Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Decline of Fiction (Part Two: The Formula Needed To Make Money Writing Novels)

Every cunt in this here room thinks that they're the next Saul Bellow. A writing club, fucken kell ken. The lads on de Facebook with their hastily put together stories and really shitty postmodern (loadsa weird shite on de walls) poetry where, man, fuck, look at these cunts writing all of their sentences backwords! Makes a cunt sick to the gills en aw. Back in part one of the series, Franco talked about why de modern fiction is so utterly devoid of worthwhile content. It's emotional wank. It is there to kick up a reaction in yous, but without having any real substance or depth to it.

So how does this sententious wank come about? Where does it come from? Why is it that Man Booker Prize novels are all the rage these days? Why are they written in this way?

To do that, we first need to look at a number of authors:

From last years Man Booker Prize shotlist. Umbrella by Will "I Look Like a Pedo" Self:
Self attended University College School, an independent school for boys in Hampstead in North London.[14] He later attended Christ's College, Finchley, from where he went to Exeter College at Oxford University, reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics, graduating with a third class degree.[13][15] His reasons for reading PPE rather than English literature were discussed by Self in an interview with The Guardian newspaper:

Hot stuff, man hating Hilary Mantel:

She attended Harrytown Convent in Romiley, Cheshire. In 1970 she began her studies at the London School of Economics to read law.[2] She transferred to the University of Sheffield and graduated as Bachelor of Jurisprudence in 1973. During her university years, she was a socialist.[5]

Manjaw queen Deborah Levy:

Levy trained at Dartington College of Arts, leaving in 1981 to write a number of plays, including Pax, Heresies for the Royal Shakespeare Company, and others which are published in Levy: Plays 1 (Methuen)[2]

Alison Moore's The Lighthouse. Can't really find much on her admittedly. 

Jeet (dam it feel good tae be de gangsta) Thayil:

Born in Kerala, Thayil is the son of the writer and editor TJS George, who at various times in his life was posted in several places in India, in Hong Kong and New York. Thayil was mostly educated abroad. He received a Masters in Fine Arts from Sarah Lawrence College (New York), and is the recipient of grants and awards from the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Swiss Arts Council, the British Council and the Rockefeller Foundation.

And finally: Tan Twan En.

Tan studied law through the University of London, and later worked as an advocate and solicitor in one of Kuala Lumpur's most reputable law firms before becoming a full-time writer.[2] He has a first-dan ranking in aikido.

Well fuck me pink ken. Notice the similarities between them?

They all have worthless degrees.
They all come from extremely prestigious universities.
They are all, to quote Captain Capitalism, crusader types.

Now here's where it gets even more interesting. Read their life biographies if you have the time, roysh. What does a cunt see? The answer, is nothing, sweet fuck all, the lights are one but there's nobody home. These people have lived literally the most boring, pathetic, dur be dur, comfort filled lives in existence. They get their little degree from their well off rich tit parents, work some shit little job because they be twats and theys be narcissists and too good for de calculus, and then get hit by a positive black swan and voila, gravy and rainbows! Them cunts are all edgy and cutting edge and all is well in the world.

Take a look at some of the great writers and what do you see? Lord Byron fucked men and women including his fucking sister, went all over Europe and got himself into a fucking war just for the hell of it, because Lord Byron was fucken proto Chuck Norris/Roissy wrapped up with de bow. Chaucer was a high up page who got himself involved in the highest and lowest of medieval society. The Book of the Five Rings cunt, scary motherfucker no? Dostoyevsky was in a Siberian prison camp for five years and had a life long gambling addiction, was destitute for most of his life, married a nice enough lassiebum 25 years his junior and had a big fuck off funeral for him. Hunter S Thompson and Louis Ferdinand Celine, does a cunt even have to explain those two, I mean really? Perhaps I am being a smug cunt here, but I'd wager one of the reasons the manosphere is full of pretty good writers, is because they've actually fucken lived somewhat. Moreso than these faceless fucken goons anyway with their dumb cunt degrees. You may have a mixed opinion on Roosh, but his Dead Bat memoir is far more interesting than any Man Booker rancid shite you can think of. Roosh has lived ken.

This is how the system works. They have their nice safe upbringing. They dislike mathematical rigor and enter softie softie catch a monkey university courses. These courses have a marxist bent, so the noggins are filled with stuff like relativism, deconstructionism, post colonialism, in essence, just complete shite. The arrogance of the crusader, combined with his warped, stupid view of the world, plus his segregation from what society actually is leads him to write novels. But the novels are not straight up profiles like a Byron, say. There are few if any right wing writers in the media right now. They are taught to think in "class against class" and "lad against lassie" and thus the whole thing dissolves into a pile of postmodernist gunk. But, what sort of people read this shite? What sort of human being, what sort of giant cuntrod reads fucken Jonathan Franzen and enjoys it? Answer, the fucken peers. Sure, you get a freak three STDV above the norm like Tom Wolfe now and again, but overall, it's not about being a fucken human being. These days, fiction is about keeping up with the Jonses, nothing more and nothing less.

