floating around. What have some blacks done in regards to twitter accounts and whatnot? They have created an image of themselves as a kick arse gangster! No Limit Nigga (Trayvon's username on twitter), give em hell ken, and all that kind of thing. Careful now! In real life, you're miserable, yous are a Dukie. Online, yous are the toughest motherfucker in all the land, so you can live out all of you your gangster fantasy shit online.

But this does something else in return. The ego ken. If you've built this image of yourself online as being this mega awesome dude, you don't want the ego to take de pummeling. The gamma male who comments at Sunshine Mary about de wimminz and can't talk to a lassie for toffee. The kid who plays gangster, but who doesn't want to end up on America's Funniest Robberies to challenge this emotional paradigm he has up and running. The internet allows you to live a fantasy without challenging it. This is why bloggers like Neckbeard Chronicles shut down shop. They realized that internet, manosphere commenting is often ersatz self improvement. Porn is ersatz sex. Gangster twitter and entertainment is ersatz rioting and whatnot. Hey, apparently this generation is more narcissistic that previous ones. What's out of line with all of this?

That's not to say shit won't hit the fan. I'm saying that all of this stuff has played everything down. But it is a sign of things to come. If I was a ruley bastard, the internet is certainly a dicey thing to play with. It's Newtonian. On one hand, the monopoly of power over information has been decimated. The red pill wasn't a massive shock to me admittedly, I had many of the pieces, I had a destination but no map to get there. But on the other hand, the Cathedral is propped up by entertainment, and what exactly boredom is. Boredom is another gamechanger, but right now, twould be blaring hot and Franco needs beers and hoes and some schmokes, mega style!

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