Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A Rant on Marriage

Not really sure if you lads and lassies know what de craic is en ce moment, but there's been this twatty, really thickarsecunt video about marriage and marketing marriage floating around as of late. Dalrock has covered it, and so has Free Northerner. Free makes a number of excellent comments and remarks about how does a cunt go about marketing the whole thing to men. He makes a number of excellent points, but he is leaving out a number of important ones which I believe, although somewhat counter-intuitive, are worthy of consideration in terms of getting your ideas across.

First, is the type of men who get involved in marriage. Now, dis stuff is based on hanging round with older, ready toos get intae all that conjugal relations shite lads and lassies and a tad bit of data, mostly grabbed from Dalroks place of business, so bear with me. In my opinion, there are a number of men out there who get married despite not really wanting to. Why is this? Well, exhibit a is a man who has only slept with say, fuck all lassies. He then gets tied up with lassie whatsherface and is scared because he's getting nightmares in his sleep, soup nazis, neh buttsex for yous, and he clings on desperately to the lassie, like the nice looking one from cliffhanger. So, to cling on even tighter, he gets married and all is well, well no, because this cunt is probably the worst kind of person toos get married. The second kind of lad is the older guy, say mid thirties or so. He's sort of an inbetween kind of cunt, yous wouldn't call him a player, but he's not exactly one women, one butt for de Well Hung Franco, (TM) is he? He's possibly handy enough with de game, but his mates are getting married now, and he finds the situation he is in less than salubrious. Suddenly, nay cunt is coming around to his home anymore with some cans to watch some footy, because they're up to their elbows in baby shite and being shouted at by lassies with maws of Satan for spilling beer on the couch. No necessarily worried about lack of pussy per sae, more just worried about being the piggy in de middle when it comes to his mates. So he gets into something he doesn't necessarily want to get into. Selling loneliness and the female imperative (albeit implicitly) is a great way to market marriage. The whole toxic cocktail is finally finished off with a dash of romanticism or luv ken. Love is super important and whatnot, but it disnae hold up a marriage by itself, as countless numbers of people who are in that position are finding out.

You put in a little bit of a dash of a hollywood, or a Man Booker Prize bender novel, comely lassies on the telly, a pinch of "women were beaten ten times a day by their dickhead cisgender boyfriends for all of history guilt trip shite" and it be all good ken! That's how marriage is actually marketed as of now, and that's why this video is still doing the rounds. Of course, that be changing and whatnot. Real wages have dropped precipitously for males in the past few decades, so affording a child is going to be, well, as far from horrorshow as you can possibly imagine. People are more detatched, have less good friends, and so societal ties don't hold up as much as they used to either. Of course, people are still going to get married believing that their shitty relationship is greater than the 40/50 percent probability curve because theys be special and good and holy and whatnot. Plus, I think in a lot of lads, there is this, need to belong, put in my surplus labor to build this shit, kind of thing going on. But even so. It might be worth a follow up post, but what does this cunt know eh?

Personally, I think marriage is ok, but you absolutely have toos know what yous are getting into. You better have Game and a good grasp of female psychology, not player level, but it better be good all the same. Dem Gamma cunts will not be honest with themselves here, and they will pay for it big style with de lawyer and the payments and de Alan Harper shite. You better make sure she's a half decent human being too, not a fucken Jezebel reading harpy, garbage in garbage out kind of cunt ken. You should absolutely, one hundred percent want children, and being human, you want your children to be as awesome as possible, otherwise there be no point. That means no marrying older lassies (within reason) and increasing the probability of a child with autism, down syndrome, lower IQ etc. To be honest, I fucking hate seeing men marrying fatties and women older than them, with the intention of having children, not because of the relationships themselves, but because of kids, because fat women and older women give birth to unhealthier, dumber, unhappier children, all of this is a click away in many a medical journal, and to fuck over your own children just because yous are a dumb fuck who can't get his dick properly wet? Nah, fuck that shit ken. Finally, yous need to have a bit of moolah together. Again, yous don't need to be loaded, but it's not fair on your kid if he's the poor one and whatnot. Look how much shit Kenny gets in South Park ken. You really want that for your own kid? Sadly, many a cunt would consider a post like this vituperative and god forbid a man wants a piece of ass that is young and feminine, but they be dead ends for ginger Simeone de Cunty quoting cunts so theys don't matter anyways.

Roissy once said that Game can save Western Civilization, and this lad agrees with him. More masculine males and more feminine lassies. If you can tick those four boxes then yeah, go for it ken. If not, a cunt is playing with fire. But don't worry. Paul Elam always enjoys a good hummer.

Good to be back ken.


  1. lad im 30 in a few weeks and all my friends are getting married, all i hear is you'll find the "one" (lol). but i keep my big mouth shut because dropping even sugar coated red pill lines in conversation with friends is met with positive disdain. The worst thing is most dont even hang out anymore they spend saturdays in IKEA its only off the M50 remember lol.
    And if i do ever get married it wont be to some 30+ who's well travelled and got it out of her system now she wants her big day out. I sound more and more mysoginistic every day i guess that's the price of taking the pill...... love the blog dude. Any chance your going to organise a dublin drinking session anytime soon??

    1. I thought dem lassies would not bother making the journey and just hop on down to dundrum shopping centre and get all trigger happy in the posh cunt palace first floor.

      ah dunno like, be great to meet up with people but this cunt doesn't want to be exposed as a sexist/ist etc cunt just yet, so ill think about it. would be saying this even to a fucken groupie or some shite like that.

  2. Game can save aware men.

    Western Civilization for the most part is dead.

    1. Yeah, that's the dilemma exactly. Do you go poolside or do you try and save the ship from crashing? You can honestly make excellent arguments for both cases. I guess we need both, right?

  3. Well, you are in a fairly easy situation, with all the conservative, full-on Catholic, well-raised Polish girls in Eire, no? If they don't make good marriage material nobody does.

    I am probably a third type. At 30+ I was not interested in having fun anymore. It was just empty. I just grew out of it. I could not bring myself to have goals that die with me, and usually are much shorter than my lifespan like have sex on the weekend. It just felt incredibly empty. I wanted to live for stuff that matters more than me and lives on and on - so I could either join some grand leftie crusade, but screw that, or become a priest, but screw that too, or, you know, focus on reproduction and becoming a dad. That way I can see something in the future, something long-term to live for.

    I went totally level-headed into this. First of all I found a good girl who is really, really as un-selfish as me, but also it meant I would not even be destroyed if one day she divorced me as long as we have 3 kids before that, because I am OK with the idea of paying up, being a weekend dad and thus fulfill this long-term goal of making people who survive me, while having actually more free time to read books on the weekdays. I don't want this, I love her, but it would not be horrible either. I would feel let down for a while, I would feel my trust was betrayed, but I would overcome it, not too hard.

    I mean if Game means have a relationship in a way that you do not care much if she dumps you, I may have inadvertedly stumbled upon the recipe for red pill marriage: where you are not fearing divorce, because you primarily wanted to reproduce so being part-time dad is not that horrible either if things turn out that way.