Thursday, 6 February 2014

Nerds are Arseholes and Failures: Part 1

So in this humble lads view, neo-reactionaries and people floating around the manosphere are essentially nothing more than different sides of the same coin. Cliches are gay beyond all holy hell, a lad appreciates this, but cliches be cliches for a reason and it be important to note all the same. But of course, there be different courses, views, beliefs and egos zig-zagging their ways through the modern, postmodern, post fuck I'm a pandemiostosexist who identifies as a manbearbig, all of that nonsense. If you think in terms of economics say, micro economics would equal the manosphere, giving a cunt the tools to excel with women, social skills, in essence to becoming the most interesting man in the room. The Dark Enlightenment is the aggregate of these little decisions, markups to men, in terms of turning the table on populist democracy, and how and what can a cunt and cuntess do before the junkie hits rock bottom, shit's all a perfect day, hoping yous, for the love of god, don't fall asleep and never wake up.

I don't like the terminology, can be a bit nerdy and twatty sounding in parts, but I's am going to use it cause it makes sense. It be clear, not like I'm divulging a lassie's favorite sexual fetish en aw. Gamma male. It's more the concept of what a gamma male actually is, that is so interesting. He's the deluded fuckwit. He's the archtype for nearly every British comedy, be it The Office, Fawlty Towers, Peep Show. He is the loser at life, defeated again and again by his ego, failure upon failure crushing down on this lad till he shuffles off this mortal coil, oh fuck, look at that fiend, fucker there has The Bends does he not?

How do yous identify a so called "gamma" male quickly? I've mentioned self delusion before, but there's another pretty good heuristic that one can apply in advance. Then, yous stay away from these people. Remember, with a normal person with a healthy ego, a man can talk what he believes to an extent, but with a gamma, if you a disagree with a person, you are not only disagreeing with them on topic a or b or whatever, yous are also, calling them a giant, gaping salami cunt. How could you not bask in the light of their brilliance ken?

So here's the heuristic, and it comes from hours and hours a week in a masters program. Gammas tend to hate themselves, like a fucken lot. Real intrinsic, deep down, raw, prickly skin hate. So, when they present themselves to the world, to other people, they tend to create images of what they should be to that other person, especially lassies.

I'm going to use an example of a lad I know. He's a smart guy, (lets call him Harry) really smart motherfucker, but he's a loser in many different senses of the word. He's poor with the lassiebum. He's small, bulgy eyes, gaunt faced, all that comes with the trade. Recently I went drinking with him and a fat Galway moonpig he was trying to pull, not having met her before, real vapid lassie who liked toos talk about male empowerment. Sigh says the cunt. So as I sit down there, the two of us drinking away, we start talking about the show Breaking Bad, and the lassie, clearly into him, starts talking to me in the kind of way lassies like to do to show off the guy she wants.

"Haven't watched the show Breaking Bad that much, haven't had the time like. Looks cool though, be able to sit on your ass cooking meth no? Fucken better than what be going on now like!"

"We've got, like, our, MR Breaking Bad right here!"


"Yeah. Harry told me he can cook crystal meth. Can't you Harry?"

Oh...bollocks. What has this lad done?

"Really Harry? You can cook meth?"

"Nahhhhhhhhh mannnnnnnnn. I neverrrrrrrrr remmmmmmmmmmmverr saying thaaaaaaattttt"

"But you talk about how you were making compounds in your basement when you were thirteen."

This kid was once caught taking a poo in the school art cabinet. 

"I don't recallllllllllll thaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt"

"Can you really cook meth?"

"I'm sorrryyyyy, whyyyyyyy wouulllllllllllddddddd I makkkeeeeee up a lieeeeeeee like thaaaaaaaa?"

That topic went dead after that. But the rest of the night was weird as well. These little lies. Here I had Harry in front of me, who had built up this false image of himself, the cool ultra intelligent guy who could cook fucken crystal meth, when in reality he was a video game addled bronie.

Shit man.

I like to think of it as this way. Think of it as a gamma compass.

There is an objective you, there is an objective truth.

There is a you that you present to the world, an ego, a persona.

The more out of line these "yous" are, the more likely yous get bitter delusion, the more likely yous are hurting, staying awake at 4 am, listening to bitter post punk, wondering where the bloody fuck it all went to shit.

The key is to look for psychological asymmetry. Is he talking about literature and books in a way for him to come across as more intelligent, rather than for the love of reading itself? Is he talking about how he could "approach a girl" if he wanted to, or how he's banging hotties when it reality it's a harem of Judith Butlers? Now every cunt does this from time to time, myself included, but getting this cleanness of soul, this symmetry is fucking key, when it comes to liking yourself, to becoming a better person.

Look out for this. Look out for the gamma. Look out for these signs. Be wary talking about your beliefs with him, because that's when trouble begins.This is the guy who would have sold you out in Soviet Russia ken to them fucken arseholed with giant truncheons.

Part Two will deal with neo-reactionaries and HBD lads.


  1. This shit is deeper. Basically you build a man from the bottom up, you build first an animal, on top of that a barbarian warrior, then on top of that a disciplined soldier, on top of that a gentleman, on top of that an intellectual. For your gamma the bottom is missing. He has no real self because he did not build the bottom of the self, the animal, the barbarian so he can be a gentleman and a scholar but those pieces of him just hover precariously around in space, do not rest on something solid, and he doubts even having those. The animal and the barbarian is built in childhood. It's pure, primitive physical social competition and exercises in physical dominance. Wrestling other kids to the ground. Accepting courage challenges like I dare you to climb that tree. That is how the bottom of it is built.

    1. Brilliant comment. Animal>Barbarian>Soldier>Gentleman>Intellectual. It explains a lot of the whole "blech, fuck de meatheads maaaannn" shite yous see in gammas. It also explains how yous used to have so many initiation rituals which yous simply don't see anymore.

      Since he does not have the internal foundation, he much latch onto externalies. So the brony becomes the meth maker. The crusader becomes a male feminist. The geek wraps himself up in his studies, despite how miserable they make him.

      Pretty interesting ways to look at it, defo.