Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Years Eve: 2013

Time is a bitch ken. So is the fact that right on the eve of 2014, a cunt finds himself in one of the most madhattery, tumultuous times where taking one step forward can mean taking two steps back before christ on a bike, yous find yourself trapped, weighed down by debt, love, the memory of the past. 2013 was a bizarre year for the Franco, 2014 will probably even battier. About a year ago, I stuck up on the blog a manifesto, various rules and titbits and whatnot. That stuff can obviously be handy out en aw, but regardless, that kind of content means jack shite without underlying rules, being cognizant of your successes and weaknesses, rights and wrongs. Perhaps I's be wrong here, but this list is a culmination of perhaps the past year, stuff yous need to know, from experience and people in the sphere/people I know, or at least, fuck it, the stuff I think a lad needs to know in order to survive, possibly thrive in the world as it is today. So without further ado, a weird mix of aphorisms and paragraphs, a summary of stuff of the last year. 

Money: Earned by offering a good or service, creating wealth, the rarer/harder the better. Owning capital is where money is really made. Your book, your album, your sports careers are awesome and should be encouraged, but probability dictates that failure is very possible, don't throw your life away on this, on that "one break". Winner takes all in the arts spectrum. Do not go into debt. Debt is poison, avoid it as much as possible. Don't beg for handouts like Fat Fuck Futrelle.You will not be wealthy as your parents. There's so much red tape out there. You want to write a novel? Yous better be a whiny little faggot like Colm Toibin or Emma Donahoue with your Masters Degree in Transgender Horse Poetry writing about Wexford in the 1950s. Vox Day calls it Pink Sci Fi. Yeah, Pink Literature, that's what these stupid bastards want these days. Starting a business? Here's a big fucking plop of taxes on ye? That still doesn't mean you shouldn't try though, you really should, and plus we have the internet ken. Just be cognizant of the fact that a lot of stuff out there is not going to be your fault, so find alternative passageways.

Health: First port of call for wealth expenditure. Live well>>>long. Paleo diet, smoking/drinking in moderation, high intensity exercise, weightlifting, testosterone supps from early 30s. Brain is a muscle as well. Learning something difficult/reading a complex book/videogames which involve complex thinking (eg Starcraft), exercise your brain essentially to stop it slowing down.

Social skills/game: Sheer bloody practice/law of large numbers for lassies. Choose your friends carefully. Gammas/co-dependents in your company? Nah, shut the fuck up. Let them drag themselves into the dirt and make asses of themselves, yous are neutral, don't play into their games, no time for their bullshit. Politics, religion, Obama. You have no opinion. Uhh, no I don't have an interest. Pigs make friends with pigs, wolves make friends with wolves. Yous are reading this, you are probably an enemy of what the system is now. Keep it to your friends, the lassie yous want to have a good relationship with for an extended period (one thing I've noticed, call out feminism, say women should be women, done right it makes yous more attractive to lassies), not your workmates. Don't shit where you eat. Avoid pussy from workplace/immediate social circle. Try, if you can, to get a lassie outside your social circle. Read up on The Benjamin Franklin Effect/Forner effect. The Rawness. Ego/Enlightenment Driven Superiority. Try and be aware when you are doing this, correct yourself if yous are, and then channel it into a healthy avenue. Get them talking, investing in yous. This will get worse too. Drop of testosterone=more pussified males. Get ready lads. Shame fat chicks ruthlessly. Gonna be brutal ken.

Entertainment: Essentially an ersatz for the stuff that matters in your life. Used to be that entertainment bolstered your life (lads reading the works of Homer for example), but now bes a junkyard for all that yous can see and do ken. Cut down/completely avoid pornography as it fools your brain into thinking you're getting laid. Cut down on videogames/tv shows/films, fine in short amounts. Fools your brain into thinking you've achieved something/living vicariously through someone whose life is much better than yours.

Goals and achieving stuff: Don't tell people about your goals until they're finished/you need their help to finish them. Otherwise it is nothing more than show and tell shite, narcissistic supply combined with people who don't want yous getting off the cutting floor. Probably better to keep with one or two goals and do them well than a truckload of goals done poorly en aw.

