Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Years Eve: 2013

Time is a bitch ken. So is the fact that right on the eve of 2014, a cunt finds himself in one of the most madhattery, tumultuous times where taking one step forward can mean taking two steps back before christ on a bike, yous find yourself trapped, weighed down by debt, love, the memory of the past. 2013 was a bizarre year for the Franco, 2014 will probably even battier. About a year ago, I stuck up on the blog a manifesto, various rules and titbits and whatnot. That stuff can obviously be handy out en aw, but regardless, that kind of content means jack shite without underlying rules, being cognizant of your successes and weaknesses, rights and wrongs. Perhaps I's be wrong here, but this list is a culmination of perhaps the past year, stuff yous need to know, from experience and people in the sphere/people I know, or at least, fuck it, the stuff I think a lad needs to know in order to survive, possibly thrive in the world as it is today. So without further ado, a weird mix of aphorisms and paragraphs, a summary of stuff of the last year. 

Money: Earned by offering a good or service, creating wealth, the rarer/harder the better. Owning capital is where money is really made. Your book, your album, your sports careers are awesome and should be encouraged, but probability dictates that failure is very possible, don't throw your life away on this, on that "one break". Winner takes all in the arts spectrum. Do not go into debt. Debt is poison, avoid it as much as possible. Don't beg for handouts like Fat Fuck Futrelle.You will not be wealthy as your parents. There's so much red tape out there. You want to write a novel? Yous better be a whiny little faggot like Colm Toibin or Emma Donahoue with your Masters Degree in Transgender Horse Poetry writing about Wexford in the 1950s. Vox Day calls it Pink Sci Fi. Yeah, Pink Literature, that's what these stupid bastards want these days. Starting a business? Here's a big fucking plop of taxes on ye? That still doesn't mean you shouldn't try though, you really should, and plus we have the internet ken. Just be cognizant of the fact that a lot of stuff out there is not going to be your fault, so find alternative passageways.

Health: First port of call for wealth expenditure. Live well>>>long. Paleo diet, smoking/drinking in moderation, high intensity exercise, weightlifting, testosterone supps from early 30s. Brain is a muscle as well. Learning something difficult/reading a complex book/videogames which involve complex thinking (eg Starcraft), exercise your brain essentially to stop it slowing down.

Social skills/game: Sheer bloody practice/law of large numbers for lassies. Choose your friends carefully. Gammas/co-dependents in your company? Nah, shut the fuck up. Let them drag themselves into the dirt and make asses of themselves, yous are neutral, don't play into their games, no time for their bullshit. Politics, religion, Obama. You have no opinion. Uhh, no I don't have an interest. Pigs make friends with pigs, wolves make friends with wolves. Yous are reading this, you are probably an enemy of what the system is now. Keep it to your friends, the lassie yous want to have a good relationship with for an extended period (one thing I've noticed, call out feminism, say women should be women, done right it makes yous more attractive to lassies), not your workmates. Don't shit where you eat. Avoid pussy from workplace/immediate social circle. Try, if you can, to get a lassie outside your social circle. Read up on The Benjamin Franklin Effect/Forner effect. The Rawness. Ego/Enlightenment Driven Superiority. Try and be aware when you are doing this, correct yourself if yous are, and then channel it into a healthy avenue. Get them talking, investing in yous. This will get worse too. Drop of testosterone=more pussified males. Get ready lads. Shame fat chicks ruthlessly. Gonna be brutal ken.

Entertainment: Essentially an ersatz for the stuff that matters in your life. Used to be that entertainment bolstered your life (lads reading the works of Homer for example), but now bes a junkyard for all that yous can see and do ken. Cut down/completely avoid pornography as it fools your brain into thinking you're getting laid. Cut down on videogames/tv shows/films, fine in short amounts. Fools your brain into thinking you've achieved something/living vicariously through someone whose life is much better than yours.

Goals and achieving stuff: Don't tell people about your goals until they're finished/you need their help to finish them. Otherwise it is nothing more than show and tell shite, narcissistic supply combined with people who don't want yous getting off the cutting floor. Probably better to keep with one or two goals and do them well than a truckload of goals done poorly en aw.

The Future: Western Civilization. Ireland is fucked sideways. Its institutions are becoming more centralized and prone to shocks. It's culture has degenerated and decayed into a mass of leprechaun hats and ho di fucking hums, to appease cunty American Baby Boomer tourists who want to see the fucken Book of Kells, blowing their savings while their kids are 60 grand in student debt from wasting four years of their youth obtaining sociology degrees. Its politics, like the west in general, has been a giant bitch of the Left Singularity. People I know working in the ESRI will tell you about their, ahem, "duking" of statistics, or getting people on FAS courses to artificially lower the unemployment rate. All this stuff on the radio or people in the social circle about wasters on the dole. Nah. If this was a sensible, normal society, I would agree. But things are so fucked up, these guys are one hundred percent in the right. Enjoy it while you can. No loyalty to country. Just loyalty to friends and family. I don't want the thing to burn down, but for a lot of you degenerate fucks, I don't care. Enjoy the fire, your fast food, your high speed pornography, your call of duty games.

Meatspace: Been thinking about taking this into meatspace some little bit. Any lads here find themselves in Dublin area, lets me know en aw.

Things be heating up, see you lads over in 2014 and all it will bring. I wish yous way more than luck. Stay positive lads.


  1. Francis, you ought to try to make the Mardi Gras meetup. Looks like there's gonna be around a dozen or more of us there including a bunch of the heavy hitters. I've got rooms, all you have do is get there.

    1. Would really like toos make it over there, but I have barely enough money toos make rent, food etc. Having said that, if I've any bit of cash lying around end of the year, would defo consider it.

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