Saturday, 11 January 2014


So a couple of days ago, I was up watching the classic, mad as a hatter cunt filled masterpiece that be "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", coupla smokes with me, the rare salty snack treat, bag of crap en aw movie night with Franco, pure fucken indulgence like. So, anyway, the movie's a fairly iconic one, if for nothing more than that gigantic 10 foot tall fucker who likes de Mickey J. But there be one scene which I always loved, and I think it be the most pressing one, in this foul year of the lord, 2014. It's the one where McMurphy finds out, to his horror, that a load of the mad bastards in there are not particularly "mad". They are actually free to leave at any time, but they have become so dependent, a vegetable hooked to a drip, onto and in of the institution, the system itself, that they just cannot leave. They cannot function in day to day life en aw. So they peter out, distance equals time, sitting around perpetually with one of cinema's most evil characters, day in, day out.

One of the worst things about the Irish people (even though theys be fucken legendary people on the whole, not biased or whatnot) methinks is that there's this sort of victim complex thing. Cue the reason why garbage literature like Angela's Ashes is so popular, but anyway. I remember talking to my grandfather and my father about growing up, about their childhoods in the country. Sure, I hear the whole "we were poor" and that is perfectly acceptable, Ireland was a fucken wretched country in that way for such a long time, but two things I heard about them over and over that always set me back. The first one was that people had true friends, true and proper friends, and I mean that earnestly. The second was the bravery of these great people, how they got through with what little they had. Both are missing today.

Martel has an excellent post up on premature aging of the soul, lads and lassies my age losing the rag, the will to live, the old man and muscle atrophy, the herbivore male refusing to leave his room. One of the single most horrible things about the modern world, this lad believes, is how conditioned it has become for the modern man.

Let's talk about what I mean by this.

In 1930's Ireland it was common for children to walk miles and miles to school, leave at nine in the morning and return home late in the evening. People trusted each other, looked out for each other.

In 2013 Ireland no one trusts each other and kids are siphoned through seven hour a day sessions of bullshit where you learn nothing of value. The Irish education system is a fucken sham. To move from this into university, you get your degree in pointless bullshit and you're still a kid, with the training wheels on en aw, and it slowly dawns on a cunt that he has been lied to.

I remember Captain Capitalism posting about how there was an increasing trend of Millenials turning up to job interviews with their parents.It is beyond fucked up sure (crap cubed as Clarey would call it), but it makes perfect sense to me.

Think about it.

Yous are a Millenial. All your needs are provided for. Bullshit like "de patriarchy" are crammed down your throat to make you disrespect others who work their holes off every day for your benefit. You are offered no chance to grow. This is my theory. What we call self, from childhood to adulthood is made and molded through shocks, call it antifragility. What this does is make you stronger. You fuck up with a girl, you learn from your mistakes. You fail an exam, you cut the crap and study hard next time. These shocks are required to mold and help a person survive through adulthood. So, when you have a Millenial with all his needs provided for, and when a shock like "yous have to find a job" hits, he simply does not have the discipline, the courage and the cop on to make himself get through it. Thus, instead of facing up to reality, his ego is unable to roll with the punches and he ends up in videogame/porn land. I'm not saying it is excusable, but later generations have been well and truly conditioned into softness, even though they have to realize life is not all roses and sunshine, and yous have to work to get ahead. Life is conflict and strife. Millenials taking the dive are doing everything that wasn't the case 50 or so years ago. You're expected to be soft, to suck corporate cock. This is what has been driving the college bubble. How scary is that great blue yonder for a cunt who has been given blankies, teddies and hot cocoa, "do what you luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ken!"

How can a cunt deal with this? Bring back some initiation rituals. Make everyone join the army for a mandatory two years. Stop fucken choking your kids. I'm not talking about that vile Boomer concept of "being friends with your child", yous are the boss and that be it. I'm talking about letting your kids out the front door, allow them to fuck up in their lives and learn from their mistakes.

Which in turn leaves a cunt nodding and pondering about a potential economic depression. The great depression was lived through by people who were hard as nails motherfuckers. The pajama boy faggots? Lads will be fucken offing themselves cause they can't afford de new Ipoddie thing. Could get pretty damn grizzly ken. To think of the generations before us, diving into battle, some left in a bloody mess, not of this earth, potential gone, lost to the annals of time, so that their descendents can all be English majoring pajama boys, is a sad, ugly, frightening concept indeed.


  1. Of course the upside of this is that for those of us who have become "switched on" to reality, you can literally trample all over these pathetic excuses for men. Perhaps viewing it in another light, there has never been an easier time to shine above the sea of mediocrity.

    1. Yes, exactly!

      Times are dark in a lot of ways, but with a bit of cop on, yous can survive, nay, fuck that, even thrive in times like these.

      There be no denying what is going on though.

  2. It seems like Ireland is much like the U.S. I would disagree with parents being the "boss" and that's it since a lot of parents are asinine and breed the people this community(not sure if correct term here) notices are running rampant. I think my parents are two of the parents I speak of.

