Thursday, 26 December 2013

Francis Begbie Ramblings: End of 2013 Edition

Experience often trumps theory. Let's take how exactly yous match up toos the average cunt in the street in terms of sexual attractiveness to the lassie. You don't realize how shite yous might be until you actually put yourself out there.

Having said that, what the fuck do the Baby Boomers know?

Some people that you might envy and respect can be some of the most fucked up, cowardly out there. Take English professors as an example. The pools of shite, garbage, postmodern verbose tirades on the sexism and the blackism and the horseism and the whopperburgerism and whatnot. These people are losers, cardboard cutout souls wallowing and whingeing, down in the doldrums of mediocrity. Many a shite author out there, but at least these lads actually sat down, wrote something and put a project together, put themselves out there for the world to tear to shreds.

What yous call happiness is a package, a product, a good meant to incite envy and fear in a cunt. Achieve xx and yy and zz and a cunt is happy! Nay! The goal of all this shite is to grow and prosper in that head of yours, to have a resilient inner core that is at its heart antifragile. Think stoicism. Think loving yourself and becoming someone worthy of a couple of jars with. But that wolf be at the door, there's a bad event somewhere along the line, probability dictates. You are the prize, you fucking cunt, and you can be better.

Having said that though, the above strongly correlates with achieving stuff, so dinnae be thinking I'm rooting for the YouPorn, fat tittied manboy living in the mother's basement en aw. 

Kinda sound like one of them fucken "white privilege" bozos here, but I think it be important to acknowledge that whatever (Reactionary and whatnot) about Black I.Q and whatever, Whites have fucked up tremendously and are guilty of some horrible things. So before yous get all White Supremacist and whatnot, think of the whole financial ponzi scheme, or all them dead lads and lassies in Russia from de Socialism. Wes all be fuckups in many a way.

Think a really important skill is learning the difference between what yous can control and what yous cannot control, but not only that, using the what yous cannot control as an excuse not to go after certain things in your life.

The only people who (may) love you unconditionally are your parents. Sides that, yous be on your own here fella and that be the honest, stone cold truth of the matter.  What be a cunt to do now?

Supermodels should be role models for women, sports athletes for men. Sure, you might not have the raw genetics toos get there, but hard no bullshit work will put an ugly cunt and a dumb cunt ahead of many a lad out there no?

Double standards don't exist. If your dog shites on the rug, how would you react? What about if your best friend took a lumpy steamer all over that fucken thing? Would that lad still be your best bud after all that? Men and women are held to different standards because theys are themselves different. Get over it lads and lassies.

A system of government/rule is especially good if it fulfills these three criteria: One: Allows for sensible trade and commerce to occur. Two: It is decentralized so that if a shock hits, it doesn't bring the whole system crumbling to bits as a result. Take democracy. Republicans and Democracts are 99 percent similar. Races and different social groups vote in chunks. See the problem here? Three: Encourages healthy behavior and derides degenerate behavior.

Gravity is a fucken shite movie.

That lass with the hot ass in class will have a droopy bum in ten years time. What about yous ken?

You're nothing special. Yous fit into a bell curve just like all them other heads and bodies. You think society will magically come apart if you drop out? Fuck off ye mad bastard. This is all heading for the garbage disposal unit and no one cares if you drop out.

One of the things I abhor most about this feminism liberalism nonsense is how disrespectful it is to your ancestors. These people worked in bollocks hard conditions, survived war, famines, pestilence, invasions to give yous a better life, and the best you can do to repay them is to fucken bitch about that one time your great granddaddy yelled out FAGGOT! Shut up, yous are embarrassing yourself. Go join pajama boy and study for your Gender Studies final and leave the rest of us cunts alone.

Looks are fucken unbelievably important when it comes to men, especially for nightclubs and shite like that. Be like fucken playing Call of Duty on the hardest difficulty level. Think as well, that an awful lot of looks for men is looking powerful and big, rather than being good looking per sae. Get soles that add a couple of inches to de fit, lift weights etc.

Wes be running out of time, lads. 


  1. god damn do i love reading your posts. i'm giggling as i go through it, then i want to watch rab c. nesbitt

    1. Lol, cheers.

      I keep meaning to watch that show, though I always forget. Maybe another time though, worth the effort yous think?

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