Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Iona Institute and RTE

So usually I don't write up stuff going on in the Irish news, mainly because RTE is a corrupt, shoddy excuse of a radio-station dominated by D4 dipshits with useless degrees in English from Orts en aw, and mainly it be a bit boring toos be honest with ye, real entertaining Father Stone shit, but this whole debacle, plus my half assed notion of making this into an Irish manosphere blog means I'll stick my finger in the dyke and just explain what the story is. What's a bit of a shakeup now and again?

So roughly speaking two weeks ago, for the lads who don't know, The Saturday Night Show had Rory O Neil (performs as this lad called Panti) talking about homosexuality in Ireland. Thinks be baloney and hairbrained en aw, so this is what the lad had to say on the matter:

BO’C: “Who are they?” (talking about lads who write (cardinal sin lads) about how creepy gays are). Ed.

RO’N: “Oh well the obvious ones. You know Breda O’Brien [Irish Times Columnist] today, oh my God you know banging on about gay priests and all. The usual suspects, the John Waters and all of those people, the Iona Institute crowd. I mean I just..you know just…Feck Off! Get the hell out of my life. Get out of my life. I mean..[applause from audience] why…it astounds me…astounds me that there are people out there in the world who devote quite a large amount of their time and energies to trying to stop people you know, achieving happiness because that is what the people like the Iona Institute are at.”

BO’C: “I don’t know. I don’t know. I know one of the people that you mentioned there which is John Waters. I wouldn’t have thought that John Waters is homophobic?”

RO’N: “Oh listen, the problem is with the word ‘homophobic’, people imagine that if you say “Oh he’s a homophobe” that he’s a horrible monster who goes around beating up gays you know that’s not the way it is. Homophobia can be very subtle. I mean it’s like the way you know racism is very subtle. I would say that every single person in the world is racist to some extent because that’s how we order the world in our minds. We group people. You know it’s just how our minds work so that’s okay but you need to be aware of your tendency towards racism and work against it. And I don’t mind, I don’t care how you dress it up if you are arguing for whatever good reasons or you know whatever your impulses…”

BO’C: “Because it is what you believe, it’s your faith or that, yeah?”

RO’N: “…it could be good impulses..and you might believe that these impulses are good because you’re worried about society as a whole and all this rubbish. What it boils down to is if you’re going to argue that gay people need to be treated in any way differently than everybody else or should be in anyway less, or their relationships should be in anyway less then I’m sorry, yes you are a homophobe and the good thing to do is to sit, step back, recognise that you have some homophobic tendencies and work on that. You know stop spending so much of your life you know devoting energies to writing things, arguing things, coming on TV to do anything to try and stop people achieving what they think they need for happiness.”

So, John Waters gets the lawyer and the barrister on RTE's ass to pull the thing and get out old Brendan to issue an apology, that this does not reflect the opportunities of RTE blah blah blah.

Then they blew up.

I will address some of the comments made by Rory here.

First he makes an error of logic here. One of the worst things about the word homophobe is that, due to the increasingly fuzzy and murky world of language and the dialectic, everything is relative, even words used to talk about important concepts and philosophies in the modern epoch, ones that define, are part and parcel of progressivism. The word homophobe implies you are scared of gay people. Rory is using it in the context of treating homosexuals differently. In what way is different being a bad thing? Since when do these words match up? Is it not fair to treat discernibly different objects differently, on account that they are different? Can you use a log with xy in the same way as x/y? Homosexuality implies difference from heterosexuality. Rory's categorising the whole show wrong. The statistics, the increased levels of, to name but a few things, sexual diseases, depression and suicide, must be taken into consideration when discussing this issue as well. Reality is reality, whether someone likes to deal with it or not.

But there is another point to it.

See, here's the thing. After this whole Iona Institute thing got big, we've heard all these "fuck RTE", Ireland is homophobic" blah blah blah stuff. But here's the thing. No one cares, one one has an interest. No one gives a fuck if you're gay or not. Really. People are getting tired of all of it. I'm not talking about homosexuals who are genuinely good people who are not degenerates like Paddy Manning or Richard Waghorne. I'm talking about the officious LGBT presence in places like Trinity College or wherever. I'm talking about the fact that people are playing the victim, Jack Donovan's "flamboyant dishonor." I'm talking about a sort of push/pull effect where like a little child, people like Rory blatantly accuse someone of something, without said person there to respond to it. That's how it works. Then, just like that we have homophobia. So, a non issue becomes one, as we have evil oppression from heterosexuals or heterofascism, or heterotyranny or whatever hip word people are using.

