Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Idiot

If there was ever a case for da middle fingers up, tae society and the state, the compendium of institutes that act as middleman between the government and the lad on de street, not giving a rats ass about yous (yet yous are expected to pick up the tab because cunts get smashed,) then it is not to be found in the dusty pages of an Austrian economist long forgotten, or a dead french enlightenment cunt pushing up daisies for nigh on half a millennium. It is toos be found in the ramblings of the dipshit with the dunce cap. It is toos be found with the idiot., the guy with more bitches than de dog hound.

He be from my old school see. He used tae be in my year, and was the kind of cunt who used to have this real, yeah fuck man, pathological obsession with Rihanna, apparently from a friend I know, this cunt used to have fucken Rihanna pictures plastered all over de room. He hated me cause I used to make Chris Brown jokes, but in reality, Franco was jealous. There's even a tattoo on his shoulderblade of her, funny no? No chance of ending up in her bathroom taking pictures of toilet? Oh, interesting story. This cunt is crazy, like marbles fucked out a skyscraper window crazy. He gots a fucken tattoo toos avoid a drug test applying for some shitarse job, and got one of a fucken Care Bear. On his dick. So everytime a lassie goes down tae give him head, there's a fucken children's teddy bear smiling at her. The bear's nose ends and begins at the tip ken. Fucken Archer has nothing on this guy man. And the lassies are all going up to him wondering about the fucken care bear tattoo on his fucken dick, and they're all interested with the shit tests and such, and this lad goes "would you like to play with my teddy bear?" and fucken pulls it off like mad. Like this guy, he couldn't even differentiate x3 back in school at 18 years old.  Game recognized. I mean, I've got to the stage where I can talk to lassies without doing stupid things, body language, texting etc, which puts you right to the bell curve, but I'm not particularly charming or whatever.

And he's the happiest guy in the world, and fair fucks to him, when all is said and done.

I flick through some of his old facebook posts. I spot a picture with is arms around a hot eight out of ten blonde with the biggest puppies hanging out. There's another one, ah jaesus, this one needs to be fucken framed and put on a wall. He's got two smoken lassies tounging each other, and he's there with a shite eating grin on his face, the thumbs up tae here with him. That smile man. It is a true smile. It is a powerful smile. The thousand yard stare of the gamma male that you sees doing computer science programs. This guy, he has one hell of a smile ken. It just blows me away. It is like the physical manifestation of pure, unadulterated joy ken, something that is lost to the lad and lassie these days. A crying shame is it not?

He's not working right now. He doesn't intend to either apparently. Yeah man. Go on there. Be an accountant. Be an engineer. Be a welder. Be that good little cog in the machine ken so you can provide for everyone else. But you won't be happy. You won't be happy in your office job with your stata and your eviews. This guy, I've been calling him an idiot all this time, but he's not really. He be smarter than me ken. I'm the one with all the fucken matlab textbooks and the ridiculous library hours studying shite where he's been doing lassies up de bum. I mean, this guy man! He's pulling lassies that are top of de pops, he's going on fucken holidays tae Spain and with de lads and de cans and the footy, posting pictures of can pyramids and there's fifty shades of lassie, vaginas in synch, they want this cunt badly. Damn man!

I'm not posting this because I wants tae be this uber cool recalcitrant motherfucker who laughs at the schmoe who works at the box factory. I'm posting this because this has too be drummed intae your head, and mine too. Society doesn't care about you. Or rather, it does albeit implicitly, but keep in mind, any economic surplus that you generate is not going to be fairly compensated. And this is not some labor theory of value bullshit. Pussy leads, men follow, simple ken. If the reward for being a sound, solid member of society is being taxed out the wazoo, and having toos settle with an older lassie who has gone down the yellow brick road with Billy the Biker Boy, while the idiot here is fucken 8s like mad, then don't be a solid, sound member of society. Be more like him man. Get a smurf tattoo on your dick.

Aaron Clarey says enjoy the decline. Me? I've seen the numbers, the statistics, Paul Krugman thinking he's the living incarnation of that cunt from the Foundation novels. But that shite is boring man. IQ, the g factor? Aspie cunts, most people dinnae give two shites about any of it. That's why we have stories and metaphor and simile. There's one thing to read the numbers. There's another to see the idiot plastered all over the facebook, with the hottest lassie in class, and realize that all your fruits, well ok, most of them, are going to go up in smoke. I used to be angry and bitter about this. These days, I just want to enjoy the decline. So be more like him.

We have the power and the money men. It's just that bloody pussy part, and all that man. Fucken dipshit Tony Montana sold me a creamy dogturd of a lie and he's paying for it in bullets.


  1. "...Paul Krugman thinking he's the living incarnation of that cunt from the Foundation novels."

    I like and trust Krugman more than I do the disciples of the Austrian/Chicago school who have screwed us into the ground here in the USA, but I still laughed at the reference. For the sci-fi illiterate, our man is referring to Isaac Asimov's *Foundation* series and its holographic Greek chorus, the "psychohistorian" Hari Seldon. It's a fun, if somewhat preposterous book until 14-year-old Girl Genius and Manic Pixie Stowaway Darrell Arkady comes along, at which point I quit reading.

    Ah, Asimov. To think this geezer has lived to see the day when Asimov, Bradbury. Heinlein, Harlan Ellison, Poul Anderson, et al., would not be welcome in the modern genre they built, in the very writers association they founded. I'll leave it at this, because Vox Day rants on that subject far better than I could.

    1. Always thought that Vox Day's McRapey stuff with John Scazli was hilarious, especially when you are unfortunate enough to read one of the man's books. Sci-fi at its most turgid. Yeah, the Foundation series lost me at that point as well. Compared to Philip K Dick or even someone like Ian Bainks, he's a very overrated writer imo.

      The Austrian/Chicago school is a bit different, the latter more right wing but still incorporating a number of elements from the more ridiculous sides of economics. In the late seventies/early eighties, Volker fucked up while playing around with the interest rates, leaving to chaos for a bit. I would have been more Austrian before, but now, even though there is an enormous amount of wisdom there, it hasn't been "updated" for the modern era, and people like Steven Keen have made excellent arguments for post keynsian, which admittedly I'm not very familiar with as I'd like to be.

      My issue with Krugman, mostly comes down to his poor models and econometrics and failing to incorporate debt into his models, as well as being a shyster cunt.