    On another note, I don't think people understand the concept that "do what you love" is do what you have a *passion* for and that usual entails something you thoroughly think about. I think a lot of people are mistaking that statement to mean to things that most humans enjoy which means eat, sleep, and be physically stimulated. Judging from the people around me everyone likes to eat, sleep, and have a screen in front of there face in a comfortable setting. Unfortunately with the low level of critical thinking/natural skepticism that leads to crit thinking is missing and people don't pay attention to the input or excretion, nor the laughable "goals"(can they be called that?) they there jogging after.

    We'll be the ones that will have to change this.

    Good point about messing up, which relates to something you stated in a previous post about feeling "it" (rejection,effects of mistakes, etc). I've been looking at my life lately and I've thought about that statement a few times.

    What else is there to write about at this point? Sooner or sooner(can't wait until later or this will *all* turn to shit) these ideas will have to be spread and changes are going to have to be made. I think about how large scale changes can be integrated sometimes. I need to spend more time thinking about the idea.

    1. To be honest with yous, I don't think anyone knows really. How and if these ideas will spread? For every one lad that turns up in the sphere, there's 200 entering a sociology degree. It's hard to tell if any of this can win out, but I guess the only thing a cunt can do is practise what he preaches and does his best to weather the storm. Yous are right though. Whether things fall apart completely or some change can occur, someone has to change it. Might as well be us.

      Yeah, you're correct defo, the do what you have a passion for thing gets mixed up with other things. Like take university. Everyone likes reading right?!? Everyone should cash in and pursue the romantic, idealized dream cuckoo fucken world of the author trying to make it bigs, because it is everyone's passion to make it big.

      Just so as long as yous have the map, you're doing well, or better than most men toos be perfectly frank with you.

    2. I've gotten closer to my bio teacher in the last year or so, and bits and peices of what he's been saying have been clicking lately and it will have to be local(or start that way) and people will have to understand the relationships. (btw I might disagree with you on climate change and its interesting how the big anti climate change industry that's been run by big oil companies has just been outed recently{how that trickles downward to a level with websites and bloggers will be interesting} but thats a conversation for another time). I think the ideas willl be shapped by people themselves or be easier to get across if we first educate with ideas attached to them, or entertain with information.

      I just think that reality needs to be dealt with before complex ideas are approached(people can be in the manosphere and all and understand certain social structures, and religious ideologies, but still eat shit food and not realize it). So by education of reality first, historical events not shown in the usual shallow light, SCIENCE(as it applies to food and our bodies, the environment, evolution etc) people will be more likely o change habits and think about the new information they were exposed to(or the revision of old info) and social structures can be changed that way, when afterwards the complex ideas are introduced with some existing foundation there to grow/build upon. I.e. present info about companies coorps and pop. systems pushing ideas on youth and adults, who gets screwed over and exploited in the process, whos capitalizing to make money, etc, to spread ideas about materialism vs direct presentation of the abstract of the idea(the former works well with girls I've tried it with) and that way again people will have something in reality to base the ideas on. They will be able to understand the relationships more. I see myself screaming in a lot of faces to get this done.

      Lol at the reading comment. Some girl in my class wants to major in english and I feel bad because it seems like a pointless cycle as the person she is now(as far as I know her) I'm gonna ask her if she has any passions(english isn't even one of them she just "likes" it she says..) but again going for a major with which whatever you do through it and the related passion seems futile if its based on the uncomplex(and often wrong/shallow) view most people have of the world around them. I am aspriing to be an artist(photography included)/illustrator (actually I'm trying to change the world but I think it's best for me to give people a label for now) and there are so many good ideas I have for personal work but the way things are in the world kind of bothers me and I think my personal problems and unrelatedly, sometimes desires to just make a nice looking image(which is rapidly fading) can take a backseat to educating and presenting ideas to a world that is (in the majority) declining. I thought about Neil degrasse tyson's words on dawkins and to primatively paraphrase, he was saying something about dawkins educating or( lack of doing so) because education implies that the educator is trying to help the "student" understnad, in addition to the educator trying to understand where that person is coming from and trying to present the info in a way that's not just 'you are an idiot, here are facts, don't deny 'em/not understand them idiot". Dawkins doesn't intentionally do that(as he stated in that convo) but N.D.T. was just pointing outthat that is how some of his writing and speaking is percieved.

    3. . Stressing the relationships and importance of all of this "mumbo jumbo" as most people see it will require us and those like us to go back to when we were first exposed to non mainstream ideas/facts and how we first reacted to it and what *worked* to get our brains clicking to change us into the people today(some more successful in these attempts of change than others(myself)) and how we can repeat that process(changing some things becausee the world changes so rapidly) on other people to get them to understand, converse, and hopefully accept.

      The last thing I wanted to touch upon in this brief(ha) comment was whether or not someone "fooling" people into believing the truth instead of showing them they have been fooled is a better alternative(but maybe both are good, ratios would have to be addressed). That thought was brought on by the mark twain quote it's easier to fool someone than to show them they've been fooled(paraphrasing).

      Btw do you mean on the public eye map with my ideas, on the map of the public eye in any way so that I have folks to share ideas and info with, or something else? I'm sorry about typographical/structural/grammatical errors in this comment that might make it hard to read. I'm writing this in a rush.

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