The Future: Western Civilization. Ireland is fucked sideways. Its institutions are becoming more centralized and prone to shocks. It's culture has degenerated and decayed into a mass of leprechaun hats and ho di fucking hums, to appease cunty American Baby Boomer tourists who want to see the fucken Book of Kells, blowing their savings while their kids are 60 grand in student debt from wasting four years of their youth obtaining sociology degrees. Its politics, like the west in general, has been a giant bitch of the Left Singularity. People I know working in the ESRI will tell you about their, ahem, "duking" of statistics, or getting people on FAS courses to artificially lower the unemployment rate. All this stuff on the radio or people in the social circle about wasters on the dole. Nah. If this was a sensible, normal society, I would agree. But things are so fucked up, these guys are one hundred percent in the right. Enjoy it while you can. No loyalty to country. Just loyalty to friends and family. I don't want the thing to burn down, but for a lot of you degenerate fucks, I don't care. Enjoy the fire, your fast food, your high speed pornography, your call of duty games.

Meatspace: Been thinking about taking this into meatspace some little bit. Any lads here find themselves in Dublin area, lets me know en aw.

Things be heating up, see you lads over in 2014 and all it will bring. I wish yous way more than luck. Stay positive lads.

Friday, 27 December 2013


A question that everyone around these parts has asked in some shape or form ken, be the one of virility, of masculinity, of what makes a man a man? This can be a surprisingly hard question toos answer, especially in the light of egregious femcunts and happy go lucky fairies spouting marxist shite and living off of the fruits of other cunts and cuntesses, them unscrupulous fellows whose be so sick and twisted that they want yous to fail, both for the ego and for the outside world en aw. But that not be the only problem. Of course, one of the way the left has corrupted thinking is by making a cunt go all mumbo jumbo on critical theory, core 101 how toos function while turning yous into a vituperative little shit with low self esteem and co-dependency issues. But another way is the gadgets, the distractions, the tools, the entertainment that blunts the edges, like a couple of glasses of good fucken whiskey, and in a dead drizzle, a spiritual torper, men are lost, aliens on mars, man on the fucken moon en aw.

So what are these entertainments and superficial, spurious little playtoys?

First, a cunt has videogames. What is a man programmed to do? To conquer, to strive, to achieve, to make his way in the world, to grow, to prosper, to have that project, the vintage car, the maths proof, the novel, the album, the 500 lb deadlift, whatever it may be. Now, how do de videogames fuck yous right up in this regard? Well it be simple! Yous plonk yourself down, the comfy sofa, the collection of salty snack treats, and yous play all these games, and the brain gets all tickered out, fooled into thinking that it has achieved something of merit, something worthwhile. But yous haven't. Yous are still fat and pasty faced, a dumb, lackadaisical fuck, that spiritual defiance is all but gone, that lad that wants to believe, MGTOW, which itself is built on the miserable notion that  "Fuck this, I'm done, no, no matter what yous say, I'm out of the game, so long, goodbye, thanks for all the fish."

This sort of applies to movies as well. Got me the James Bond boxset for christmas (the change in Bond to a snivelling tit in the likes of Skyfall, from Connery Bond to Craig Bond is worth a post in itself) and been a blast watching some of this shit. But it be all escapism right? To get a mega fat cunt shot out of an airplane window, to blow up a helicopter, to take a tank around Russia, it's nothing than yous escaping from your ugly sad reality. All of this is of course, not to go all aspie on it. Some of the great movies have some great things to say on people and society. Metal Gear Solid 2 and Deus Ex are still bloody excellent looks at the digital age and all that has come with it. And all pretension aside, games are fucken fun! But this stuff be a drug that be hellbent on manipulating your brain intae stuff it hasn't actually achieved. I used to know a lad who had the weird hobby of making bulshitty Brian Enoesque "Music for Airports" kind of shite, where he would play five notes of ambiance for twenty fucken minutes straight, thinking that you are making progress in your life, when nay, yous are just fooling yourself into thinking you are, I'm a musician lol!That be thing yous should be careful with when it comes to some of the manosphere blogs, and I'm guilty of this as any cunt. "Oh I'll read this and then lassies will be wet for me!" Just this one extra bit of game stuff! Not only damaging, but ridiculous in its own way. Going to be a lot different for a small, fat, Comic Book type of lad or someone more charming and extroverted and all that sheband than myself, don't yous know?

Then yous have porn. Sexually frustrated men fooling their brains into thinking theys be getting it when they're actually not, all that dopamine and hitmeups getting them out of the sexual market more than they should.