But that's ok. As Ireland slides further and deeper into decline, as we lose it, people reading their B.I.B.L.E's (basic instructions before leaving earth) it is only important to smile and keep our heads up, sit back, relax, couple of rounds, and feel a shiver, for what is now, never will be, and ever shall be in the coming days and talk about how horrible we all are. Bon Voyage lads and lassies!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Family Life

A couple of weeks ago, yours truly had to head up to the west toos get some business done and dusted, which ultimately meant Is ended up staying with some of the relatives. Galway be a nice bit of gaf to be honest en aw, even if its city centre of pure Irishiness is being replaced by grotesque concrete, glass eyed slabs of sin. Dinnae be de most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world like, alas.

So anyways, I got myself talking and chitchatting away to a pair of lassies from my cousin's work. Kip of a bar with de weird shite on the walls like but not the worst. Waiting around for drinks (tip: order the fucken whiskey) and wolfing down a packet of salty peanuts in the process, I got me arse sat down to the lassie cousin's friends. That be when the darkness set in ken, swooping in like a proud, braindead aquila. Fuck ken. I have seen the dead. Sure, a lad and lassie likes to bring up their favorite horror movies and whatnot, Walking Dead, 28 Days of the Triffids, all of that. But the dead be not trapped in the face of a cunt with bad breath and a predilection for nibbling on your ear. Nah, that be the lassie, the one skating on that thin ice, upon which, the fresh, black, bottomless pool of uggos lies beneath. All these lassies, my cousin, began chitchatting away to me, chatting to each other. Perhaps it just be me, but with younger lassies to older lassies with a weaker social unit, the conversation shifts from family, friends, men, sluts, friends, sluts blah blah blah to the disgusting modern trope of "finding yourself" and "learning how to take photos at an oblique angle and stick em up on facebook for all the merry cunts and cuntesses too see". All of it be empty. In the confines of that cold dublin pub, the disinterested, dead eyes of the mid thirties lassies offer no words/no thoughts. It's what terrifies me actually, to end up in an office space environment with this kind of luck, but rather, not being a man, but just talking about David Moy's spectacular, and pretty fucking gay if I do say so myself, fall from grace.

So one of the lassies gets talking to me. She's in her late thirties. She's ugly man, but it's not that kind of ugly ugly kind of way, rather, its that kind of life gets a rubber stamp and sticks it on your face. Conversation gets weird, shes reading this fruity shit from some deconstructionist cunt with a pornstar (lassie) mustache, her kindle, and the minutiae of day to day existence. So more chitchat. Somehow the conversation stumbles on shite on boyfriends and shit. It is quite sad really, to see rationalization hamsters fucked right up on quaaludes man but this girl goes on a tirade of tirades. No more men for her, she says, no siree. I ask why? She says at the end of it all, that she doesn't want to get involved with men because these days they have issues, problems, are nothing more than boys with toys. It's interesting to see such a post line up with Krauser's recent one on the solo celibacy club. It was sad, ugly, to see a lassie protect her ego to such a degree that she would desire to avoid being in a potentially loving, fulfilling relationship with some lad who might be able to help her out en aw.

One of the things over the past year, talking to lassies more and more, is that when it comes to many a lassie, there seems to be a disconnection between the emotional part of the brain and the rational part of the brain. When manospambots talk about the lassie losing her looks after thirty, a lassie does simply not process it in the same way. Being emotionally driven like that, a landscape of hills and mountains, means yous are not going to step back and look at love in a logical manner. It was driven into the woman's head by the grandmother, by the Jane Austen novel, all that time ago, but now, women, the lassie, just like men, are devoid of mentor's, true feminine women, who have aged gracefully, been great mothers and loving wives. And that can be worse. A 40 year old man can get his shit together. If he's a midwit, he can pretty much do any study with some level of competence, he can escape, well hopefully.

It's pretty evil actually, to see these lassies drift along like this in a sea of shit. But you know, working tedious as shit jobs with cadbury's cream eggs for ovaries, that is what the convergence to infinity, progressiveness, Aquinas on the hill and all of that material ehehehe, is all about. There's no substitution out there for feeling events, feeling moments in your life ken. Feminism has always been an evil, sad, sick, twisting, writing horrible thing doused in petrol to myself, but too see a family member of yours waiting to be another sacrifice in line with "the evil patriarchy",a cunt or cuntess really has to wonder.