Do what GBFM advocates. Stick to the oldies ken. The Cathedral has corrupted the medium to such a ridiculous extent, very little is salvageable these days. Life is for the living ken? Nah, you write a good book, no one is going to read it, and if it is "good", you're probably an incorrigible shit. You entered the system, you passed go and collected 200 pound, you cheeky cunt you. Is there still a soul there ken?


  1. Will "I look like a pedo" Self gets busted for looking like a pedo. How very British.

    1. Fucken hell!

      There is such thing as paedodar!

  2. *A Man in Full* by Tom Wolfe is one of the few big fat novels I'd wished was bigger and fatter, given all the ground Wolfe covered in regard to how notions of achieving success and ethics have changed for the worse in the U.S. I honestly think it would have eclipsed *Bonfire* in terms of overall greatness if he'd just run with it. How an accidental dose of classical Stoicism saved two of the characters was fascinating (and sometimes funny, sometimes sobering) to watch. Wolfe, notably, got swept under the cultural rug sometime in 2005 after he commented aloud that he wished all the people threatening to leave after George W. Bush's re-election would do just that because he was sick of hearing it. I was no fan of Prince Bunnypants, as I called W back in the day, but I understood Wolfe's impatience with the same-note whining.

    Which is to say, Great post, Franco! "Literature" has been the province of the sheltered McMansionland classes for some time now. I think it bears noting that Lord Byron, for his title, knew only "genteel" poverty until he came into his title at age 10 or so. Unlike "the People's Princess" Lady Diana and her ilk, Byron actually knew what it was like to do without. Byron also had to overcome having a deformed foot. Instead of crying about it, he overcame it by becoming a champion swimmer (this saved his life in Venice once when one of his batshit crazy exes came at him with a knife by a canal), as well as excelling in other pursuits. Today's scribbling toffs would have that foot treated surgically at an early age and then write books about "their heroic struggle" with it. Which other scribbling McMansionland toffs, writing reviews for the major media outlets, would praise to the skies out of pampered SWPL class/Cult of the Exalted Victim solidarity. Yeah, it's fucked. So fuck 'em. We have our GBFM list, though what on earth David Foster Wadwaste is doing on it...well, no one's perfect, I guess.

    1. That's a funny book because it's buried between the genius of Bonfire and Charlotte Simmons, which got slammed upon release, even though the latter is a damn fine book, along with Bush, it destroyed his reputation. Which is shite because it sums up the sexual marketplace better than any other book in the past ten years. Having said that, yeah, AMIF. it is criminally underrated and an awesome read on the whole. It does a better job at ripping on the achieving success thing than say, something like American Psycho, or god forbid, fucken Money by Martin Amis.

      Cheers yeah. Interesting stuff about Byron! He despised the same kind of mentality as well, he hated his contemporaries like Wordsworth, Shelley for the same reasons. MacMansions from another time. He used to call Wordsworth Billy Turdsworth, kinda funny. But yous can see it too. Byron is game before the term came about. Coleridge or Wordsworth, them lads in particular are interesting because yous, in my opinion from the romantics, start seeing not much, but a small bit of rot coming in, with things hitting full swing around the boomer time. Not many worse books out there than Mockingbird or Catcher. Naked Lunch was better than the pair of them ken.

      Ah yeah, cheers. A lot of people hate DFW, I really dig him though. He's flawed, but I still hold Infinite Jest up highly is a fucken golden book. It's the best "empty, corporate entertainment filled" book of the past while, very moving in parts as well.

      Lol, Prince Bunnypants, nicking that line from yous.

    2. Shit, I just remembered -- George Gordon, Lord Byron was also raised by a single mom. In genteel poverty, at least, until the age of 10. I understand some biographers like to point to this little factoid and blame it for Byron's "problems" with women. (He may also have been molested as a child by a nursemaid, but I don't know if that claim has ever been substantiated.) The hell of it is I don't see where he had any problems, except for the occasional bit of sticking his dick in crazy, like with Lady Caroline Lamb. (If memory serves, she's the one who pulled the knife on him in Venice.) But we all know psycho chicks are the best fucks. And he got away from the crazy slag -- so, again, what problems?

      Just a friendly note, but Byron was great pals with Percy Shelley until he drowned. After all, they did enjoy that famously rained-out weekend in 1816 when Percy's 19-year-old girlfriend wrote *Frankenstein.* That said, I don't know what Byron actually thought of him as a writer. I'll have to look that one up. I know Byron didn't care for a lot of his contemporaries, and could be funny as hell when tearing 'em a new one, e.g., "English Bards and Scotch Reviewers."