So, this is perhaps my plan or idea to cover these two issues:

One: Brain is given the illusion of achieving goals, desires and ideas, because they are good in themselves. Broken down into two parts, we have the following:

One: Fooling your brain into "achieving" things like playing videogames, living vicariously through movies, or footballers, or videogames.

Two: Engaging in pointless activities that give off the illusion of progress when this actually isn't the case. Reading that extra Game post. Composing minimalist music, etc. 

Two: Using pornography, brain is tricked into having gotten off with the lass with the hot ass in class.

So my reasoning is perhaps this, maybe I's be wrong on it, but your brain is quite primitive in many ways and is prone to many a heuristic, so your job and mine is to get out of this heuristic and make real progress on goals, obtaining knowledge, experience and reading as much as possible and to dream as well, to not be lost among all that poor, ugly white noise en aw that plagues far too many cunts these days.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Francis Begbie Ramblings: End of 2013 Edition

Experience often trumps theory. Let's take how exactly yous match up toos the average cunt in the street in terms of sexual attractiveness to the lassie. You don't realize how shite yous might be until you actually put yourself out there.

Having said that, what the fuck do the Baby Boomers know?

Some people that you might envy and respect can be some of the most fucked up, cowardly out there. Take English professors as an example. The pools of shite, garbage, postmodern verbose tirades on the sexism and the blackism and the horseism and the whopperburgerism and whatnot. These people are losers, cardboard cutout souls wallowing and whingeing, down in the doldrums of mediocrity. Many a shite author out there, but at least these lads actually sat down, wrote something and put a project together, put themselves out there for the world to tear to shreds.

What yous call happiness is a package, a product, a good meant to incite envy and fear in a cunt. Achieve xx and yy and zz and a cunt is happy! Nay! The goal of all this shite is to grow and prosper in that head of yours, to have a resilient inner core that is at its heart antifragile. Think stoicism. Think loving yourself and becoming someone worthy of a couple of jars with. But that wolf be at the door, there's a bad event somewhere along the line, probability dictates. You are the prize, you fucking cunt, and you can be better.

Having said that though, the above strongly correlates with achieving stuff, so dinnae be thinking I'm rooting for the YouPorn, fat tittied manboy living in the mother's basement en aw. 

Kinda sound like one of them fucken "white privilege" bozos here, but I think it be important to acknowledge that whatever (Reactionary and whatnot) about Black I.Q and whatever, Whites have fucked up tremendously and are guilty of some horrible things. So before yous get all White Supremacist and whatnot, think of the whole financial ponzi scheme, or all them dead lads and lassies in Russia from de Socialism. Wes all be fuckups in many a way.

Think a really important skill is learning the difference between what yous can control and what yous cannot control, but not only that, using the what yous cannot control as an excuse not to go after certain things in your life.

The only people who (may) love you unconditionally are your parents. Sides that, yous be on your own here fella and that be the honest, stone cold truth of the matter.  What be a cunt to do now?

Supermodels should be role models for women, sports athletes for men. Sure, you might not have the raw genetics toos get there, but hard no bullshit work will put an ugly cunt and a dumb cunt ahead of many a lad out there no?

Double standards don't exist. If your dog shites on the rug, how would you react? What about if your best friend took a lumpy steamer all over that fucken thing? Would that lad still be your best bud after all that? Men and women are held to different standards because theys are themselves different. Get over it lads and lassies.

A system of government/rule is especially good if it fulfills these three criteria: One: Allows for sensible trade and commerce to occur. Two: It is decentralized so that if a shock hits, it doesn't bring the whole system crumbling to bits as a result. Take democracy. Republicans and Democracts are 99 percent similar. Races and different social groups vote in chunks. See the problem here? Three: Encourages healthy behavior and derides degenerate behavior.

Gravity is a fucken shite movie.

That lass with the hot ass in class will have a droopy bum in ten years time. What about yous ken?

You're nothing special. Yous fit into a bell curve just like all them other heads and bodies. You think society will magically come apart if you drop out? Fuck off ye mad bastard. This is all heading for the garbage disposal unit and no one cares if you drop out.

One of the things I abhor most about this feminism liberalism nonsense is how disrespectful it is to your ancestors. These people worked in bollocks hard conditions, survived war, famines, pestilence, invasions to give yous a better life, and the best you can do to repay them is to fucken bitch about that one time your great granddaddy yelled out FAGGOT! Shut up, yous are embarrassing yourself. Go join pajama boy and study for your Gender Studies final and leave the rest of us cunts alone.