So what else could I say? I was standing outside for a smoke, when she joined me again afterwords. To be honest lads, I'm a bit burned out right now due to doing poorly in some exams, just hoping for that push to make it through, which I pray will happen, hope to pass and all that. So I wasn't in a particularly great mood to be honest, but that be where things got shitty and raw. She was fairly sauced before, and after that 10.17 double Jamesons, she starts opening up to me more and more.

"Do you have any plans for the future?" I ask.

I think she misinterpeted my question as being one of them big emotional questions about the life universe and everything ken, the one's people hurt to ask, regret after too much drinking. So she gave me a strange answer, really strange ken:

"Do ye, do ye think I be beautiful Francis?"

Whatever else was I going to say to my unhappy friend?

Saturday, 11 January 2014


So a couple of days ago, I was up watching the classic, mad as a hatter cunt filled masterpiece that be "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", coupla smokes with me, the rare salty snack treat, bag of crap en aw movie night with Franco, pure fucken indulgence like. So, anyway, the movie's a fairly iconic one, if for nothing more than that gigantic 10 foot tall fucker who likes de Mickey J. But there be one scene which I always loved, and I think it be the most pressing one, in this foul year of the lord, 2014. It's the one where McMurphy finds out, to his horror, that a load of the mad bastards in there are not particularly "mad". They are actually free to leave at any time, but they have become so dependent, a vegetable hooked to a drip, onto and in of the institution, the system itself, that they just cannot leave. They cannot function in day to day life en aw. So they peter out, distance equals time, sitting around perpetually with one of cinema's most evil characters, day in, day out.

One of the worst things about the Irish people (even though theys be fucken legendary people on the whole, not biased or whatnot) methinks is that there's this sort of victim complex thing. Cue the reason why garbage literature like Angela's Ashes is so popular, but anyway. I remember talking to my grandfather and my father about growing up, about their childhoods in the country. Sure, I hear the whole "we were poor" and that is perfectly acceptable, Ireland was a fucken wretched country in that way for such a long time, but two things I heard about them over and over that always set me back. The first one was that people had true friends, true and proper friends, and I mean that earnestly. The second was the bravery of these great people, how they got through with what little they had. Both are missing today.

Martel has an excellent post up on premature aging of the soul, lads and lassies my age losing the rag, the will to live, the old man and muscle atrophy, the herbivore male refusing to leave his room. One of the single most horrible things about the modern world, this lad believes, is how conditioned it has become for the modern man.

Let's talk about what I mean by this.

In 1930's Ireland it was common for children to walk miles and miles to school, leave at nine in the morning and return home late in the evening. People trusted each other, looked out for each other.

In 2013 Ireland no one trusts each other and kids are siphoned through seven hour a day sessions of bullshit where you learn nothing of value. The Irish education system is a fucken sham. To move from this into university, you get your degree in pointless bullshit and you're still a kid, with the training wheels on en aw, and it slowly dawns on a cunt that he has been lied to.

I remember Captain Capitalism posting about how there was an increasing trend of Millenials turning up to job interviews with their parents.It is beyond fucked up sure (crap cubed as Clarey would call it), but it makes perfect sense to me.

Think about it.

Yous are a Millenial. All your needs are provided for. Bullshit like "de patriarchy" are crammed down your throat to make you disrespect others who work their holes off every day for your benefit. You are offered no chance to grow. This is my theory. What we call self, from childhood to adulthood is made and molded through shocks, call it antifragility. What this does is make you stronger. You fuck up with a girl, you learn from your mistakes. You fail an exam, you cut the crap and study hard next time. These shocks are required to mold and help a person survive through adulthood. So, when you have a Millenial with all his needs provided for, and when a shock like "yous have to find a job" hits, he simply does not have the discipline, the courage and the cop on to make himself get through it. Thus, instead of facing up to reality, his ego is unable to roll with the punches and he ends up in videogame/porn land. I'm not saying it is excusable, but later generations have been well and truly conditioned into softness, even though they have to realize life is not all roses and sunshine, and yous have to work to get ahead. Life is conflict and strife. Millenials taking the dive are doing everything that wasn't the case 50 or so years ago. You're expected to be soft, to suck corporate cock. This is what has been driving the college bubble. How scary is that great blue yonder for a cunt who has been given blankies, teddies and hot cocoa, "do what you luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ken!"

How can a cunt deal with this? Bring back some initiation rituals. Make everyone join the army for a mandatory two years. Stop fucken choking your kids. I'm not talking about that vile Boomer concept of "being friends with your child", yous are the boss and that be it. I'm talking about letting your kids out the front door, allow them to fuck up in their lives and learn from their mistakes.

