Saturday, 3 August 2013

Selling Shite To De Manospambots

Is it possible to get high off the stench of your own shite?

Bit fitting that this cunt be writing this post on this day in aw. One year ago, Franco put forward to himself, to the hall full of mirrors, "how the holy fucken shite does one start a blog" and the reasons why tae do that. There's not a dime or a penny in this shite ken, for one thing. The next reason is of course, there's that little aul narcissistic fuckbat who needs to get out and get himself some fresh air once in a while en aw. That's not necessarily a bad thing though, in that it keeps a cunts feet planted on the hard, cold concrete with the jeans washed too tight and the austere schmoke of a North County Dub set of flats to pitter patter all over the modern landscape. The little snippets of urban degeneration are there for many a cunt to see. An anfractuous wall of apartments, leaning into a cunt like bullish, slumbering giants, heavy rain comes with heavy air. There's graffiti on dat wall there and that car hasn't been washed in a week and that lad over there is looking like a right old tinker's son, what with the dirty tracksuit and the runners with the loose soles. There coming out eh Damos and some lad, suit and tie, pouch and pockets, looks around, crosses the road with the cars, fucken hell having toos stop early, has that sort of smile+1 half stitched on to his saggy maw, the smile (and some smile it is) that comes with the thin flaky veneer of having it, recuperation from the day's plugging in and plugging out.

Start a fightclub. No bullshit, no pretension, just a gang, a confederacy of king kong motherfuckers who don't take no shit and always stand their ground. A gang that realizes what's up, is cognizant of the pendulum not being in equilibrium en aw and actually tries to do something about it. An gang, that spits in the face of the Cathedral. Because it be evil ken. In English, friends, good people who will watch your back and vice versa. You have similarly minded friends, you've done it ken. Yous have reached the peak.

Things have certainly changed in the past year. I certainly started off with this sort of "oh how fucken great" the manosphere actually is, which it still is to an extent, but now, I'm not quite sure. It's certainly become more and more mainstream, that's for sure. But what comes with this is well...that's the problem. I am worried that the main pieces of the manosphere (self improvement+repairing things when the whole shebang gets fucked sideways) are being misinterpreted for something else altogether. For example, this Mark Minter stuff right. I was personally a fan of his posts because, despite their black and white quality, they were well written and they had more than a bit of wisdom in them. Then, what happens? You'd have thought that Minter fucking locked children in his basement and fed them to wolves and shit. But no, he marries a single mother. Talk about the crime of the century. Worse then Hitler ken, or one of them mad fellas  I mean, a cunt be disappointed, but look at some of the commentators on Return of Kings. That's fucken culty, scientology shite right there, is it not sometimes? To nick a phrase from Dr Illusion, The Cathedral 2.0. Minter's excommunicated from the sphere, what the bloody fuck does that mean? It's like the fucken fat chick who loses all the weight and is booted out of de sisterhood by her more rotund sisters for betraying the cause. Minter doesn't owe yous anything, it was your fault and mine and that be that. Fucks sake. And that is what some of the manosphere is turning into: this bastardized Tim Ferris, freedom porn roundabout thing, where marriage and one on one relationships are sort of shat on (a bit more complex than that ken,) by a lot of people, but more than that, it's becoming almost MRAish in that it's going to becoming this fucking hipster shite where, guess what ken, men can be equal too to women, rather than embracing values of masculinity that have been taught/pushed forward by the great minds for thousands of years.

You can see this in blogs by Sunshine Mary*, a decent blogger plagued by poor commentators, and yet, yous ignore Rob Fedders, zed, Pook and Bonecracker and all that jazz. Look at the comment section of her posts. Full of sniveling little toads who have their little rage moments, hoping to get a pat on the head from Sunshine Mary herself. It is a defining characteristic of the gamma male to want a lassie who is a carbon copy of himself, so he get the pat on the head and all be merry. Have yous learned nothing about game? There's a place for rage ken, no fucken doubt. There's a place for noting and detailing trends dat be true as well. There's also a place for bootstrapping and shutting the fuck up and getting on with it. But it is maddening to see, that as the manosphere is getting better, some planks are falling intae the same old traps. Like turning up to the gym and running ten minutes on de bike, just in order toos call tabs on "having exercised today, aren't I great?"

