Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Iona Institute and RTE

So usually I don't write up stuff going on in the Irish news, mainly because RTE is a corrupt, shoddy excuse of a radio-station dominated by D4 dipshits with useless degrees in English from Orts en aw, and mainly it be a bit boring toos be honest with ye, real entertaining Father Stone shit, but this whole debacle, plus my half assed notion of making this into an Irish manosphere blog means I'll stick my finger in the dyke and just explain what the story is. What's a bit of a shakeup now and again?

So roughly speaking two weeks ago, for the lads who don't know, The Saturday Night Show had Rory O Neil (performs as this lad called Panti) talking about homosexuality in Ireland. Thinks be baloney and hairbrained en aw, so this is what the lad had to say on the matter:

BO’C: “Who are they?” (talking about lads who write (cardinal sin lads) about how creepy gays are). Ed.

RO’N: “Oh well the obvious ones. You know Breda O’Brien [Irish Times Columnist] today, oh my God you know banging on about gay priests and all. The usual suspects, the John Waters and all of those people, the Iona Institute crowd. I mean I just..you know just…Feck Off! Get the hell out of my life. Get out of my life. I mean..[applause from audience] why…it astounds me…astounds me that there are people out there in the world who devote quite a large amount of their time and energies to trying to stop people you know, achieving happiness because that is what the people like the Iona Institute are at.”

BO’C: “I don’t know. I don’t know. I know one of the people that you mentioned there which is John Waters. I wouldn’t have thought that John Waters is homophobic?”

RO’N: “Oh listen, the problem is with the word ‘homophobic’, people imagine that if you say “Oh he’s a homophobe” that he’s a horrible monster who goes around beating up gays you know that’s not the way it is. Homophobia can be very subtle. I mean it’s like the way you know racism is very subtle. I would say that every single person in the world is racist to some extent because that’s how we order the world in our minds. We group people. You know it’s just how our minds work so that’s okay but you need to be aware of your tendency towards racism and work against it. And I don’t mind, I don’t care how you dress it up if you are arguing for whatever good reasons or you know whatever your impulses…”

BO’C: “Because it is what you believe, it’s your faith or that, yeah?”

RO’N: “…it could be good impulses..and you might believe that these impulses are good because you’re worried about society as a whole and all this rubbish. What it boils down to is if you’re going to argue that gay people need to be treated in any way differently than everybody else or should be in anyway less, or their relationships should be in anyway less then I’m sorry, yes you are a homophobe and the good thing to do is to sit, step back, recognise that you have some homophobic tendencies and work on that. You know stop spending so much of your life you know devoting energies to writing things, arguing things, coming on TV to do anything to try and stop people achieving what they think they need for happiness.”

So, John Waters gets the lawyer and the barrister on RTE's ass to pull the thing and get out old Brendan to issue an apology, that this does not reflect the opportunities of RTE blah blah blah.

Then they blew up.

I will address some of the comments made by Rory here.

First he makes an error of logic here. One of the worst things about the word homophobe is that, due to the increasingly fuzzy and murky world of language and the dialectic, everything is relative, even words used to talk about important concepts and philosophies in the modern epoch, ones that define, are part and parcel of progressivism. The word homophobe implies you are scared of gay people. Rory is using it in the context of treating homosexuals differently. In what way is different being a bad thing? Since when do these words match up? Is it not fair to treat discernibly different objects differently, on account that they are different? Can you use a log with xy in the same way as x/y? Homosexuality implies difference from heterosexuality. Rory's categorising the whole show wrong. The statistics, the increased levels of, to name but a few things, sexual diseases, depression and suicide, must be taken into consideration when discussing this issue as well. Reality is reality, whether someone likes to deal with it or not.

But there is another point to it.

See, here's the thing. After this whole Iona Institute thing got big, we've heard all these "fuck RTE", Ireland is homophobic" blah blah blah stuff. But here's the thing. No one cares, one one has an interest. No one gives a fuck if you're gay or not. Really. People are getting tired of all of it. I'm not talking about homosexuals who are genuinely good people who are not degenerates like Paddy Manning or Richard Waghorne. I'm talking about the officious LGBT presence in places like Trinity College or wherever. I'm talking about the fact that people are playing the victim, Jack Donovan's "flamboyant dishonor." I'm talking about a sort of push/pull effect where like a little child, people like Rory blatantly accuse someone of something, without said person there to respond to it. That's how it works. Then, just like that we have homophobia. So, a non issue becomes one, as we have evil oppression from heterosexuals or heterofascism, or heterotyranny or whatever hip word people are using.

But that's ok. As Ireland slides further and deeper into decline, as we lose it, people reading their B.I.B.L.E's (basic instructions before leaving earth) it is only important to smile and keep our heads up, sit back, relax, couple of rounds, and feel a shiver, for what is now, never will be, and ever shall be in the coming days and talk about how horrible we all are. Bon Voyage lads and lassies!

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