      Thanks for the tip on *Infinite Jest.* I've read enough of your blog to respect your opinion, and I'll give it a look. For what it's worth, I refused to read Bukowski for years because it was always the same good-natured, but dull-witted kids telling me with breathless expression, "You HAVE TO READ Bukowski!" and I'd smile and nod while thinking, I have to breathe, eat, sleep, shit, piss and drink beer, but that's pretty much it, chump. Adopting the reading list of bright-eyed nitwits ain't on the agenda. Then a friend of mine mailed me copies of *Post Office* and *Tales of Ordinary Madness* and I realized my error of association. I had missed some of the best of the best because of some goddamned hipsters.

      DFW is, as I'm sure you're painfully aware, adored by the SWPL set. But if you see something there, I'll have a look. And if I don't like it, I'll still spot you a pint whenever we meet. Because if I refused to drink with anyone who disagreed with me I'd be drinking alone. Which is fine to a degree, but if I can't share a laugh from time to time, it's just plain old boring-ass alcoholism. Cheers back atcha, mate!

  3. 95% of modern literature is complete bullshit – liberal, feminist, feel-good emotional wankery about empowered women and oppressive males; at least in fantasy and sci-fi, my two preferred genres. Check out any mainstream lit magazine and you’ll see it: poorly written stories focusing on emotional turmoil of a poor woman in a man’s world.

    There is no substance to these stories; the author (usually a female or a sad excuse for a male with a degree from a prestigious university or a Clarion workshop) uses thinly-veiled metaphors to convey progressive ideas. Hell, when I read a fantasy story I want to read about heroic struggle, not a treatise how women are oppressed in whatever medieval society the story takes place in.

    Sci-fi isn’t better either – I remember a short story that won some kind of hipster prize or whatever – it was about a girl that travels from Earth to Mars to see her boyfriend and thinks about how their relationship is going. It’s fucking teen drama on a starship and that qualifies is as sci-fi.

    I don’t read much horror so I can’t say for sure, but even there the zeitgeist has certainly crept in – I can guarantee that a ghost-haunted mansion is the former residence of a sexist patriarch who died horribly and now haunts the young gay couple living there.

    I don’t know how we got here, but here we are. I read almost exclusively classics and older fiction (anything from Robert E. Howard to Oscar Wilde) because, with a few exceptions, modern literature is fucked up. Any just try getting something published – if your story doesn’t feature empowered women on a crusade against patriarchal world you aren’t getting published.

    Also, I’m still trying to find a place for similar minded men to discuss fiction and/or writing but no luck so far. Any ideas?

    1. In terms of modern sci-fi, there's Ian M Bainks, scottish guy who died recently. He's good, his sci-fi is based on a lot of post scarcity economics stuff, which is interesting, but overall, shit, yeah man, all these fucken nerds writing about the evil patriarchy and whatnot.

      A good place to see how fucked up this stuff is is university campus writing places where everyone is either writing, as you said, stuff to convey progressive ideas, or this morbid obsession with postmodernism, so instead of a fantasy story which is a heroic struggle, well written, it is weird for the sake of weird, because we can't write about personalities and stories and good and evil anymore! Nope, everything is fucken relative! Even regards to publishing, there was a famous fuckup recently where a guy sent in Brothers Karamazov to some of the major publishing houses in NYC. Not only did the vast majority of people not fucken recognise the book, they rejected publishing it flat out. Yous are not getting a book forward unless it be through the internet methinks.

      As far as I know, I'm not really sure if there's a place like that. I don't know if yous read the RooshV forum, but there's a book sub forum there, although there are sweet f.a posts there on the topic. Interesting idea though!

    2. I'll check out Banks, his books look interesting. I prefer more of an action-oriented fiction (pulp) to “literary” one (the one dealing with personal issues and drama, for example Dostoyevsky) but either way you turn, it’s liberal/feminist/progressive propaganda all the way.

      I recently had a short story published in a small fantasy outlet – I didn’t expect the rest of the stories to be of high quality, but I was looking forward to reading some decent fiction alongside my yarn. I cringed when I received my copy – literally every other story was not only poorly written and bad from artistic point of view (complete lack of vocabulary, stupid plots, shallow characters etc.) they also had one theme in common – progressive ideas. One story featured a woman rising against evil patriarchy, the other a teen gay couple, then there was one with a runaway black female slave and the evil white men who oppressed her and so on. These stories mostly took place in fantasy lands or historical times. Jesus, can these people write anything that doesn’t have modern liberal influence in it?