Looks are fucken unbelievably important when it comes to men, especially for nightclubs and shite like that. Be like fucken playing Call of Duty on the hardest difficulty level. Think as well, that an awful lot of looks for men is looking powerful and big, rather than being good looking per sae. Get soles that add a couple of inches to de fit, lift weights etc.

Wes be running out of time, lads. 

Monday, 16 December 2013

Megan's Monthly Meaty Treat

"So she was a ride yeah?"

"By jaesus man, yous wouldn't know the fucken half of it! Even though I was here, in the horrors afterwords, and feeling like there's a fucken bag of cats in my head, I was there, big smile on me, those puppies, when they come out, Hanukkah and Christmas rolled into one."

"Shit man!"

"Aye. But tells you what, it got pretty dark when I got up and started walking around, shes asleep in the bed, fucked her good, get my head cleared up like. She tells me like she's in fucking estate or something, so you know this fucking one has got it, wants it, begs for it."


"So as I was saying, I decide to get something to wake me up, head on down to the kitchen there..."


"And you know, steart rooting around in the fridge, says I'll just nick one of her cans of fizzy to get my brain working again and fuck, she's got de laptop on the table."

"So like, this lassie has fucking left the computer on?"


"Aww man, you didn't.."


"Had to man! All part of the game!"


"So I took a look around, to see if this beure was slinking round, shitting it, hit fucken knacker gold here, any chance I'd be caught and my heads hammers man...would be in deep shite."


"And uh, I sit down in front of the computer, in my jocks with de can of fizzy, and I start playing around with it. She's logged into facebook, and I go clicking round..."





"So I'm there, looking through her Facebook and looking at her tagged photos. And I bring up this photo album, Autumn 2013."


"Turns out this one, this fucking cunt, just got married two months ago."

"And she's riding you?"

"So, I'm there looking through all the pictures, her smiling with the wedding dress on, and this wimpy, Indian fucker is in all of them pictures, whats...what's that cunts name from the Big Bang Theory?"


"I forget"

"Well, yeah, anyway. So I'm looking through all these pictures, all these smiley things with the girls and the dresses and the family and turns out this guy is working in pharmaceutical stuff. Ah christ, yous will laugh at this."


"Fucken viagra."

"Jaesus. You're bullshitting."


"And yous know me Franco, I'm the worst cunt on the planet, so I have to know more and more, a quest for the women. So I start looking through the internet history, and there's all this fucken porn man. Like, fuck me, this one is Hugh Hefner levels of porn. And it's all the same kind of porn, fucking women being dominated by black men!"


"There's shit like "Megan's Monthly Meat Treat" and all of that."

"Hahahahahahaha, Afternoon DELIGHT"

"And it, fucken..."

"It gets better, cause I steart going through her private Facebook messages"

"Fucken stalker shit!"

"Eh, I never said I was a nice guy!"


"So I'm going through her emails right, and there's this one called Vanessa, fit as fuck looking English black hair, nice face, and she's sending messages back and forth with this girl. Enjoy your night! Hope you bring home a nice fella dear! Did you enjoy that lingerie I bought you?"


"I tell ya man, I'm 29 years old, and all my friend's girlfriends are cunts. I see this Facebook stuff and I just want to go, aaaahh, fuck this shit! Fucking Indian lad working in Pharmacy and she's dreaming of being pounded by black guys. Like your story with the wank in the car! Some of them lassies, yous have to have the head screwed on!"

"What did yous do then?"

"Went back upstairs, fucked her, gave her a fake phone number and went on my way."

"What else can you do ken?"

"Exactly. That's the question here. Who is the real monster here? There is one thing though!"


"So I found the Indian's facebook, and I was there, had typed up a response, "your woman is a slut, get out while you can, blah blah di fucking blah"

"Wow. Yous send it?"

"Nope. No fucking way man. This guy made his bed, and now he can lie in it. Fuck him, and fuck his viagra."

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Rival Dealer/Trannies/Privilege and Other Stuff

Any of them cunts and cuntesses out there fans of dubstep? Certainly have a bit of the interest in in en aw, so count me a happy cheery go lucky motherfucker when Burial's new ep Rival Dealer comes out. Be fucken mindblowing ken. From the twisted, bouncy, 80s synth pop from hell middle section of Hiders, to that cacophonic, spiralling down drum sample in the title track, the ep is chock stock full of great, memorable moments; haunting vocals, little flourishes in de background en aw, that make this a hell of a headie album and that this lad will be coming back to again and again.

