Saturday, 2 November 2013


The left may not want to deal with randomness, but randomness will want to deal with the left.

When it comes to the nerdy, twatty neoreactionarie fuckos rattling round these here parts, vituperative, depressed, saddened, on their own, lambasting the left for what it is and what it has become of de West, trying toos isolate where umm...this all began, how systems, the metamorphosis of the cunt's beliefs in office, how a cunt can deal with this, the schism of left and right, down the upstair a fiend must go no? If right wing is reality, then left wing is theory, but theory without experience is nothing but spoon and sausage to the cunt on the street ken. 

And that is where randomness comes into the equation.

Consider the unspoken rules of the left. These vague, transparent concepts that are hard to pin down, the vocabulary of words, racist, homophobia, misogyny, rape (thanks feminists!), meaning whatever a lad wants them to mean. Equality for all! Gender is a social construct! 10 percent of the population are faggots! Men like empowered women! So thinking about this, what kind of conclusions can one extricate? Well, consider a world where equality "exists". What would such a world entail? To make someone more equal or unequal, even if every lad and lassie on the street is a carbon copy of each other, you have the big bad elephant in the room. Sometimes, the gods smile down on the Well Hung Franco and voila, the essence and flow of karma, and Franco is fucking your slag sister up the bum. This be randomness ken. And at essence, this is what progressivism is about. It is about the fear of randomness and the fear of death. Mankind's greatest/most horrible achievement will be the one of being able to properly, correctly model randomness. Not space, not manipulating genetics, not a cure for the lass with a face like a pig on ecstasy, but randomness. The left is terrified of probability.

Consider the lobster ken. Economics. The millions of transactions between agents, supply of demand, money and fiat currency, different countries with different climates, a mind boggling enterprise all things truth be told. If yous are familiar with economics these days, (feel free to correct me, this is from Steve Keen's Debunking Economics text), yous will know that economics is highly mathematical, highly aspergery and highly boring, in that it attempts to model individuals in the economy, human decisions, through mathematics, the so called rational consumer being used as a starting point. So, forget probability. Forget the mindboggling, how the bloody fuck does a cunt start with putting pen to paper kind of thing, and all of that jazz. Applying physics or engineering to this shit does not work ken. It is an attempt to eliminate randomness itself, which in cause leads banks, corporations, bureaucracies even more open to a catastrophic event that causes many a domino to cave in. The Austrian School I think understood this concept quite well.  Race Realism is another. The fact that different races have strengths and weaknesses cause pandemonium as a cunt cannot use his nice clean system of thought that might be logically consistent, but when it comes to applied work, to reality, you need pretty lie after pretty like to keep the facade going. Thus, the whole thing stops, the light collapses into earth and we sit back in awe, wondering how it happened, with all of our brilliance and all of our ideals.

These are the two biggest examples, but yous can see it throughout. Homosexuals are all victims of oppression. Faggots are nice people. When homosexuals rightly point out the degenerate faggot culture for what it is, you upset the binary, all them sententious fucks with nary a brain cell toos rub together, cunts be fuming and raging ken. When a christian who has a hot ass wife, is smart ambitious happy and successful, you fuck up atheistkult. When you try and explain there are different types of love, you take a shite, wrap it up in a Subway wrap, and shoot it out of a cannon, amidst a rancorous bleat of Wow, just wows. Everything is in black and white and everything must be made to be in black and white.

This is quite possibly the single most dangerous component of leftism. Sure yeah ken, walking into that brave new world with blinkers on ain't that gravy at all for any a lad or lassie, be the nice lad and the fat lassie and everything be gravy en aw, but dinnae a lad see what happens when you try and chase randomness away, as what the left be doing right now? You get boys who are not allowed run in the schoolyard because it is dangerous. You get falling standards in education. You get peer review in universities who are frightened of the precocious lad with the glint in his eye. You get corporatism. Oh, shit ken, that clusterfuck of a paper, that model used to forecast weather patterns is objectively mathematically unsound? Yeah, global warming for all ken. The system builds up and the smell gets smellier. People live opulently and sniff Charlie three days a week, but at the same time Springfields being filled up with garbage.  Luxury and ignorance of the tails ken. Suddenly and sadly, everything converges to zero.

Bill Powell had an excellent post up a while back. "It's about the memories, not the consequences". Life is a clusterfuck of randomness. From the moment yous were born, count your lucky stars yous weren't bent over in an Afgan brothel or fighting it out on the cold under the bridge en aw. The world is chaos and random and sad and bloody and dark. This is not a moral, ethical question for the left. It's about practicality and about realizing randomness is what randomness does and all a cunt can do is sharpen that stick and take them hits, nothing more and nothing less there be to it.

God might still love you but I don't know.

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