Saturday, 14 December 2013

Rival Dealer/Trannies/Privilege and Other Stuff

Any of them cunts and cuntesses out there fans of dubstep? Certainly have a bit of the interest in in en aw, so count me a happy cheery go lucky motherfucker when Burial's new ep Rival Dealer comes out. Be fucken mindblowing ken. From the twisted, bouncy, 80s synth pop from hell middle section of Hiders, to that cacophonic, spiralling down drum sample in the title track, the ep is chock stock full of great, memorable moments; haunting vocals, little flourishes in de background en aw, that make this a hell of a headie album and that this lad will be coming back to again and again.

One thing though.

The last track "Come Down to Us" is, yes, a pretty awesome track (dig me the sitar as well) that deserves all 14 minutes of length, apart from the last bit of the song. What happens is that the beats eventually peter out, the bass and melody drift out of focus and what be left be a sample from a tranny. A tranny that be talking about how he felt like the right old freak but then eventually came to accept the fact that he was transgender, that he was born in a woman's body.

Bullshit. Bullshit. What a fucking naff way to end an album.

I haven't a goddamn thing against trannies, and if theys be have decent people, then fuck it, good luck to these lads en aw. The problem with the whole shitshow is this, out of all the evils of liberalism, the emasculation of men and the uxorious gamma male and the "YOU GO GURRRL" shite that follows, egalitarianism, centralized power structures that lead to fragile shocks with concave payoffs, this concept of transgender people is one of the most sickeningly evil and frightening to emerge in recent times. Why be that the case?

A brief backdrop to feminism and the nature of language first. Sex used to be masculine of feminine, purely biological. Meanwhile, gender was used in language and to describe the nature, context and construction of sentences. So, who started the shitshow? Enter John Murray. He was the one who came up with the filthy idea of being able to "choose" your own gender. I'm a pigendered pansexual duck! The feminists, like de Franco, loved this idea because it freed them from the cold, horrible, austere trappings of human biology and allowed them to get into ego traps, feeding their shite delusions, all de way to to eleven. So, how can you "choose your gender?" By acting like a woman and getting a sex change. Shit, even the word sex change is bullshit. You can't change your sex. The word gender, outside describing the gender of nouns in say a language, is a terrible word. Stop using it ken, stop using it.

What cunt out there has ever dreamed of being a fat fish ken?

It gets better as well. It has been fairly well reported that transsexual people suffer more drug problems, depression, shorter life expectancies etc. But this is because of oppression! This is because society hates Ron the cocktail waitress with the Adams apple the size of a deformed coconut. Forget statistics! Forget causality! It's not that people become trannies because they are fucked up, they are fucked up because people hate trannies and that drives them off the Cliffs of Moher. The great evil, the white heterosexual cisgender male who tortures babies and is privileged now hates the trannies. Fucking privilege. It's one of the most bullshit concepts, is it not? Everyone wants to be born good looking, intelligent, wealthy etc, but reality be reality and the porous stink of feminist flatulence and egalitarianism inflames one's nostrils and sad, so sad, the best is what yous have, the best be all yous got, but the best of what you have is a sickly, gooey twist with no invertebrate, this one's optimistic, this one just crawled out of the swamp, cannot do better for yourself. Privilege? Lolcunts. Fuck your priv. 

These are highly vulnerable people who grew up in shitty environments/fucked up their own lives, and instead of getting genuine help to cope with the issue, they develop all sorts of complexes, borderline personalities, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, yous name it. It's amazing how our perception of reality works for the average cunt or cuntess, not necessarily in a Kantian categorical imperative sort of way, but in the way that say you have true reality.

Mathematically, you would like to think that the following condition holds:

E[Reality | Brain]=Actual reality

But, in the likes of the transsexual, that term is just flat out of whack ken. So they get really bad advice from cunts like Laddie Gaga just do it en aw, so them cunts can feel the fuzzies. Call it crusaderism, call it ego trap, call it whatever yous fucking want lads. The transexual is someone who has just got liquid shitty advice and is paying for it for the rest of his days. I mean consider how awful it is. Gay guys hate your ass. Bisexual lads will be so ashamed of dating you they will ditch yous just like that. Women might like yous for the emotional fuzzies, but they're still going to think yous are a freak. What happy fulfilling relationships yous are going to have! Like I said before, this stuff be evil of the worst kind. That's why I don't have any dislike or anything, I just feel really sorry for these people. I mean, the Manosphere is based on the idea that we all got really shitty advice, that we were lied to and we're very, very pissed of with that. Transsexuals got the worst, most foul advice, that it is better to become a shrill shell, that it is better to control than destroy.

When art says this stuff be ok, or that these people are depressed, this makes transsexuals more acceptable to do, not to be as a person. 

So William Bevan, love your music bro.

But seriously, fuck off ken.


  1. Think about how they do it in Thailand. Trannies are recognized as the third sex, there are many of them and nobody gives a damn. Women are still women, men are still men, ladyboys hang out with each other. This feminist oppression BS is not needed at all to recognize the weirdness of some people.

    1. Yeah, I mean, they deal with it in a somewhat healthier way. Whereas in the west, it's a giant industry. Keeps the lads in academia with "transphobia" papers in business, various kinds of plastic surgeons etc. Fucks sake like.

  2. Because Thailand isn't a country where people fetishize being victims

    1. There's a guy on twitter, Tim Sharky, he's essentially a pimp. Brilliant tweets, goes though what the story is with Thailand and the peoples. Exactly like you said, it's a very "this is this" kind of country where people just stick with it and that be that.

      Haha, I knew a lad who set up a sex bar for about six months for selling up and bailing. Weird fucking country lol.