One thing though.

The last track "Come Down to Us" is, yes, a pretty awesome track (dig me the sitar as well) that deserves all 14 minutes of length, apart from the last bit of the song. What happens is that the beats eventually peter out, the bass and melody drift out of focus and what be left be a sample from a tranny. A tranny that be talking about how he felt like the right old freak but then eventually came to accept the fact that he was transgender, that he was born in a woman's body.

Bullshit. Bullshit. What a fucking naff way to end an album.

I haven't a goddamn thing against trannies, and if theys be have decent people, then fuck it, good luck to these lads en aw. The problem with the whole shitshow is this, out of all the evils of liberalism, the emasculation of men and the uxorious gamma male and the "YOU GO GURRRL" shite that follows, egalitarianism, centralized power structures that lead to fragile shocks with concave payoffs, this concept of transgender people is one of the most sickeningly evil and frightening to emerge in recent times. Why be that the case?

A brief backdrop to feminism and the nature of language first. Sex used to be masculine of feminine, purely biological. Meanwhile, gender was used in language and to describe the nature, context and construction of sentences. So, who started the shitshow? Enter John Murray. He was the one who came up with the filthy idea of being able to "choose" your own gender. I'm a pigendered pansexual duck! The feminists, like de Franco, loved this idea because it freed them from the cold, horrible, austere trappings of human biology and allowed them to get into ego traps, feeding their shite delusions, all de way to to eleven. So, how can you "choose your gender?" By acting like a woman and getting a sex change. Shit, even the word sex change is bullshit. You can't change your sex. The word gender, outside describing the gender of nouns in say a language, is a terrible word. Stop using it ken, stop using it.

What cunt out there has ever dreamed of being a fat fish ken?

It gets better as well. It has been fairly well reported that transsexual people suffer more drug problems, depression, shorter life expectancies etc. But this is because of oppression! This is because society hates Ron the cocktail waitress with the Adams apple the size of a deformed coconut. Forget statistics! Forget causality! It's not that people become trannies because they are fucked up, they are fucked up because people hate trannies and that drives them off the Cliffs of Moher. The great evil, the white heterosexual cisgender male who tortures babies and is privileged now hates the trannies. Fucking privilege. It's one of the most bullshit concepts, is it not? Everyone wants to be born good looking, intelligent, wealthy etc, but reality be reality and the porous stink of feminist flatulence and egalitarianism inflames one's nostrils and sad, so sad, the best is what yous have, the best be all yous got, but the best of what you have is a sickly, gooey twist with no invertebrate, this one's optimistic, this one just crawled out of the swamp, cannot do better for yourself. Privilege? Lolcunts. Fuck your priv. 

These are highly vulnerable people who grew up in shitty environments/fucked up their own lives, and instead of getting genuine help to cope with the issue, they develop all sorts of complexes, borderline personalities, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, yous name it. It's amazing how our perception of reality works for the average cunt or cuntess, not necessarily in a Kantian categorical imperative sort of way, but in the way that say you have true reality.

Mathematically, you would like to think that the following condition holds:

E[Reality | Brain]=Actual reality

But, in the likes of the transsexual, that term is just flat out of whack ken. So they get really bad advice from cunts like Laddie Gaga just do it en aw, so them cunts can feel the fuzzies. Call it crusaderism, call it ego trap, call it whatever yous fucking want lads. The transexual is someone who has just got liquid shitty advice and is paying for it for the rest of his days. I mean consider how awful it is. Gay guys hate your ass. Bisexual lads will be so ashamed of dating you they will ditch yous just like that. Women might like yous for the emotional fuzzies, but they're still going to think yous are a freak. What happy fulfilling relationships yous are going to have! Like I said before, this stuff be evil of the worst kind. That's why I don't have any dislike or anything, I just feel really sorry for these people. I mean, the Manosphere is based on the idea that we all got really shitty advice, that we were lied to and we're very, very pissed of with that. Transsexuals got the worst, most foul advice, that it is better to become a shrill shell, that it is better to control than destroy.

When art says this stuff be ok, or that these people are depressed, this makes transsexuals more acceptable to do, not to be as a person. 

So William Bevan, love your music bro.

But seriously, fuck off ken.