Friday, 18 October 2013


We don't control the controls.

I'm assuming that you cunts and cuntesses have heard about this 20/20 Paul Elam stuff. It's been summed up quite succinctly by many another poster round these parts, but nevertheless, this shit be very very important, and worth looking over meticulously, fine tooth comb kind of bollox ken. We have them ken. They're terrified of us. The neo-reactionaries, the manosphere writers, the men's rights activists, the hot lass with the nice ass in class, we have them timorous cuntage quaking in their boots. It's a hatchet job of an article of course, but the fact that they brought it up, is all the more fascinating. Yous think they care about Mr Fatty Fatty Toad White Supremacist Boy an iota? Nay ken. The bastards are running with their tails between their legs, shit is getting all Pete Tong, and a cunt can't help but smile, tip your hat and sit on your deckchair with a lassie in one hand and a Hennessy in the other.

In the first period, there will be shame ken. Watch out for the new movie about the serial killer who learned Game, or Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory dressing up as mystery. We well be mocked, ridiculed, laughed at, but don't let it keep a cunt down. For now, we are just the whipping boys. So what do we do? Well, not rocket science be it not. We don't play along. How sad, the traditionalist is that most recalcitrant of creatures, swimming around with the sharks at high mast, with a stuffed football and jellyfish toos keep you company. Don't play along. Or, when you play along, realize wes be the demons. Get your message out there. People are sick to shite with liberalism, with having idiotic, poorly thought out social and economic policies shoved down their throats. Men want to be men, and women want to be women.

Because here's the thing, it's the mainstream media that are the intolerant ones, not us. Genuine misogyny and homophobia are shitty things that I oppose and that sicken me, but calling out a woman for not taking responsibility by drinking copiously (god forbid you grows up and become an adult), or calling out degenerate faggot culture for what it is, that is not misogyny and that is not homophobia. The finest, most beautiful of mathematical concepts, the law of large numbers, tells us that demographics be destiny ken, race realism be vital and raw. Give me 1000 people and only tell me what their IQs are, and I can give you decent percentages/probabilities back on their body types, their relationships, their job types. Maths makes a cunt believe in God ken. A good person is a good person, irrespective of sexual orientation. You don't get special treatment cause yous be black or a woman or whatever. You did it, because you were a man or woman of character, a person of true soul. This petty, shitty, antsy little cult of what cunt be the biggest victim of all needs to die, bloody, cornered, eviscerated.

I'm still worried that the MRM might lead to, as Rob Fedders has alluded to, a pretty fucked up system where the courts both give "equal custody" to men and women and then, just like that, woop de bup, vertiginous, what the bloody fuck just happened, the wee kid is gone and just like that, we have The Terror consuming many a cunt, hunting that white whale for ever and ever, boots stamping down on faces again and again. Nevertheless, that is the way the cookie has crumbled for the time being. Paul Elam has my support ken.

This be the project mayhem, only it will be bolstered, delivered by the internet ken. In my real life, I've become more Francoish, so to speak. More and more, even if I do have a long way to go, I'm speaking out on this stuff, gregarious mofo for sho. Confidence ken, more assertive, stronger, hold your frame cunt, and look these lads straight in the eye and say what yous think. Thanking The Manosphere for this, well and truly. Start a blog, fuckbutt. Comment. Yous be a normal cunt, right?Then they can't get you can they? They can't get the well off, smart, successful, good looking cunt. Theys are like chickens without heads. They sent a couple of fucken kids to lambast men and women who carry a lot more weight, a lot more punch, in this, weird, silly, funny, but vital stituation. But that be gravy. Every hobbit has his day. Keep them coming, pile it up and turn it on. Ireland bes finished. I'm in this ride for the long run with all of yous, irrespective of whether this blog still stays up, or whether it gather dust in a dark, dank part of the internet, schmokin, drinking fighting away.

I think we need to do two things. One, promotion. Pure unadulterated cultural guerrila warfare ken, riding that beautiful bitch to the ultimate sin. This is a war of culture and it is ubiquitous, yous are going to get sucked in, whethers yous want to or not. A different kind of war, but no less important. Two, we need to set up a sort of Academy. Something akin to Khan Academy in red pill form. Yous can be surprised what one cunt can doos with a bit of data on his side. Three is game ken. Game is the key. The Cathedral got itself a cancer ken, and it won't be going down without a fight.


  1. "Two, we need to set up a sort of Academy. Something akin to Khan Academy in red pill form."

    Absolutely. We need a shadow system,an alternate government for when this one is exposed as the illegitimate fraud it is. They will start a fight. They have nothing but force to fall back on. If we can call in the cavalry or retreat to safety at that point, we will fare much better in the long run.

    You're right. They are afraid, and they will pull out every trick in their book on us. Fortunately for us, they're, as the Irish might say, "bloody stupid" now. And they don't keep up on the facts.If they try to Tim Wise us, we can catch them up lying by omission or distorting statistics.

  2. I'm thinking youtube channels, lads handy with computers and software where we can come to our own conclusions, a base where lads can work without the scrutiny of the MSM. Wes have the advantage, the internet is such a great thing. Just keep hitting at it and we'll see what happens!

  3. I was thinking about your second point of the last paragraph for the last few months. There needs to be a system(s) to "battle" the systems used to manipulate people that instead informs and helps people realize the power they have. Something that offers well thought out perspectives on issues that don't glaze over holes in logic that are unsupportive of the writers ideals (or those of who ever the boss is). Another thing I think that should be mentioned is that the impact on a local level is important to as that is how many things spread. If a group of people in an average sized town started adopting ideals things would chang, by meeting resistance or acceptance. Either way the ideas would spread faster. To me it is like the goal to get rid of shitty food in public schools, it has to start on a local level in spread to other areas. Eventually people will take notice and say hm something's up, and demand/make change. A lot of educating people on various topics will need to include that skepticism is natural and that the questioning leads to better understanding, finding flaws, and fixing problems of a number of things.