Whatever yous want, you go for it. Yous take the Jack Donovan route. You set up a gang, both in meatspace and online. The cunts that want to listen, they throw in the gauntlet and all would be merry.

Self improvement is one thing, but it often means very little if you don't have anyone to share it with. Surrounding yourself with good people is almost as important, if not moreso. Causality shite en aw. Does having a strong social circle cause self improvement or does self improvement turn yous into a social magnet? Bit of both ken, if yous ask me.

*Or someone like judgybitch, essentially a lot of the manosphere lassies, Mary is the best known. Won't bring this up again, no point going on about it. 


  1. Glad you agree that the Manospambots are getting out of control.

    Damn groupthink to hell. The sphere should have taught us all to look for truth in all things, and seek our own happiness. I will not be told by a bunch of lonely, sexless and angry men that I shouldn't be in a happy relationship with a great woman. Fuck that.

    Thanks for the linkage, my friend. Keep it up.

    1. He's talking about snivelling mangina shits like you, you retard ... jeez

    2. No, I'm talking about people like this:

      Far better to admit to yourself that you're a lonely, sexless and angry man, process that, and get yourself on board, than being someone yous are not.

    3. I'm here for self improvement from people who know their shite, and like yourself, to get into contact with interesting people, whatever that is, and going for what you want, whether it is one relationship with one woman, or becoming the next Roosh, is completely up to you, nothing good or bad about it.

      I'm a masters student in a stem area, who lives in Dublin, has a few mates, goes drinking, boring enough life, but who used to be the worst, most helpless, pot smoking, skinny fat kind of omega person, literally every stereotype possible, up until about 2 years ago. Just along for the ride en aw. A couple of changes for the sake of being anonymous, dat be it. No fucken mochea shite from this lad.

    4. *Tilts his glass of whiskey in salute.*

  2. I grew up in public housing in rural Australia. I was cursed with high intelligence. I'm not exaggerating by saying in that environment, if I didn't man the fuck up, I would be dead. Weakness meant being a target and a victim, and I earnt my alpha status by taking my knocks, holding fast and *earning the respect of the men around me*. Jack Donovan's right. You need a gang of men who push you to better yourself.

    I came to the Manosphere through knowing Jack for years, but the more I read of it, the more I'm convinced it, like feminism, is simply born from middle class privilege. Other than a handful of Free Thinkers, I recognise Paper Tigers, Attention-Whoring Women and Beta Men who think becoming an Alpha is simply something you *decide* to be, rather than *earn*, and is just a matter of aping mannerisms.

    I don't think the Manosphere is going mainstream. I think it's simply splintering, and will have crumbled into irrelevance within 2 years, by attracting Thinkers and Poseurs, but not Doers.

    Find your gang. They need to be Men in the Real World, so you can't hide from their expectations behind a keyboard.

    1. It's tough to say, black swans and whatnot. People think that the manosphere is growing, but for every lad that ends up here, there are god knows how many finishing English degrees in university and believing their own shite. I think if the Manosphere is going to go mainstream, it's going to be diluted down, in order to sell copies of books or videotapes or whatnot. The underbelly stuff, traditionalism, reactionary material, will just be glossed over completely and things will just continue on. You won't hear from Roissy/Rollo or whatever, you will hear from Hooking Up Smart or whatever. That's where things are going to get fun, because I think there's going to be another split as a result of this, just like that MRA bullshit.

      Then the bubble will pop and something will have to give.

      I think yous are one hundred percent correct about feminism being a middle class phenomenon. The problem is, such and such get into power in various institutions which are built around upholding this ideology, and then yous are left in a situation where the lower classes get corrupted. Feminism and its canary in the goldmine is the black community in America.

  3. That's why I try to meet as many of the men here in the Manosphere as I can. I've been disappointed by most but have found some of my best friends in people like Danny, Dr. Illusion and the Mistress, Wald, Steve, Kenny and a few others. That's what I call gathering a gang, a bunch of like minded individuals who have each other's backs.

  4. every post of yours i read, i hear this in the background.


    1. or i'll try this....