Sunday, 24 November 2013

Blog Updates

Just a few things and then back to regular posting. First, I've been a right old lazy cunt with linking into other sites. There's a hell of a lot of great material out there by great bloggers and I haven't been linking them in. Of course, I'm not necessarily in agreement with them all of the time, but they should definitely be chucked in there, so that is what I'll do. Going to clean up the appearance of the blog some little bit. Second, I am engaging in two projects which might or might not come to fruition in the next while due to work related stuff. If I don't do them, then I've learned my fucken lesson, don't post something unless yous have finished it.

These are the two projects. The first one is a sort of a lightish piece of fiction, essentially an attempt to get me into the habit of writing and compiling stuff a bit better. I want it to be as good as possible, but I appreciate that at my age and my experience, it will probably be poor enough. Still, you have to start somewhere and you must fail to succeed.

The second one might be more interesting, and I'll need your help for it. Even though my statistics skills possibly aren't as tight as I'd like them to be, I am interested in using empirical data to at least show there is a relationship between various variables, basically variables that have to do with beliefs in the manosphere. For example, I want to run regressions showing the impact of sexual partners of women on divorce rates. Now, a regression of this nature will be subject to flaws such as causality and measurement error and whatnot, but if people can point me to datasets like this, that would be enormously useful. Essentially, project two is going to be quite technical, but the point of it is that, hopefully, if I get around to doing it, we can prove feminism is evil quantitatively, and that we're not pulling these theories solely out of our asses. If you can send me links to good data, then I owe yous a pint.

So that be it lads, let's see how this all works out. Good luck with the hustle ken.

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