Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Game and Approaching Lassies Using Nassim Taleb's Concept of Antifragility

Too rough for yous Franco, they said. Too intense, too inchoate, too bristling and bustling with arsonists en muggers and all of that claptrap, the plethora of ways shite hits the fan, a cunt winds up hit sideways in the balls and falls comically on his big fat hole, the chorus of whotoldusodits saying, ye should have listened, ye should have paid attention to me you fucken pussy. You have not been paying attention. This is what you get. This is what you get.

Staying in a so called rough area for de uni, a cunt is told all these horror stories about de Travellers and de blacks and the brain gets all drippy and suddenly, yous are all sweaty palms and paranonia is paramount to the whole thing. But here's the utterly amazing thing ken, nothing out of the blue happened. Well, duh. I just lived in this place, did my thing, and returned after all of it was said and done. No scary shite, no coyotes off of cliffs, just normal stuff.

The same thing applies to approaching de lassie.

Exercise time, pen and paper. I want yous to think things though rationally. Think of all the things that you know is going to happen if you approach a lassie.

-You get her number. She doesn't flake. Yous do your thing etc.

-She says you have a boyfriend. She tells you to fuck off. She gets the boyfriend to gore you. Etc etc.

But here's the thing roysh.

If you think about approaching a lassie, consider the probability distribution and the various payoffs that a cunt can get from it all. If it works out, then fantastic. If it doesn't, then the outcome ain't too shabby either. Why?

a) You've made a mistake and you can work on it and get better in the future.
b) You've done something that 99.9 percent of men would never have the balls to do which in itself is awesome and you should be proud of.
c) So as long as you're not a homeless, arsefaced weirdo/ obstreperous PUA fucker with a magicians hat and furry pink pants, you've made her a little bit happier as well because yous showed her some attention/given her a funny story to talk about with whoever, a friend or a boyfriend or whatever. Once the lassie is uggos and invisible to men, she will mourn it ken.

And, even if the worst possible thing happens (you make a David Brentesque ass of yourself), you are still going to be ok, because if the city is any bit big, yous will never ever see this lassie again! 

So, if you think about it rationally, approaching a lassie has the chance of an enormous positive payoff, and a very small, if non existent loss as mentioned above. The neocortex knows and accepts this en aw. To quote a concept of Nassim Taleb, approaching girls is antifragile. On graph form with f(x) and x, the function would look convex, and approaching lassies looks like this, but this cunt is digressing.

I've approached a handful of lassies ever, and for me, despite being fully cognizant of the aforementioned, I am scared shitless every time I do it, for fucks sake. I get paranoid, I feel extremely nervous, I have to go through this whole thing in in my head to clean shit up and just do it. Yet, I am perfectly aware that approaching women is antifragile and the chance of a gain is quite high! This is the braindead thing that I've been talking about. One on hand, I am aware that living in a roughish area of Dublin or approaching women is antifragile, and that I will be fine and will achieve much out of it, but on the other hand, my brain makes me feel sick, feel nervous, weak about the whole thing. Even now, after all the weight training I've been doing, my brain still goes mega mega cuntee in relation to the whole thing.

"You'll drop the barbell on your neck and die" (bench press)

"You'll put out your back and be in a wheelchair snorting lemons" (deadlift)

"Some cheesy poof wanker is going to run you over with the car" (on a bike) 

Yet, that shite has never ever happened and I continue to become stronger and healthier.

Is there anyway to play around with this braindeadness, this irrational fear?  Is it just simply a case of pushing on through, or is there a cunt can fool his brain around to think more calmly more in line with the thinking part? This is not like trying to smuggle 5kgs of charlie through Dublin airport ken. Is there anyway to switch off/reduce the irrational part here? I wonder. Blogger anonymous conservative has discussed fear and the amygdala. Perhaps this cunt has an amygdala the size of a terry's chocolate orange and he be doomed for all eternity to get heart palpitations crossing the road?

This braindead clash of values protrudes all of life ken. I think managing it, without being a total tosser and becoming a robotic "Dark Triad ooh look at me" cunt is the key. Something like this is probably easier to achieve in your teens, what with de brain being more of a plastic sponge at that stage. You break this, and a cunt has it en aw. Time to break open a couple of brain books.

The next question is, should a cunt try and deal with this braindeadness in a gradual manner, such as say, approaching old people in the street and build it up from there, or should a cunt jump straight in all bells and whistles and shite? Should a cunt read intae the brain, or should he get his arse off to a Buddhist retreat up a mountain somewhere? Interesting times ahead ken, but there's something big and sexy here here, ah can feel it! Franco has the finger on de pulse and leaps and bounds fly off and
hit the sky with amazing force!


  1. Throw this down until you've done a hundred or so, then do your next hundred, knowing that nothing went wrong.

    1. Shit man, that's an interesting link. Will play around with it in the next while after a bit of research.

    2. Thenanine works well. I've taken it and have noticed the results. It doesn't even matter if it might be some placebo effect.

      It should also be stated...everybody has that negative voice in their head, it's a matter of if you listen to it or not.

      This badboy works out well too to get rid of the negative voices in your head.

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