Which in turn leaves a cunt nodding and pondering about a potential economic depression. The great depression was lived through by people who were hard as nails motherfuckers. The pajama boy faggots? Lads will be fucken offing themselves cause they can't afford de new Ipoddie thing. Could get pretty damn grizzly ken. To think of the generations before us, diving into battle, some left in a bloody mess, not of this earth, potential gone, lost to the annals of time, so that their descendents can all be English majoring pajama boys, is a sad, ugly, frightening concept indeed.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Worst People in the World!

So just a little while ago, I started skimming through the old twitter there, and one of the people I subscribed to stuck the following picture up. Sure I thought it was worth a looking over, because apparently, yous are conservative, yous are worse than Hitler, Stalin, Mao (but not de Arab lads) and who else out there. Your beliefs are bad and you should feel bad man!
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Strange picture en aw is it not? It's the equivalent of that Ben Affleck sandwiched faced cunt picking the short straw in that bowl of shite movie with the big rock and de fucken Aerosmith blaring through the speakers. So what does the cunt see here en aw? Feelings, cuntflaps, lovey dovey transparent concepts built upon a house of sand, willfully oblivious to the darkness, the truth, reality is right wing and that under the veneer of "progress" however broken things are, reality operates under the guise of inequality. Nature made the cunt unequal, but the state made the cunt the same as the other body in the room.

So what be going on here? One of the strange things about the Millenials is that even though a lot of us know something is up, something is unequivocally indisputably wrong, yous can feel it in yer bones en aw, they completely misdiagnose the whole thing as being "right wing", "conservative" and "hateful". So as a result, we have this kind of ultra cartooney situation where The Millenials are careening towards soft Marxism, but then it could go a complete 180, the Millenials not left as complete fucken zombies being the most right generation since that Granddad of yours who did things, while yous sit on the couch, decay away all day, that flabby, frosty, crusty stew, ersatz of a man.

This be what happens to the cunt and cuntess. Yous have The Left Singularity, of all the fecken things, of all the shitpeas out there, this be one of the most foul tasting. Parties on the left become more and more left as time progresses, due to a mixture of r/K selected (highly recommend the Anonymous Conservative's book) practices/Spengler's decline of the west stuff. Parties on the right then try and apply brakes to the whole thing, but because of democracy, and because of that undecided chunk of voters, they try and play along to an extent, agree with the left on this one topic, that one hot potato, and so, via the influence of the universities, (future politicians will ALWAYS start off in student politics) the public institutions, the whole shebang, a toxic soup of idealism and feelings, and left leaning writings in university, expedites the process even more. So, as a result, the definition of "right wing" changes. Right wing today is just left wing wearing black eyeliner. Take the U.S.A. Is the whole thing not a game of charades? I mean, charades usually are pretty humorous, but after a while that joke simply isn't funny anymore. Is the Republician party not a dark mirror of de Democrats en aw?

Take the universities. Smart cunts see the damage going on around them, seemingly egregious, country across country. They think it is because of right wingers, the most malevolent, conniving cunts imaginable, fucken Dracula's castle and shite, when it is in fact, an admixture of populist democracy, watered down right wing and liberalism which professes to be "center", as if that means anything anymore. So they become more and more left as the generation before.

But them cunts didn't count on two things.

The first one is the internet. As Is said before, reality is right wing. Things get worse, people will turn that way more and more. Question, who buys literature these days? Poshie twat cunts. Man Booker prize benders. Remember, journalism or writing of any kind is a racket these days, for the lad with the contact or the lassie with the nice pair of puppies. The rift begins to be getting bigger and bigger en aw. Yous have cunts in RTE, losers like Richard Downs and the evil tea party nomnomnom, but people on the ground are not buying it ken. Suddenly there's a tear bigger than the ones in Bioshock and no one is buying your shit anymore, or at least, some of the lads and lassies are not.

The second one is the laws of physics, biology, chemistry whathaveyeson. There is a phase, a period of anger many a lad goes through coming across the sphere in this manner, but what makes it even more raw is the fact that yous look around, seeing divorce, seeing spinster cousins who rationalize the whole thing as "well I don't want to date, men my age are screwed up" and all of that craic. Yous have pissed off a lot of people lads. But of course, nay cunt has time to sit on his hole and play "Foucault's Fanny" because we're running out of that most precious commodity, time. Partially worrying though is this Duck Dynasty business though. He's intolerant, let's get him fired for intolerance! Haha! It's irony at a base level but I like it ken!

Don't apologize or bow down, these people, if yous can call them that, ain't worth a fucken wank ken.