Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Worst People in the World!

So just a little while ago, I started skimming through the old twitter there, and one of the people I subscribed to stuck the following picture up. Sure I thought it was worth a looking over, because apparently, yous are conservative, yous are worse than Hitler, Stalin, Mao (but not de Arab lads) and who else out there. Your beliefs are bad and you should feel bad man!
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Strange picture en aw is it not? It's the equivalent of that Ben Affleck sandwiched faced cunt picking the short straw in that bowl of shite movie with the big rock and de fucken Aerosmith blaring through the speakers. So what does the cunt see here en aw? Feelings, cuntflaps, lovey dovey transparent concepts built upon a house of sand, willfully oblivious to the darkness, the truth, reality is right wing and that under the veneer of "progress" however broken things are, reality operates under the guise of inequality. Nature made the cunt unequal, but the state made the cunt the same as the other body in the room.

So what be going on here? One of the strange things about the Millenials is that even though a lot of us know something is up, something is unequivocally indisputably wrong, yous can feel it in yer bones en aw, they completely misdiagnose the whole thing as being "right wing", "conservative" and "hateful". So as a result, we have this kind of ultra cartooney situation where The Millenials are careening towards soft Marxism, but then it could go a complete 180, the Millenials not left as complete fucken zombies being the most right generation since that Granddad of yours who did things, while yous sit on the couch, decay away all day, that flabby, frosty, crusty stew, ersatz of a man.

This be what happens to the cunt and cuntess. Yous have The Left Singularity, of all the fecken things, of all the shitpeas out there, this be one of the most foul tasting. Parties on the left become more and more left as time progresses, due to a mixture of r/K selected (highly recommend the Anonymous Conservative's book) practices/Spengler's decline of the west stuff. Parties on the right then try and apply brakes to the whole thing, but because of democracy, and because of that undecided chunk of voters, they try and play along to an extent, agree with the left on this one topic, that one hot potato, and so, via the influence of the universities, (future politicians will ALWAYS start off in student politics) the public institutions, the whole shebang, a toxic soup of idealism and feelings, and left leaning writings in university, expedites the process even more. So, as a result, the definition of "right wing" changes. Right wing today is just left wing wearing black eyeliner. Take the U.S.A. Is the whole thing not a game of charades? I mean, charades usually are pretty humorous, but after a while that joke simply isn't funny anymore. Is the Republician party not a dark mirror of de Democrats en aw?

Take the universities. Smart cunts see the damage going on around them, seemingly egregious, country across country. They think it is because of right wingers, the most malevolent, conniving cunts imaginable, fucken Dracula's castle and shite, when it is in fact, an admixture of populist democracy, watered down right wing and liberalism which professes to be "center", as if that means anything anymore. So they become more and more left as the generation before.

But them cunts didn't count on two things.

The first one is the internet. As Is said before, reality is right wing. Things get worse, people will turn that way more and more. Question, who buys literature these days? Poshie twat cunts. Man Booker prize benders. Remember, journalism or writing of any kind is a racket these days, for the lad with the contact or the lassie with the nice pair of puppies. The rift begins to be getting bigger and bigger en aw. Yous have cunts in RTE, losers like Richard Downs and the evil tea party nomnomnom, but people on the ground are not buying it ken. Suddenly there's a tear bigger than the ones in Bioshock and no one is buying your shit anymore, or at least, some of the lads and lassies are not.

The second one is the laws of physics, biology, chemistry whathaveyeson. There is a phase, a period of anger many a lad goes through coming across the sphere in this manner, but what makes it even more raw is the fact that yous look around, seeing divorce, seeing spinster cousins who rationalize the whole thing as "well I don't want to date, men my age are screwed up" and all of that craic. Yous have pissed off a lot of people lads. But of course, nay cunt has time to sit on his hole and play "Foucault's Fanny" because we're running out of that most precious commodity, time. Partially worrying though is this Duck Dynasty business though. He's intolerant, let's get him fired for intolerance! Haha! It's irony at a base level but I like it ken!

Don't apologize or bow down, these people, if yous can call them that, ain't worth a fucken wank ken.

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  1. If you're going to talk shite like "reality is right wing," then you're a daft cunt who's not worthy of the name Francis Begbie.