Saturday, 31 August 2013

This Charming Man

Charades usually are humorous. The way the game is played, rigged, rigged from the start, cunts that are totally wired, blathering on about white privilege with a pinch of cisgender hetero-normative hysteria tae boot, for good measure en aw, the catalyst for an explosion, a sweeping conflagration that engulfs a cunt and a cuntess, many not even noticing that this place was sultry, sweaty, dehumanizing. There ain't a good cunt here. You thinks yous be good no? Nah ken, yous are just in your own little pond with your own little bit of relative truth to keep you going, through thick en thin, through nail and hammer.

I'm not the only cunt that be heading back to de university in the next while. There's been a lot of interesting postage and quips about how a cunt holds onto such views in the light of the pandemonium that is the left singularity, fucken shite talk that permeates everything, leading an odor that be stinging the nostrils ken, rape hysteria, imbibed lassies swing themselves around telegraph poles. So, how does a cunt traverse such messy, anfractuous terrain then?

To be honest, it's not an easy question. Does one play along with all the "1 in 4" codswallop or does one act like a fucken extremeo bendo son of a bitch? The answer to that I think is going to be a little bit of an inbetween one.

The first thing, to keep in mind, while expressing an opinion is one of appearance and one of action. This is extremely, unbelievably important. Think about how popular hardcore feminism would be if all the hot lassies bought intae it and practiced what they preached, and they weren't butch, brick faced cunts with stupid dye in de hair. Get a look. Get into the gym. Join a boxing club and get your fucken shit together. Three or so years ago, I was about 120 pounds (no joke) at about 6ft. Now I'm forty five+ pounds heavier in bulk, muscle and with a more masculine demeanor. Consider this experiment for yourself as well. Who is more impressive, the creepy looking bum or the well pressed cunt who looks like a million sunshines? Exactly. Gym. Paleoish diet. Etc etc. Yous will get away with a lot more, trust a cunt on this.

The second point worthy of consideration is what exactly yous are going to talk about. Start with feminism every single time. Feminism, despite what some of the lads and lassies here think, is not particularly taboo or politically correct to talk about, or at the very least compared to something like race realism, it's like talking about last week's footy. That's another reason why the manosphere and the reactionary sphere work off of each other extremely well. Not only because of the hapless lad suddenly getting his hole for the first time since the pyramids were built, but because feminism is not much in the way of taboos compared to a lot of other stuff out there, especially with lads you happen to be talking to.

Third, know your audience. Rule of thumb, the less exposed a person is to the Cathedral (assuming a reasonable level of intelligence), the more open he/she is to ideas that advocate the opposite. So the student doing his Phd in English is not going to warm up to you in the same way a medical student that lived most of his life in the country is going to.

Martel has a number of interesting posts on this topic. We are losing yes. But remember, people are living in their own little ponds, working on their own crusades, their own goals. There is plenty a feminist out theres who thinks that they are doing a good job, pursuing something noble, when the truth is theys be not. Better not to plant a couple of seeds of doubt and let a cunt come across to the dark side? This is not exciting stuff. This is dull. But it grows and grows. Lad B sees you doing well with women and then does a bit of soul searching. Perhaps the sophists had the right idea ken? Be a wolf in sheeps clothing, otherwise yous are going to be very exposed.

Finally, if you say something which doesnae tie over well with the lad or lassie, do not, for the love that is all good and pulchritudinous and shit, get defensive. If you get defensive, then the other person wins. If you get defensive and the other person keeps the cool, it is game over a million times over. Moreso, humiliating a cunt means an asshole in the closet willing to strike back. Yeah, sure yous won en aw, but now there's a fucker who has your name and number. Aurini had a really good video recently, about Sun Tzu a while back, with a killer little bit of advice for debating with someone. It works beautifully as well, so I'm just going to rob it from him here. What it boils down is this: leave the other person a way out. Simply say, when you disagree with someone "I agree with you are right/correct/on de money when it comes to x, however..." and proceed from there. Even if your views are like a Marxist to an alt right benny, like chocolate to de cheese, and yous son of a bitches agree on absolutely nothing, that person will feel warm and gooey and will have a good mindframe with yous. The seeds of doubt ken.

This is not an interesting or exciting thing to do. Yous, being in an environment like this, will have to keep a cool head and tread carefully, even god forbid, proving to all de high aboves how much of a good little leftie yous are, yelling louder than most. Yous will want to crush anything resembling a femcunt ken. Throw them a few questions. Slowly ken. Win through doing, though keeping de cool head, and dipping your toes in the writing sphere. Like a cunt be saying, yous write a post, and even if it be a shitty little throwaway thing on eating pop tarts, if yous are linking intae cunts, yous are in the google and on the spotlight. After all, this is going to get a hell of lot uglier before it gets better.

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