Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Terror

Acting as a sort of modern day panopticion, instilled in all of us, the values of de tabula rasa, a cunt is being looked over perpetually, watched, prodded, cross examined, shouted at, whispered to, falling asleep, twisting, turning, churning phantasmagoria where in yous head, the cunt is king queen and the motherfucking ace of spades all rolled into one.

The fucken McCarthy fuckos had nothing on this shite ken. The most evil thing a man can do, as he spits his lines and backs down like a cowardly, cuntish cat, is be a racist. Rotund bespectacled bloodhounds, pimply bum lassies with a penchant for passive aggressive arguments, scapegoats the shite out of the lad who is not so politically correct en aw. Say the word faggot, eh sure, that means you like bumming poolboys on Fridays, or at least yous want to oh so badly ken. Say something about the differences in biology and the downsides that come with diversity, and yous are even worse than Hitler and Josef Fritzel having an orgy in a daycare centre. So a cunt has toos keep a low profile else hes be snapped up. He looks around and sees the enormous power the LGBT community group has in the area, victims me fucken arse ken. He sees pin ups for progressivism, poster boys for white night, skinny fat girly men, men which implicitly make the lad and lassie sick to the gills. Fuck it. It only takes one sniff of blood to gets the sharks after yous and that be it, a cunt be toast en aw.

It's been about two years since I stumbled across this side of the sphere. It wasn't the enormous shock that it was for some lads, bar your obligatory "why the fuck are these cunts wrong about everything" kind of carryon, (bizarrely, I remember overhearing my folks talking about how little Franco was "unusually cold and *shudder* very right wing, lol, and this was when I was about 14 or so), which brings me into my next point. If any of you cunts are familiar with anonymous conservative and his arguments about the amygdala and the genetic predisposition for certain schools of thought, yous will know wheres I'm going. Essentially, wes are all looking into the rabbit hole with perfect vision. What I mean by that is as follows: essentially the people who are going to be in power in the future, the millenials, are going to be in a worse position than a perfidious spinster on the wrong side of 30. Reactionaries have often talked about the leftist singularity, and how precisely it operates.

Well, here's how.

There is a natural predilection towards usurping your elders, being idealistic, creating the new world, any cliche or run of the mill story a lad can come up with. Leftism has done the bizarre thing of being both the ruling power in charge, and has sold itself as being the underdogs, the victims in the whole thing. Thus, we have a bizarre situation where liberalism is mistakenly identified for conservatism, and as as result there is a gradual slide to the left, even though, it was leftism which caused the problems in the first place. Cue more campaigning for LGBT, more closing of the wage gap between who and whoever, and a sick, turning inside out of values we once love so much. So, racism is now racism+ and so forth and so forth. The bitchfest will keep going as long as men are willing to keep paying into the system.

It makes me sad to see this. I spend some time wallowing, drifting nonchalantly through fat, obnoxious, pugnacious hurling fans as scoops are thrown back, raised to Davy Fitz, and the sense of camaraderie, well, call it more like a weak kind of tolerance, dressed up as sanguine smiles and smiley scoops, enjoying yerself, eh, grand so, fuck of toos Diceys and see how tight your game is. The family has been spread thin, cousins, lassies, my cousins, parents sliding gently into oblivion, theys are knocking at catsville and they have it all, they are drugged up and fuming and raging, and all twisted nostrils and depression meds and such.

I want out. I'm fed up. I'm sick of petty little debates on Seanads and how the problems of this social group and that are all I should care about. Why bother? Your solutions will just make things worse anyways. Yous will be more to the left in five years time. Yous will yell at the republicans for dropping babies on their heads, about privilege. Yous will never be able to get that monkey off of your back. Friends, love, these things matter, but outside that, the country is pandemonium, a cuckoo clock with schizophrenia, lowest common denominator where the values converge on some boundary point= [MISERY]. I'm planning to escape, do a Keyser Soze. Where exactly, I don't know. But if things go to shite, yous will never see me again, but maybe so, in some community with a lassie in one hand, no photos please, and a shower of good pints, good mates, stepping back, taking in the air, and realizing that Ireland is well and truly fucked sideways, finished, end, done, kaput, game over, try again at the next go, and that these be grim times en aw, but if it wasn't us, it's the skinny fat wanker with the moustache who is a pansexual, so it's probably better that it works out this way, don't you think?


  1. i prefer my own company. there are people i'm cool with; but by and large, i keep to myself.

  2. Yeah, same. I usually like to go about my own business and get the hell out. Which is getting harder and harder to do, admittedly.