Friday, 27 December 2013


A question that everyone around these parts has asked in some shape or form ken, be the one of virility, of masculinity, of what makes a man a man? This can be a surprisingly hard question toos answer, especially in the light of egregious femcunts and happy go lucky fairies spouting marxist shite and living off of the fruits of other cunts and cuntesses, them unscrupulous fellows whose be so sick and twisted that they want yous to fail, both for the ego and for the outside world en aw. But that not be the only problem. Of course, one of the way the left has corrupted thinking is by making a cunt go all mumbo jumbo on critical theory, core 101 how toos function while turning yous into a vituperative little shit with low self esteem and co-dependency issues. But another way is the gadgets, the distractions, the tools, the entertainment that blunts the edges, like a couple of glasses of good fucken whiskey, and in a dead drizzle, a spiritual torper, men are lost, aliens on mars, man on the fucken moon en aw.

So what are these entertainments and superficial, spurious little playtoys?

First, a cunt has videogames. What is a man programmed to do? To conquer, to strive, to achieve, to make his way in the world, to grow, to prosper, to have that project, the vintage car, the maths proof, the novel, the album, the 500 lb deadlift, whatever it may be. Now, how do de videogames fuck yous right up in this regard? Well it be simple! Yous plonk yourself down, the comfy sofa, the collection of salty snack treats, and yous play all these games, and the brain gets all tickered out, fooled into thinking that it has achieved something of merit, something worthwhile. But yous haven't. Yous are still fat and pasty faced, a dumb, lackadaisical fuck, that spiritual defiance is all but gone, that lad that wants to believe, MGTOW, which itself is built on the miserable notion that  "Fuck this, I'm done, no, no matter what yous say, I'm out of the game, so long, goodbye, thanks for all the fish."

This sort of applies to movies as well. Got me the James Bond boxset for christmas (the change in Bond to a snivelling tit in the likes of Skyfall, from Connery Bond to Craig Bond is worth a post in itself) and been a blast watching some of this shit. But it be all escapism right? To get a mega fat cunt shot out of an airplane window, to blow up a helicopter, to take a tank around Russia, it's nothing than yous escaping from your ugly sad reality. All of this is of course, not to go all aspie on it. Some of the great movies have some great things to say on people and society. Metal Gear Solid 2 and Deus Ex are still bloody excellent looks at the digital age and all that has come with it. And all pretension aside, games are fucken fun! But this stuff be a drug that be hellbent on manipulating your brain intae stuff it hasn't actually achieved. I used to know a lad who had the weird hobby of making bulshitty Brian Enoesque "Music for Airports" kind of shite, where he would play five notes of ambiance for twenty fucken minutes straight, thinking that you are making progress in your life, when nay, yous are just fooling yourself into thinking you are, I'm a musician lol!That be thing yous should be careful with when it comes to some of the manosphere blogs, and I'm guilty of this as any cunt. "Oh I'll read this and then lassies will be wet for me!" Just this one extra bit of game stuff! Not only damaging, but ridiculous in its own way. Going to be a lot different for a small, fat, Comic Book type of lad or someone more charming and extroverted and all that sheband than myself, don't yous know?

Then yous have porn. Sexually frustrated men fooling their brains into thinking theys be getting it when they're actually not, all that dopamine and hitmeups getting them out of the sexual market more than they should.

So, this is perhaps my plan or idea to cover these two issues:

One: Brain is given the illusion of achieving goals, desires and ideas, because they are good in themselves. Broken down into two parts, we have the following:

One: Fooling your brain into "achieving" things like playing videogames, living vicariously through movies, or footballers, or videogames.

Two: Engaging in pointless activities that give off the illusion of progress when this actually isn't the case. Reading that extra Game post. Composing minimalist music, etc. 

Two: Using pornography, brain is tricked into having gotten off with the lass with the hot ass in class.

So my reasoning is perhaps this, maybe I's be wrong on it, but your brain is quite primitive in many ways and is prone to many a heuristic, so your job and mine is to get out of this heuristic and make real progress on goals, obtaining knowledge, experience and reading as much as possible and to dream as well, to not be lost among all that poor, ugly white noise en aw that plagues far too many cunts these days.


  1. Absolutely right. Most of what we do day to day is wank. We live a subjective reality, not an objective one.

  2. Lots of white noise out here in the world - I think that 90% of a man's problems with getting laid simply come from being unable to get noticed amongst the endless stream of distractions.

    The bit about reading another game blog post making the girls wet made me laugh.