Monday, 2 September 2013

Franco's Armchair: Review of Life During Peacetime by Matt Forney
In this lad's opinion,  how much you get out of this e-book comes down to pretty much one thing, one factor, and without it, Life During Peacetime is an interesting, well written, but non essential short story. Toos put it simply, if you want to know if you like it or not, I'm going to ask yous one question and one question only:

Do you enjoy the blog Delicious Tacos? 

If your answer is yes, then Life During Peacetime is a funny as fuck short story that reads very much like an extended Delicious Tacos post, both in terms of style of writing and insight; in other words, right up your field of vision ken for anyone kicking around this side of the sphere, and well worth the moolah.

And like Delicious Tacos, a lot of the book comes down to humor, and what kind of a disposition yous has, what yous yourself find funny. In order to describe what I mean by this, I'm going to turn to comedy shows, mainly, the difference between British and American comedy. Americian comedy is quite gag based, built on absurdity, silly bullshit, inverted norms and goofy caricatures, laughter tracks and punchlines a dozen. But British comedy ken, is a different kettle of fish altogether. British comedy is darker, warped as fuck, taboo breaking, rather than silly, goofy scripted material. The UK Office, humor built on a dark, banausic the point of tedium, miserable existence, or social ostracism, or something like Chris Morris, Brass Eye, all dark, weird, sick fucked up shite, but incredibly awkward and incredibly funny all the same.

This is in Franco's opinion, the best kind of comedy ken. Despite what cunts like Lindy West think, rape jokes, taboo jokes in general help people process and deal with many of the bad crap going on in the world, in a positive way, just laugh it off en aw, which makes it better ken en aw. Moreso, because it's real and palpable.But that's just my opinion. Basically, if yous prefer Peep Show or Curb Your Enthusiasm to Seinfeld, or Brass Eye to The Daily Show, that kind of dark, awkward, taboo humor, yous are going to really dig this book, because LDP is full of it, but without being tryhard or over the top. It strikes a good balance.

In terms of story, it's fairly simple and to clarify, it isn't fiction either, mebad if I didn't make that clearer earlier. Matt Forney, due to the popularity of the blog, has got himself a groupie, a teenage lassie. And the groupie, well, she's a colorful lassie to be around to say the least. They go to concerts, pick up a hitchhiker and then head their separate ways. Cue some hilarious and awkward moments, one memorable scene in particular involving cat shite, and nightmares of being stabbed by nutjob lassies, also pretty good highlights. It's well written for the most part, humor is done by contrasting Matt's actual thoughts with his actions, the former italicized, the dialogue is good too, and in no way stilted or unnatural. 

Then we have the climax of the book and things take a turn.

The climax might lose a few cunts here, or perhaps not, it's probably the most polarizing thing about this book truth be told. It is either going to piss yous off, and going to make a bunch of cunts go on a "fucken slutbag cunts, state of the western lassie where is me polish lassie waaah" rant and fuck right off and do a Mark Minter, or if yous are like me, a fucko with quite de sick sense of humor, you are really going to dig the ending, which is hinted at cleverly at the start, but when it is revealed, christ on a bike ken, it's simultaneously horrifying, and laugh out loud side splitting stuff. A cunt might actually learn something about himself as well, nature of de lassie and all that shite. Alpha fucks en beta bucks ken, if there ever was a moment such.

So flaws? Yeah, one or two ken. It's got a couple of sex scenes in it which don't come across as well as the rest of the book. Sex scenes are hard to write without falling intae little miss prudent shit, or fifty shades of grey, and Forney doesn't quite succeed here. They're by far the worst parts of the story, but thankfully don't last very long and are a small enough part of the book that you can glance over. Like I already said, the dialogue and some surreal moments is where this book peaks. Also, to be a nitpicky cunt, that cover art sucks arse ken. But overall, this is an enjoyable, pitch black short story that is a refreshing change from all the man booker bozos doing the rounds.

You can buy the book on Amazon here. $1.99 is all it will cost yous ken. Forney will be publishing Life During Peacetime in a series of blogposts from Tuesday 3rd September to Monday 9th September. To see a review of Confessions of an Online Hustler, click here.

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