      Anyway, to end my self-centered rant – I agree that writing courses at universities are bullshit. I never took a writing course or a workshop and I write better than most of today’s writers; I say that in utmost honesty. I taught myself everything I know with the help of old books on writing. And I’m still a beginner. How far have we fallen from the standard of literary giants, indeed…

      I didn’t know about the Karamazov thing, but it doesn’t surprise me. Modern editors are 95% female with useless degrees and heads filled with progressive and feminist ideas. No way they would publish something “patriarchal”. The whole deal reminds me of Atlanta Nights; I don’t know if you’ve heard of it -it was a major hoax to publish an un-publishable book.

      I also agree that that writing good fiction and getting published in today’s market are usually two mutually exclusive things, and that the internet is the way to go. I’ve recently discovered self-publishing and now I’m only doing that. Sure, the market is saturated with bad prose, but at least you can write whatever you want and let the audience be the judge -not some editor with obvious political leanings.

      And finally - thanks for the info, but I don’t read Roosh’s forum, and I have little interest in it. An idea to form some kind of all-male “red pill” book club has been gnawing at me for some time, but so far I haven’t had any success. Most of the guys I know in RL don’t read books, or if they do they read mainstream garbage. I see that you have good taste; then there is Aurini and some other guys from around the ‘sphere (GBFM lololz), and of course people from the real world that would most likely make for some good discussions. Damn, I’ll have to start something one day!

  4. I've been around a few creative writing forums and it's the same vapid poison from the same clueless people.

    How can any writer who's not some yuppie bullshitter make their way when the writing world is so toxic?

    1. Dave, that's the thing I've been wondering for some time as well. In my opinion, the answer is actually quite simple: write good stories and self-publish them.

      I can’t recommend anyone going the traditional publishing route; like I’ve mentioned in the comment above, if you want to get published through trad-pub route you have to: 1) be a woman, 2)have a (useless) degree in creative writing/clarion workshop, 3)infuse your stories progressive/liberal themes and so on. I’ve actually written an article about this so if you want to check it out:

      As for forums, I have yet to discover one where one can freely discuss fiction. I gave up on them after I was repeatedly called sexist, racist, evil patriarch after quoting Robert E. Howard – creator of Conan and father of sword&sorcery genre!

      I think there’s a definite need for a red pill literature forum, something akin to men clubs of old.

    2. Traditional publishing is impossible unless you have connections. Even if you are a woman/approved minority (also from McMansionland) from the Right Program at the Right School, you're not getting in unless somebody knows you. I'm reminded of these lines from a Steely Dan song, "Show business kids making movies of themselves/You know they don't give a fuck about anybody else." Yep, that's it. Says it all.

      On the other hand, if you're a genre author, there are places like Severed Press, Permuted Press, even Luzifer-Verlag in Germany, that do well with horror novels. A lot of these are zombie apocalypse tales but there are other sub-genres represented. I wrote a zombie apocalypse novel called BLEEDING KANSAS that got picked up by Severed (I posted chapters on my blog), and then taken up by Luzifer-Verlag. No, I'm not rolling in money -- you either need a LOT of books up and (still) selling, or sell movie rights for that -- but it beats sitting around bitching about getting published. And I understand some writers have been taken on by the mainstream houses based on their sales...but I wonder, why go with the big houses when they're famous for letting projects die for lack of promotion and you're stuck with paying back the advance?

      If you want to write badly enough, you'll write. In my case I'd read so many crap zombie books I figured I could do a better job while drunk. So I did. Just write your book. Write whatever you want, however you want to do it. Put pieces of it up online and see who bites. It's not as glamorous as getting signed to a big house with big promotion and whatnot, but I like to think of the bad old days of (real) punk rock and the Fuck the Corporations, We'll Do Everything Ourselves and Do It Right attitude, in which you write, perform, record, do to the cover art, make the tape, sell the tape out of the back of your car -- everything. And this was before MySpace and other Web tools to promote yourself with.

      I can see a niche for a Red Pill website, but if I may be so bold, I'd suggest making a tight little manifesto discouraging the fat, pale old fucks in the basement who do nothing but bitch about teh wimminz, unchecked hypergamy, etc. Make the site about taking action: writing the books, reading the books, discussing the books, and building one's movement that way, just as T.S. Eliot and suchlike did when they started their own little literary journals like *The Dial.* It *can* be done. It just has to be done.

    3. Haha, that's the exact reason I started writing, only in my case it was in the fantasy genre –when I saw what passes as fantasy today I thought about how I can write better books whenever I want, and so I started doing it. I’m working only first novel right now, it’s a classic; and I already have dozens of short stories either published or ready for publication - most of them will be self-pubbed.

      I’m thinking about the red pill literature website idea and I wonder what format it would be. I think a forum would be a good platform for discussion but that requires a lot of work and time I personally don’t have right now. So if anyone else is serious about this pitch in with ideas and maybe we can make something happen. If not, I’ll definitely open a blog about it soon (or write about it on my website) so people can find it and contribute. I like the manifesto idea, too.