Saturday, 8 February 2014

Nerds are Arseholes and Failures: Part 2

So originally, this series of posts about the moral turpitude of the gamma lad was going tos stop with a bit of a critique of the neoreactionary/certain type of manosphere lad who likes to live vicariously, him, the internet stooge, the brony bony, through Evola porn and Dungeons and Dragons playing cards, but hey, the topic is certainly an engaging one right now, even if wes are talking about sententious fucktards who hate themselves and tend to lash out in big ways. Think the nerd who can cook meth. Think Fat Fuck Futrelle. Think the lad who is coming apart at the seams in a way so spectacular and unprecedented, it would make Maccibeth throw up his hands and go "fuck this shit lads, I'm going home".

In the last post, this cunt argued that gammas and their self delusion comes from hating themselves to such a degree, that this toxic shame makes a cunt want to present themselves as someone that they are not. You have the objective you roysh, followed by the you you present to the world. If either of these are out of whack with each other, yous have a shaky inner core, right? But what about the other extreme?

Here in the manosphere, it's all jovial, fun and games, pin the tail on the donkey, to pick out the phlegmatic, pixie minged cuntess with a coupla extra kilos hanging off her stomach and take a couple of potshots, but a cunt has to ask why a lassie does this, why does she present herself to the world in this manner? Trapped in a living Malebolge, the lassie does the only thing that she can ever hope to do to get the attention of the lad. Sure, there's the whole thing with feminists taking economic resources out of the pockets of diligent, hardworking lads, but in a lot of ways, the game is played so that the feminist's objective reality and how the world sees them is out of whack.

Shit happens. The world is pathetic, ugly, sad, unfair, cruel, people scrawling through perpetual squalor, blind as bats, broke nobodies with lumpy 5s to comfort them after hours and of laborious effort tweaking with excel spreadsheets, but nay cunt is going to believe the feminist lassie who tries and passes herself off as a victim of the patriarchy any longer are they? People suffer, it's a part of life ken. People whine, whinge, complain, that be normal as well. But when your life is made up of creating an image of being the perpetual victim, that is when the fucken buzzers should be going in the cunts head and a person should tread very fucken carefully. Like the last part with the gamma who wants the world to see him as the cool, weathered, Casanova type, this kind of gamma, this person who hates himself, wants the world to see himself as a victim, all the time, everytime, lets all eat ice cream and watch Grey's Anatomy.

Leftism is built on this. Rather than confront your issues and your inner demons, it encourages one to plaster over it with victimization, crusaderism, and fragile egos, which are prone to snap at the smallest bit of pressure. That's why both types of gammas hates the sphere. The sphere encourages you to be that cool guy, through work and effort, while tearing down the tapestry of petty lies and ugly truths. So, we get a strange mix of people falling around the place, blind as a bat, as a result of all of this.

Both types tend to work off each other as well. Look at David Futrelle. A rotund, prematurely ageing co-dependent who hates, nay, loathes himself, trying to play both the victim (evil Matt Forney lol) card and trying to be the cool rebellious lad about town on his motorized scooter and his bag of shopping, acting like a crusader, protecting all of the poor wimminz, all dem single laddies out there, from the evil lads typing evil things and fucken hell, should have the aul head sliced off in a guillotine and their balls put in a vice and myriad of horrible, grotesque things. Shits ugly ken. He's got penniless drunk, being eaten by his cats written all over him alas, but what else can a lad do?

These people hate themselves, fucken unreal ken. I used to think that they were genuinely evil people, but in reality they're not. They're sad, sorry shadows, flickers, with nothing ever working for them, no matter how hard they try. But the ego is a strong thing, and like a pack of rabid dogs, get them together and chaos reigns, pandemonium, lights in the sky that rival the Northern Lights. Hating yourself is ok, self loathing is brilliant, if yous know what to do with it.

So, toos sum up quickly, be wary of people who play the victim card in this manner. Just like yous should get suspicious of the loquacious Jay from the Inbetweeners type who lists off all his bangs and his formula one driving mates, you should be aware of the victim playing tit.

See you cunts and cuntesses in part 3. 


  1. Great Post -- I would run with the pack of dogs theory -- safety in numbers type of thing. I see it all the time when I go out to bars. Men of varying ages - from old to young - grouped together and doing nothing, they are in the real world, and are still living their own mental fantasy.

    1. Cheers!

      The bars example is probably the single best example yous can think of. Like in bars like this, or like in academia, they cannot step out by themselves, they have toos have some big group or institution backing them up.

      "You said something politically incorrect! I'm going to get you fired from the job, wait till my boss hears about this!"

      Although maybe it's more pronounced here, I'm not sure.

  2. I think you are approaching the problem from a very useful angle. I always knew this is very close to essence of the problem - go anywhere where people play stuff like D&D and you find that 80% are utter dorks. (Yeah, I know, Vin Diesel. That is the 20%.)

    And it is so much obviously imagining a better or more popular self: every second player character is either a muscular warrior or a suave, charismatic, ladies-man bard.

    The other half of player characters are basically a revenge fantasy: either the Raistlin type nerdy wizard who is a total social outcast but who cares when he can burn people to death with words and gestures, or the "Silent Death" type of the assassin / ninja fantasy. "You don't notice me, jocks, this is why one day you will find a knife in your back..." This four type is about 95% of all D&D player characters ever.

    So again, I have noticed this, but I did not think the the idea of hating yourself is so central to this set of problems, I think you may be right her.

    But, is this fully the nerds fault? Or it is more like growing up as being picked on by other boys and being rejected by girls with the type of eye-rolling ridicule like "how can he even think that a boy like him and a girl like me" which really hurts and burns, the shaming burns?

    Then again it's maybe necessary just like fat shaming. We want boys to grow up with an intellectual curiosity, but we also want them to be able to throw a punch or engage in banter. The problem is rather that childhood nerd-shaming that utterly destroys the ability to not hate thyself does not really specify what is wrong with them or how to improve. Fat shaming is easier: it is very clear what it is about. Lose the gut, get the respect OK. But nerdy boys get shamed in a way that nobody tells them what is wrong and what to change.

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